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(plain) Paul's (plain) Letter to the Atheistinians... and the faithful

Paul's Letter to the Atheistinians and the Faithful

The reasons a third World War can easily start, and will, on the World's present course, goes as follows.

Barring any highly unlikely last minute multi-nation political attained 'miracle' that can prevent a 'conventional' Third World War.. that would require a further series of miracles to contain such a War to 'conventional' limits, even so unequaled in tragedy on a world level lies ahead regardless, that would leave no one unscathed.

Israel, clearly has to respond drastically at some point to Iran and no one can hold a moral self-righteousness view, and fault her against such, especially logically framed in present urgency, regardless of past, or revised history, whatever sides are taken or by whom....

It is not a matter of what Israel would rather do. Iran, and by extension, the World has forced the call of her defense.

To date, Israel's patient tolerance of Iran's leadership, world- espoused particular kind of vehement hatred, aside.. continued honest, or not, deadly threats with weapons of mass destruction, can simply not be logically ignored by any nation in the region, let alone Israel.

Such raving mad bravado, whether bark or bite, that at 'least' 'desires' to (impress) upon the world that Iran has no pretenses about what it actually boasts it is 'going' to do, is a rabid animal that cannot be fenced in or contained, and that certainly has demonstrated without a doubt any wish or desire in being waylaid.

Even the 'strategy' of 'acting' mad, a card. that North Korea has played on more than one occasion, (and fooled Canada's MSM prized American hating 'expert', on foreign affairs every time as in we deserved, and should have more nuclear wars than we can shake a folliage burnt stick at, because of American arrogance) in this particular case, is not one any nation can afford to gamble on.

All official Islamic nations, that are readily apparent to be 'fanatically controlled' by a liberal- labeled Islamic 'minority', that neither challenges, or self analyzes the reality of such a great state of injustice perpetrated on its supposed much greater 'whole', by itself... even in whispered tones, in the rest of the global free world Muslim immigrant masses, betrays itself to be a disturbing 'culture', more than a religion.

What 'religion' of real peace and love of over a 'billion' would 'stand-down' and allow itself to be so drastically accosted and usurped by a supposed small minority, that of which they could scare the literal Hell out of,  in sheer number arisings alone.

Islamic nations rule tough, but not as tough as communist China, whose rulers are actually educated, albeit, narrowly and in great propaganda heaping error.

And if a billion people can't be evil and Christ did die, crying, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do”, (you've probably heard it somewhere), can a billion not be 'brain-washed', by and through evil, easily distinguishable, for one, by the illogic... they espouse?

(....In fact, in today's world, in more than one way, in more than one culture, of separate and distinct 'billion member groups', and I don't exclude illogical atheists and 'scientists'... wherein, they all claim themselves to be the very Truth, they torture off the back of the most loving and humble, of any of them, Christ, the Only Truth!

Indeed, in this 'World'... where is this truth they claim that has incredulously only been around in recent history, (to take them seriously), and for many of them, a truth... that has to be 'underwritten' with backed with military shows of force and loss of freedoms.... and their truths that don't unify any of them except in fear?

Where is the philosophies (of epic theology proportion) of man with the world that would claim to supplant the stripped Truth of Christ, especially in the ridiculous forms of MSM who call their kind of philosophy, 'values' and academic admired modern cultural with their political shallow lock step atheist philosophers, who are too commonly sexually perversely obsessed, and composed of many, who ultimately commit suicide over obtaining any help for their obvious academic groupie-admired mental disorders...?)

In Truth, Islam is an obvious brainwashed, 'bully- its-own' culture, at its best... plainly seen, in the baggage of its prophet welded as one, part and parcel, and as such, can only be seen as for what it is recorded as being in the 'World' as the one 'religion' the World does embrace.... in factual beginnings and in 'history' as a sole creation of an opportunistic rather fallible wretched man, enchanted with his own evil Faustian-traded... pumped ego.

Such unchallenged nations of a culture of truly 'mystical' love and peace have demonstrated they are at least 'capable and open' to the idea of assisting 'various' levels, of terrorism with sundry supplies such as IEDs, to the general Islamic terrorist effort.)

What causes this third World War is not Israel's response, but that, which gives Iran's bravado such assured smugness...the Super Power communist interest in the same region and the commitments they've made, secret and public, to not just Iran, but other Islamic nations.

What Iran and other Islamic bully shining tribal cultures of ever so thinly disguised evil 'embraced' and contradicting (if not schizophrenic) madness of the Koran, if not indeed, Satanic Verses, nations, in the Mid-East region count on, is not any 'promise' from the communists, in itself, about as reliable and safe as any western politician promise of the day, but rather on the 'embarrassment' to the world, in standing-down to the western world.

So, in fact.. there are three wild cards one wouldn't take odds on in this real possibility, of a Third World War, though again, the first one is already met, in the non-starter of Israel 'doing nothing' or waiting much longer upon U.S. 'permission', given Iran's extreme foolishness, and the U.N.s modern demonstrated blatant steeped disdain for Israel and increasingly shared 'domestically' in the N. American, MSM, newly incest partnered to the even less intelligent academic world of self-smugness run by professors who never grew up, from teens never having to leave government backed institutions of inbred national if not international conformity.

The second wild card is dealt in whether China would lose interest in Islamic oil extracting nations in- the- 'crunch', given they would be engaging in battle, active or indirect, with their number one customers in the west.... their only reason for a hugely successful applied capitalist practice, if not official policy, that resulted in the first decades of prosperity, in the whole history of their nation... a strong carrot for even the most dogmatic of communist proletariats and their real raison d'etre, same as in the west.... money, and power over the masses.

The second wild card would also entail whether the strongest deterrent to nuclear war so far.... national and world suicide would hold up. Of course, if the Chinese communist military (boys trained at an equally young age as a 'must' policy for all evil regimes down to tribes) are brainwashed to a degree anything, like the Asian island Japanese were during WWII (giving their lives up for a mere mortal Imperalist Ruler uncomfortable in his own throne) where suicide was ingrained and a cause for celebration and hero accreditation...... that would be problematic.

To wit, if the military ruled Japanese had their own nuclear weapons at the time, the War would have ended a little later with a lot more casualties.

The third easily turned up wild card depends on whether adrenalin rushed evil embraced communist nations want to, or more importantly, would even be able to bilaterally quickly jump into 'peace' negotiations with the west in order to stop a high wire leaping dangerous act of conventional 'World' war... that would have to also include jittery unstable Pakistan, another nuclear armed nation, who in turn would be closely scrutinized by India in every move they made.

On the very cusp of all this easily possible, more accurately written ' likely', unsurpassed historic disaster, the mainstream media and entertainment 'amazed and transfixed culture' occupy themselves with the, perverse, the politically correct, and the absolute mundane.. in that order, forgetting completely, to the point of now joking about the mass murders and warnings from 9/11.

Look, '9/11s' don't enforce that 'there is no God'. They enforce that there is a God to have faith in, and pray to.

God did not cause the destruction of the World Trade Center or could He prevent it, based on a culture of humanist atheism N. America has attained, which is greater now, than it ever was before 9/11.

*Which is illogic to say, America 'deserved' it, but logical in Truth, to say (albeit in hindsight though no guess in  faith),  that America could have prevented the evil forces that exist by siding with the good forces God's own logic that allows Himself a free hand.... a theology without fault again knowing that goodness can not exist in a vacuum, nor be worked/granted, without participating 'sacrifice'.

Evil doesn't exist for evil's sake, but to fire the kiln of  goodness of the testing fires (our moments of joint  truth)...that Christ allows us to share in His Truth, from Divine inspired perfect love attained only through Divine given choice and along with the gift of time eternal and proofed, Holy Ghost aiding Grace, to enlighten if not even lovingly nudge us to the right decisions, our one card to cheat evil...  We can not defeat evil from either shallow repetoire of our pride, or our 'strategies' and is such... not the common Pantheism, the state, and all atheists by defintion ascribe to so.      

Neither, does God 'not' feel hurt on a level beyond human comprehension and certainly, He logically why would He not always loves that which he created. This is the kind of humble loving Truth of God that evil so despises and fears over any other 'religion' (of their defintion) including blatantly evil ones such as Islam because

a) It is the Truth they fear most, not evils they may feel superior to,  that they feel they can 'contain', once they believe they have 'destroyed' Christianity 

b) It is only the inconvenient Truth that puts their lifestyle in the light they hide from

c) It is downward condradicting anarchy of the World and their discomfort and disagreement with logic that keeps and protects the only envoirment their can thrive in, and they do hold an underlying guilt of such that keeps them miserable as they get bored and disallusioned with their World immorality and excesses that only distance themselves farther and farther away from the ever loving eternal self-refreshing humble simplicities to enjoy and celebrate in life for each new life and generation.

This, is what you feel every Christmas day, that nothing else on earth can come close to, and it is the humble truth of love and critical gift of real and free choice, that the World has stepped up its miserable, efforts in stamping out. You may not have known what it was until now but there it is for you to unwrap for yourself for the full Christmas experience and more than a symbol of what the Father, Son and Holy Ghost are about.        

But while logic runs a parallel sphere with Truth to allow for (tests) of faith.. logic as all things was, and is owned by Truth....that logic can never ever leave its 'gravitational' grasp in natural order.

Goodness does not, (because it can not,) live in a Vacuum! Is there anything more apparent than the Sun turning up each day... than that there are great forces of good in existence, even complimented by 'created' abundant beauty that comfort these forces and guide them in their divine given choice, and equally, great forces of evil championed by distorted, disfigured, and multi-disturbed, evil enticed defenders.

And too, how could such a world know such beauty, indeed.... why should it entail any beauty only appreciable by man, and 'not required' for a world created totally by 'chance and circumstance', no less from the people who don't believe in any miracles, in the miracle of 'appearing' in 'absolutely' nothing but empty space. Alternatively said, what was in the earth's 'space' (indeed, the universe's space) before the earth appeared from nothing?

Logically, goodness has to be tested and often, for the one God to allow the righteous in effort, into a rejoicing reward void of evil and certainly void of anyone who does not wish to go there, enforced in their non-repentance of any evil they succumbed to, and for constantly being of...... no faith.

So, can the end not be 'Nye' when science guys 'demand' Christ's little ones come to them and that Christians keep their thoughts expressed in their supposed free speech and parental rights, shut up in their thoughts.?

A science that is not only far removed from the immunity of politics, though not immune from sucking $billions, far exceeding the promised returns, but logically challenged, itself at times to discern fact from science fiction.. to wit the smallest of examples.... healthy lifestyle choices from smoking, to eating red meat, to sugar or unhealthy fats ingestion, to any cause du jour and infinity all seemingly with the same nuclear scare tactic counter indication of assured atrophied and lets just type 'physical drop-off(s)'... though never before recorded, or seemingly likely in all of medical history.

Can the end not be near when all 'Marxists' and the majority of 'Capitalists' covet the same dollar to the exclusion of all morals, and all else?

Slaves in the British Empire were freed in spite of the dollar that actually imprisoned them. The Great Wars were started because of the dollar and ended, in the 'determination' of the free world where only individual ultimate sacrifice and effort that individual money could not possibly accomplish in defense of the innocent and defenseless.

It would not cost a cent for communist enslaved citizens to arise as one and embolden the military to join them and easier.... for the 'billion majority' of 'peaceful', Muslims to arise and rid themselves of the small minority of evil murderous leaders though converting Muhammad, himself.. part and inspiration of that minority would be problematic and require a direct religious affiliation to the only God of peace and love.

Can the end not be at hand when labour pimps who top out at offering minimum wage with no benefits are the capitalist saviors to the even worse... Marxist unions all..who 'without exception', impose political dues of assumed osmosis claimed alliance, paid in the currency of souls?

...Unions, whose fraudulent birth came not in the form of the obvious majority working-electorate, as a self apparent 'majority' special interest group, voting in easy 'majority' for 'labour attuned' leaders (or easily elected labour 'parties', (early Marxists strangely held 'no' interest in) but rather held selective interest... in high paying due- percentage pocketing, carefully targeted, in competing and coveting industry and government...... 'brotherhoods'.

Here, I amongst thousands if not millions have no 'state' and therefore, employer 'official' worthy level 'certification' to be considered a practitioner of my own written native tongue, (and to boot, a need for two tongues for one government job).... and painfully not as one, without fault...but a chattering class arbitrative set academic/snob currency, that rises with requirement- inflation, wherein, we are not deemed acceptable to be safely capable to use one's own hands to feed one's family with an honest pay cheque...the heavily layered desk- dust- dishonest, find more ways to carve up.... principally to share amongst themselves if not to justify their presence.

Then of course, there is a whole previously unnecessary artificial world we were too ignorant if blissfully so, to know the World 'needed'.... One created by, and for the increasingly, really, really annoying law suit gorged in their shared gluttony.. dueling lawyers.. of mutually admired savant talent for questions.... who invented, then induced such concepts as 'due diligence' and 'risk management', must-adoptions to employer- speak... if competently, or even possibly so practiced and dispersed to the great unwashed legions of managers deranged and disoriented by university education.

There is the real world and then there is a horrible, enjoyment sucking, neurotic manifesting, anal solicitor world, who make and live by their hardened handsomely rewarded tested rules of the profession, in their mostly un-breeched abstract world except so, by the likes of themselves, as representatives of the truly ignorant in legal battles... who but them would have thought, or dared of, let alone..... new of?

I heard a prominent lawyer's lamentations the other day (which, he prefixed with a belief that no ordinary person who didn't go to law school, could possibly understand the modern apparent mystical tail- wagging justice system of 'club' judicial, and it's evolved rule of order) that politically-appointed judges are much wiser independent.. of legislation and that they alone, should decide sentences in 'no stinking need', of legislative minimum sentence 'badges' especially, on repeat violent sex offenders.

Has 'anyone', no matter what side you're on or where you're coming from, ever heard anything of, or from, the justice system, rather judiciary anarchy, and come away thinking “Okay..well yeah.. that..that sorta makes sense” ?

Constitutions may as well have been written on the back of air guitar music sheets, as far as geezer lower and higher court judges raised in the sixties are concerned, or even capable of comprehending and one has more chance of winning a Los Vegas sports lottery over predicting a judicial outcome on something as silly as evidence or blatant sense.

I was recently fore-warned by a small claims judge in pre-court, as it were, that it didn't matter if I was right and it may even go against me, for proceeding on principle even if it was spelled out in provincial consumer law. The next judge can do whatever the hell he feels like that day 'a la judge Judy' for whatever mood he's in, or reason only sensible and answerable to him. We settled.

Can the end not be near when free nations jettison themselves of their formal and former Christian roots, and believe their new world leaders should be ingratiated, measured and held to be least suspect by how fast and hard, they embrace the political correct godless, and how long they can remain blamelessly 'good' for not doing much of anything, certainly nothing Christian over human 'ideologies', ( nothing more than different 'strategies', but all with the same goals) the majority would loudly scorn?

Yet, what religion...what way of life, what nation, or political ideology actually requires and demands or 'takes' less than a Christian one?

Nations that reward and proselytize evil by political correctness, by other... or its real name, come and go often in brutal fashion, and have done so during the same 2000 years the Truth has held up.

Even, with all the machinations... the mud, and curses slung at Christ, but for those individual infiltrators who think and act akin to the very same... attacking from the outside.

Evil can call itself Christian in some places, and make up its own new church, but even on cursory glance evil can't hide its shackles to the World of man.

Only Christ is Christ and nothing 'of the World' can claim to have touched him as He has 'clearly' told everyone and anyone who cares to look Him up 'everything' that He is and is not and in a Truth verified in logic, love, mercy, sacrifice, miracles and all wrapped up in more humility than any man has ever demonstrated. Christ has kept no secrets and has never hidden anything or behind anything.

Only some of those many Judases who claim to be his followers but who have fallen from Grace gave evil its crooked death finger, direction for scorn, but for His ultimate humbleness, are clearly exposed as the same evil that only exposes its own, who have entered His Father's house and refuse to leave on their own.

Can the end not be near when the western liberal establishment particularily the MSM embraces violent Islam, sharia law, etc., in the name of relegious freedom and has been in bed with the Marxists including communist sympathies since the early years of the last century.

As illogicial and insane as the left can be to understand at times, this one is easy.

They don't fear ideologies or religions they consider beneath themselves that can actually aid them in stamping out Christianity their one fight, even supposed conservative talk shows now embrace to be popular with the 'greater' masses.

What they do fear is the one Truth, they know is more than just inconvenient. It is the saviour of souls their true master seeks to destroy.

When you are 'sucked' into the miserable 'World' each day and they claim Christianity, and God to be the abstract. Be assured they are right of the one World, but pitifully ignorant about all manner of it, and preciously what's beyond it.

Paul Gordon


Remember during election fever season to not pray for that,
which you vote against.

It's silly, non- logical, and within such is never capable of ever moving, that for which you pray, forward...

Meaning, no Christian mark is deserved by any mainstream 'party' or 'party representative' these days.

No one represents 'strategy' and no one on earth out-strategisizes Satan, but no one on earth can ever go wrong in sticking with the simple Truth.

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