Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Duke, Conservative Blog Call To Action

Prominent White Homosexual 'Couple' Caught Abusing Adopted Black Child

This is a request for as many conservative blogs as possible to at least make 'mention' of Frank Lombard, white associate director for Duke University's Study for Health Policy.

It' important to mention that Lombard is white, because the liberals who own the news media establishment have a big issue with white/black issues.

The problem is that the news establishment is not reporting this story anywhere.

Lombard and his homosexual partner adopted a little black child a few years back. Lombard was caught in a police sting putting the young boy up for sexual sale on some paedophile underground Internet network. He also bragged in his communications how he raped the little boy himself. His Internet handle was perv fun loving dad.

How many similar stories not uncovered by conservatives, were not covered by the liberal media, as they fail to report 'against' (as facts present themselves) on any of their pet causes and pet special interest groups?

If liberal infestation can make 'one' case or incident precedent to pass illogical stupid pervert laws why can't conservatives make one case precedent to repeal pervert laws loaded with predispositions for abuse and societal moral breakdown?

Paul Gordon

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ding Dong Michael Jackson's Dead

Ding Dong Michael Jackson’s Dead

I can’t believe the extent of idolatry the media was so smitten by Michael Jackson with!
The man was a proven child abusing sick piece of evil work. He was every bit the lizard, his
giant ego turned him physically into.

But that’s okay...

He was excitement. He was talented.... He was the King!

Lawyers made it so, that he would never be convicted in a blatant court of different laws for
different people, of anything, therefore who are the greater unwashed, to presume the dear boy
was anything but a new community standard and harbinger angel of cooler things to come....not
the mere pioneer of old perversions... he factually put forth.

We all saw the picture of nose disguised Michael dangling his child upside-down by one foot
over the balcony for the bemusement of his adoring female fans. Nothing societal wrong with
that picture...nope!

That’s just Mikey, sillies...he didn’t mean anything by it..Sure he’s nuts but he was still cool.

I’m sure there are plenty of drug addicted moms, who managed to not go that far and still lose
legal custody of their children, not to mention do some time and ordered into rehab, for their
indiscretions but....c’mon this was Mikey don’t we have a sense of humour..or at least a sense of
compassion for a byproduct in every manner of Hollywood and the ‘music’ industry?

That’s right, our children have been conditioned to stand up, sing, dance, and applaud even the
shit Hollywood and the music industry excretes. We don’t even expect talent anymore, just give
us the newest politically correct (read envelope pushing) puke you’ve got. We can not only take
it..... we adore it. Whose next? Like the industry ‘business’...we can’t wait one minute longer.

And even if they commit what a minority might thing is wrong...(well, first off it’s not wrong,
because we are now a minority) but secondly, the poor boy was a product of his star cocooned
‘environment’. He was talented!

No one ever said he actually had a brain of his own, was schooled away from equally star
‘struck’ populist academia drunk with political unionism, or had the ability to ‘choose wisely’,
like whether to drink milk or urine with his lunch.

And if he did?....Well there goes the whole defence thingy....doesn’t it.

Gee, I don’t know about this whole paedophile thing. Let’s re-cap the facts around one trial that
went awry for daring to try and go through.

Michael is brought to court, in a civil court law suit that has criminal, (apparently meaningless,
anyway) repercussions, if lost. Young ‘sleep-over’ boy recalls many yellow flag/ red flag let
Michael come over game details of eventful, assuredly non-heterosexual nights, with no female
elephants in the room.

The clincher is an apparently pretty good description of the physical unique appearance of action
Jackson’s penis. Don’t tell me....more plastic surgery?

Wham bam... the case is settled out of court and Jackson’s financial worth is considerable cut
back in a private settlement that rung in the start of Jackson’s financial troubles.

A long sobering hour passes and all is forgiven...Michael is good with the media, again...core
female groupees with absolutely serious mental issues beyond mania, like fantasy vs. reality,
never leave his side.

I know personally of these man/boy sleep-overs and they start invariably with a predator being a
little too much on a companionship and relating level with boys of not his co- making. What
follows...(and this simple two step abuser ‘victory’...time-line is sometimes switched) is that the
predator then makes friendship of said boys’ parents or parent.

In our case, he, one Leon W....(real name) came over more and more frequently with his
mechanic greasy clothes and chatted and laughed up the parents. Then he did more favours,
including teaching mum to drive up and down the small neighbourhood street.

We were artificially poor as my dad was addicted to donating his paycheck to the Ontario
government via the express government- pimped horse racing way, so who knows what other
favours ol’ Leon did, but it was enough to entrust their eight or nine year-old son with an adult
male, for a Jackson sleep-over in his above garage secret slimy lair, (like his parents thought
nothing of Leon taking the neighbourhood boys up to his mattress in a garage attic under the
exposed joists filled with fibre-glass insulation?)

So under the pre-text of mattress guy wrestling, Leon made his first grope with me on-top facing upwards with one of Leon’s arms clamped around my chest. I’m proud to say it was his only brief grope and for a young lad who knew nothing of sex at the time and didn’t need to be taught from kindergarten, church, parents or anyone else, that I was instinctively revolted that a man would have such a bazaar need to fondle my penis and I had an impending sense or vale of fear for what perverted violence may ensue.

This came to me instinctively for what it was, urgent warning for serious harm being done, not
fun and games with other little boys.

I immediately fled before Leon had a second chance for a grope and that would be the end of
sleep-overs for males in our family, unfortunately...that was the only consequence that was dealt Leon as far as I know, though I would hope my father at least had ‘words’ with him.

I say ‘unfortunately’ because as it turned out some thirty years later, Leon’s path of destruction
came to light as the rock he found refuse under for so long, was at least flipped over before he
exited the scene. Unknown to me, Leon the mechanic, who later worked in the Durham Regional
Police garage had did much much worse to some other neighbourhood small boys of the time.

As adults, Leon’s victims were living through a mental Hell perpetrated by our neighbourhood
cool Michael Jackson, and they brought him to, what purports to imitate a justice system. I was
asked to give a statement myself, which I did, and which I agree was nothing that bothered me,
except that it would sure never be forgotten, or was of use for the court in comparison to what
Leon, King of the neighbourhood, did to those poor other boys.

I’m not even giving all the details I am aware of.

I believe that like war criminals, criminals who destroy, happiness, lives and souls of children
should have no reprieve, and need be tracked down and exposed as long as they live. Victims of paedophiles are often given to suicidal thoughts later in life and many do kill themselves. There is no logical or reasonable excuse why their original paedophile(s) offender(s), should not be tried for murder in such cases.

I don’t believe paedophiles can be ‘cured’ and no one has yet to suggest that they can be ‘cured’
or has held up the model paedophile who was cured. Therefore they should never ever be trusted.

Jesus Christ warned us of those who would harm children and what was in store for them.

At the bare minimum, homosexual or heterosexual paedophiles should never be allowed to
‘assimilate anonymously’ back into society and be granted any societal freedoms or rights.

As a Catholic, I say there is no worse homosexual paedophile than one who has ‘made it’ into the
priesthood and they should be treated more harshly, for what they have done in a position of trust
and in increasingly appreciated, irreparable harm to the Church.

The Church indeed has every logical and moral right to screen out homosexuals from the Church
Sensibly, how is allowing heterosexual priests to marry women going to solve the problem of
homosexual paedophiles?

No apologies.......Paul Gordon

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ode To The Righteous Soldier

Fear not young Lad wherever you tread, your Mission is not one to dread,

God does not serve at the pleasure of Caesar, and His domain is for no person to be there

For such a domain He is not a God of thunder, no, there is no Being in love, more humbler

You won't find Him in blustery prose, but through His blood-drained Lamb, He a-Rose

At the end of our time there is nothing more clear in the power of Truth,

That Love of Life is from what meaning, has sprouted from root,

For are we not told by Christ that this Truth will set us Free,

There is no love greater than thine own life, to lay down for Thee

As we at home to His Crown sharpen His Thorns,

It is really, You, Closest to His Heart, and narely Alone,

And if Caesar tells you to leave Christ back at home, then lay down your gun

And onto home don't bemoan, for it is only for man the seeds of such wars are sown

It is for soldiers that this, I am able to write, but it is for Life you need to save all your might

For all other freedoms we have abused and forgotten, that society has fallen to rotting

We have no God no love for life, and in the East soldiers kill in such strife

But for Caesar, for What god he may claim, the Truth will always bare him all shame

May God speed you young Soldier, there is no one left for the Truth to Shoulder

At home and abroad Satan is so much stronger,

The Battle Hymn doth lead thy path It is for the love of God to use thy wrath

What army is more righteous in armour, than the love of God and his domain to honour.

When we pray for you soldier, let this be for you, for God to love and guide you

And for you to hold true,

The ashes of man's truths lay dead, perils of war, but the victors of Truth defend

ever more.

God Bless You and Rest Your Soul at His Gathering

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Neda's Death: A Father's Day Must View

Neda’s Death: A U-Tube Father’s Day, Must See

I know as little about Neda the mere girl who died from chest wounds, inflicted by the cowardly
inhuman soldiers of tyrannic Iran, as most fathers in the free world.

But, if you view the video of her last moments of life, recorded and brought to the free world by
mainstream media, not, you can’t help but feel for this girl as a father of girls and young women.

What it means to individuals, what it says about freedoms worth dying for, what it says about
the power and out of touch, disenfranchising grip of politicised supposedly impartial media
establishments, what it contrasts with ‘free’ world narcissistic and ambivalent youth and
politicians who have nothing to fight for, but the right to be as perverse on as many levels as they want to be... I leave with the viewer.

A lasting impression though it will indubitably make and as one of the very few things that
escape the power and abilities of choice granted man, or that man can be blamed for not being a
good caretaker, I pray for the soul of this crushed frightened flower.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What the Church Doesn't Need is Strategy

The Church Doesn’t Need Strategy

There is no one on earth that should understand Truth more than the Catholic Church.

Here is the only strategy the Church has ever needed and it remains unmatched in logic, beauty
and love to anything of the world. Proclaim, and go with, the Truth of Christ.

Don’t try to improve, take away, or add to the Truth or the exact opposite is the result.

Christ was not a Marxist, and of course, neither did he proclaim the virtues of greed. He
instructed His flock to work hard, gladly sacrifice, and to gladly share. He told no one to obsess
about their own ‘fair share’ to envy others, or to resort to, punishment, theft, extortion or
violence to take from those who possessed more.

He also proclaimed that anyone who dies in the world hoarding their wealth will not enter

If this was just one ‘applied’ aspect of Truth it would give all the poor all they would require in
temporal needs including the removal of hunger and go a long way on medicinal health.

Through St. Paul, Christ freed the slaves and proclaimed the value of all persons, for anyone with
ears to hear the message, or eyes to read the Gospel’s since they were written. No matter how
they were treated, ‘slaves’ were forever set free in spirit as they could be comforted in knowing
they were equally loved by God... a point understood well by those who needed to hear it, and as
celebrated throughout the history of Gospel music...the Spiritual Truth that sets one free.

Christ did not tell anyone to be an extreme pacifist and neither did he instruct anyone to eagerly
go to war for political ends. He instructed people to love their enemies, not to love evil, which he
constantly fought off and cast out through His Mission.

In fact, He proclaimed, there is no ‘greater’ love than to lay one’s life down for another...the
supreme sacrifice.... Hence there are, and have been, ‘Just’ Wars in defence of the helpless and
the innocent.

Within love, especially of children (bring the children unto me) and personal sacrifice, it is a
logical Truth that the killing of others for shallow Narcissistic reasons to fantastic to rationalize
such as, and less, to further one’s career, or to aid science in finding cures for oneself is way out

To kill any unborn child is to kill the unborn Christ Child...and Christ was an unborn Child
precisely because there is no life, love or achievement of reason in the world created for life
without first and utmost, the unborn child. It is not enough to respect the unborn, it is to cherish
the life and innocence of the beginning of all human life.

No one can presume what or who any child will be destined to be, within the womb, but God as
seen in the countless miracles brought forth and worked by the least of us.

The obsessive need to destroy the innocence of children can be considered the worst evil
perpetrated by evil in the world, and probably more acutely prevalent in the free world.

In logic, this is the worst thing to do in society unless your aim is to destroy society and its
logical priority is demonstrated in Christ’s dire warning to those who choose to bizarrely take on
this sinister mission personally or to blindly, or obediently move it along for those who do.

Give onto Caesar’s what is Caesar’s which is taxes, period.

What belongs to God regardless of laws of ‘any’ nation, is life, uncontaminated innocence of
youth, and basic morality...all matters of the soul... and no laws of the world which transgress
what intrinsically belongs wholly to God and known to all, throughout the ages, need be
ethically or morally obliged to be obeyed.

There are times for prudence but there are simply no ‘strategies’ to either deny nor detour from
the Truth as a means to get back to, or improve on Truth. And when people will sacrifice
everything if need be...even die to not detract or disown the Truth, it is more than just faith it is
absolute faith.

When you think logically of the powers, respect, and obedience Truth must have and does have
in it’s makeup in reality, Whom else could possibly take ownership, or what human or world
ideology (philosophy) would you want to have ownership of.... Truth, than the one God.

Christ granted obedient obligation of His Church to the Chair of St. Peter and he did not make
any disciple an equal in that regard or enshrine philosophic experimenting, or independent
interpretive, Shepherding. As everything Christ did, He did for good reason it is neither up to the
Bishops or the secular world to challenge it.

Anything enshrined by Christ is not just or merely, tradition.

The Church need meditate on, and believe in, Christ the Truth more intensely than it does in
these modern times of Hell, when we all need Him most.

Paul Gordon

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Sex of' Politics Just Got Sexier

Read Seamier. Since when does one’s sexual peccadillos make one a ‘visible’ minority in need
of special protection? Since public perversion became legal?

One better, since when does one’s sexual peccadillos give one ‘special’ marriage, adoption,
guardian of the state, privileges, and legal immunity and right to public displays and parades of
decadence and perversion?

Well, mostly since the world of professional psychologists of a pseudo- science of opinion at best
became unhinged activists, and accomplices to societal suicide by validating and christening,
(un-curable were told) mental deviants to go out, be free and proud in the name of hedonistic

Hey live and let live. Give them an island, their own state or province and form their own nation
and laws of anything goes, anytime. See who remains and how long that nation lasts.

Today, a prominent sympathetic psychologist in Belgium came out with the best honest no-poop
statement this ‘science’ has made in a long time. Referencing the fact that a young female claims
to now feel like a circus freak since she had half of her face amateurishly tattooed with 56
various sizes and kinds of black stars by a tattoo dude, whose own self inflicted face you’ll never
have worse nightmares about, Jules stated, “Why wouldn’t she feel like a circus freak, she looks
like one”.

And sending (why is it always) tall, men into grocery stores sporting hairy legs, long hair, Captain Hook beards and second- hand store dresses from the fifties, isn’t freakish?

‘Sympathetic’ is the cue here and too many psychologists, (‘apparently’) will go against their
own sensibilities in sincere or otherwise, aid to make mentally ill people ‘feel good’ artificially
and otherwise, about themselves.

Lots of people have fleeting fantasies, or obsessions for that matter I’m sure they would like to
indulge in, and damn anyone else it may take in reality to make it come true and legal, but they
manage to somehow always restrain themselves.

And if they didn’t, what would happen to anyone’s happiness, indeed, what would happen to
civil and prosperous societies were everyone legally allowed to dip into civil sexual anarchy, and
physically harmful deviant sexual experimentation. anytime they darn well felt the need, (read
desire) to. Do condoms make hedonistic immorality all right then?

An old prominent, no doubt, long suffering mentally ill actor just died by misadventure of sexual
deviance in hanging a rope around his neck and attaching it to his genitals. With such a fact
obviously front, centre, back-dropped, inside out, you name it, to wrap the public’s head around,
the man’s life is ‘celebrated’ by the entertainment industry...whoa!

The man hung his penis... in a closet... in Thailand! Did we even have to hear of it? Apparently,
the media sure thought so. On the same page front page as impending world doom the media also thinks we also need- to- know every move of Sasha Baron whatever.. the A..h...

-Very public message given to young, along with the old... oh hum, what else is new and not
wrong. Why next, you'll be complaining about what your recently released neighbourhood secret santa, pedophile is in to?

So now society has a four ingredient recipe for its own suicide by making more and more sexual
deviancies legal, normalized and lust 'celebrated'. By legislating and enforcing politically correct,
‘thought laws’ to punish ‘wrong-thinking’ people...workers... students and families. By raising
the legal age of ‘children’ who can take part, be trained to celebrate, and be coerced into, sexual
deviancies. And by forcing sexual deviant agendas onto students from JK on up.

One prime example of all aspects of the sexiness of political sex of course, was the AIDS

Plain and simple, AIDS was a sexual transmitted disease of homosexual men no different, no
more ‘glorious’, and no less immorally contracted than syphilis (now making a resistant strain
comeback) through promiscuous heterosexuals.

Hospital wards in North America were never ‘filled’ with women and children dying from AIDS,
but had many homosexual men self-inflicted de facto with AIDS. Even people in Africa don't get AIDS without the voluntary aid of promiscuous sex being prominent in the AIDS cycle.

Widely publicised at the time, it even went as far as an avant garde thing to do for young
homosexual experimenters to play a sick sort of Russian Roulette to have unprotected (like
there’s protected) homosexual sex, with anonymous partners, at least that is how they framed
their otherwise not un- common behaviour, anyway.

In a world that has poured millions of public and private donations that have not seen cures, yet... old people still die of heart and strokes, young people still don’t, people of all ages but mostly the old still die of all cancers despite new (apparently not) weekly break-throughs, no cures for MD, MS, etc. etc...the government left the vault open only for a cure for AIDS, well, a cure for AIDS and trillions for banks, socialist take-overs, and for unions to take government refinanced possession of big auto companies.

(Side Bar) How many other diseases could the government have cured with the money spent in
less than a year on banks and unions, and will spend on proven failed tax payer insured health
care, Marxist ideology? How many kids could have went to the private non-unionized schools,
politicians send their kids to? How many single mothers could have found something to do with
that kind of money? Point being, if you’re going to put your kids into suffocating debt, how
about a more elevating or productive cause to do it for?

...Note to Obama. ‘Unions’ did not make Communist China financially successful. A sick,
hardly- likely- to- last, unholy marriage of communism and free reigned capitalism including a
pass on the ideology of extreme environmentalism did. (end of side bar)

What is left for a poor misunderstood sexual deviant with bruised feelings, devoid of a sense of non-hedonistic reality to politically and legally desire in North America?

Paul Gordon

Friday, June 12, 2009

Truth "Don't Need No Stinkin" Strategy

Part One, The Secular World

When otherwise good people resort to political ‘strategies’ they are in effect leaving out Christ,
and the simple Truth, that is for one thing, pure logic... and they walk a lone road believing they
can ‘outsmart’, Satan, all by themselves.

Here is just a short taste of well intentioned modern strategies clearly gone down in flames.

1) Vote for the ‘person’ when clearly in Canada it is ‘definitively’ the ‘party’ that has the say.
More then this, it is the paid consultant handlers to the leader and party that will have more say
than any ‘number’ of individual riding representatives back benchers or cabinet (supposedly)

Official pro-life groups have for way too many years pushed the political ‘strategic’ notion that
by voting for a political representative who represents himself as pro-life no matter what pro-
abortion party he is with, will eventually bring some good.

In point of fact, it hasn’t and laws and political correctness have only gone from bad to worse
from day one of this ‘strategy’.

On the strictly political front the logical Truth, would dictate that if not from the actual results
(ie., all mainstream political party leaders in Canada have effectively said that there is absolutely
no way or means they will ever be doing anything ‘pro-life’ now, or in the future) the expected
outcome should have always been anticipated.

‘All’ votes collected by pro-abortion parties are taken as an approval or mandate of present and
projected policies. Pro-life votes are in no way distinguishable from pro-abort votes and pro-life
representatives are never show-cased by abortion parties, and would never be unless the party
suddenly decided that pro-life causes were the current electoral trend.

Mainstream liberal (by whatever name of the day) leaders and parties want power above all
scruples, beliefs or very much anything else noble and once in power they don’t plan to do
anything not to keep in power and that of course means lots of promise breaking.
Political leaders are not drafted against their will and never become leaders without political
leader sized egos and ambitions.

In the U.S. pro-life people rarely or never vote for Democrats because of the Democratic pro-
abortion illogical stance. They don’t vote for the Republican party either when, the leader of the
party is not pro-life or pro-family as was the case with Dole, for example.

In logical truth the Republicans went back to their pro-life, pro-family roots to get elected again.
Prolife Republicans said, you will have to earn our vote back again, and the party did.
McCain new he would do nowhere near as well as he did without Palin.
With babies lives you don’t vote strategically. You say, I am here, there are many more of us and
no you won’t get our vote, because we can not vote for an abortion party in logic or Truth of

2) Defend the unionism arm of Marxism, with the one political canard, extortive unions dare to
espouse, ” Well you needed us (unions) at one time because industry was into slave labour, un-
safe jobs etc. etc. We’re your secular guardian angle”

So we (society) thought, okay we can use unions, (that often compete with each against the same
real pot of non- political extremely indifferent dollars), and then just ‘dust off’ the Faustian
strings of Marxism’s political wanton controls when they get too big for their britches.

And too, (rhetorically and erroneously) what’s ever wrong with taking from the rich and giving to
the ‘not as rich’ (in the relative affluent West) up to abdicating personal responsibility where it is
quite capable?

The Truth of the matter is that, affluent capitalist societies (with the exception of ready to blow,
China) were democratic Nations... Democracy, where the people with the most votes, or the great
unwashed, could vote in their own ‘real’ worker reps, safety laws and economic viable minimum

Marxism, of course, couldn’t make much of a ‘world splash’ in democracies with that kind of
simple logic so instead of urging people to vote with their massive raw power, they urged
‘labour’ of the richest industries and government to go for the gusto and not to be shy with mob
rule and violence if they were to succeed.

In return, large unions would back Marxist government, Marxist education, Marxist
entertainment and media, Marxist culture, and religious gradual disintegration because religion
is/was Marxism’s only natural enemy, as indicated by Karl Marx himself.

I’m not even sure if this was a ’well-intended’ strategy to begin with, and not a selfish get rich
quick scheme for clearly far less than the majority of the time, or of the majority... today.

3) Related, then, there was the national ‘credit card’ Marxist, ponzi pension plans and universal
health plans. All, are Marxist creations and all are currently in the process of going down in

The communist arm of Marxism in China now ends up on top ‘nationally’ financially ‘only’, but
for a heavy price and only because the communists saw the writing on the wall and had to let
capitalism flow. They are a communist nation that was/is much more disciplined than the USSR
mostly, because they ‘had’ to be.

They also had the added benefit of slave labour, and real worker and citizen oppression, to keep
costs low and literary take over the world for that singular fact. Even so, communist countries
including China still have dismal health care, or healthy pensions, though it was their massive
population of slave labour, and ‘apparently’ no need for greed to die for, that leap-frogged them
into a world economic power.

The Truth of the matter is that, private health insurance doesn’t bankrupt Nations and those who
can’t afford it can have full private ‘prime’ coverage paid by the government, when the
government is not forcing it’s brand of Marxist health care on all.

Most people in affluent nations can afford their own insurance and doing so clears the table for
the government to look after ‘only’ those who can’t afford to pay. It all means better health care
for patients and economic profits not liabilities for businesses, and health professionals.

Universal health care seems like a well intentioned strategy, but of course, it is a time bomb
fatally flawed illogical political Marxist ideology to embrace

4) The ‘strategy’ of complete ‘freedom’, academic, artistic, religious and personal, can be
handled as one because they genuinely meld into ‘one’. As it so happened this strategy was
considered both a noble one and at the same time the ultimate political sexy one.

Who can argue such freedoms are not desirable, are not to fight for.... not to die for?

If goodness is of value, it will surely rise to the top, anyway, and be the people’s choice, right?

Well, of course it didn’t...’goodness’ and happiness has been all but completely put asunder.
People are not happy, families have fallen apart, divorce rates, family abdication and Nihilism
and Pantheism in the secular world is unparalleled in history. Stress and mental illness is
unparalleled and has torn a destructive path through all of society.

Tranquillity and peace is preciously rare and clear thought is totally fogged. Emotion is the new
moral compass and self is more important than loving family, life, babies. Depression’s clear
path is only clear to the culture of death. I don’t have to give anymore examples, all, are not
suffering in one way or another and to varying degrees.

The freedom groups would have us believe, this darkness is due to feeling guilty about total
narcissistic freedoms (uncivilized) people shouldn’t feel guilty about. Alternatively, ‘nothing’ is
anyone’s fault or that can be corrected, only someone else’s. Give up and give in, all is lost...may
as well make other people miserable...misery loves companionship.

In Truth, nothing is forced on anyone, but Truth cannot be the one censored entity under absolute
freedom, or logically, there is no absolute freedom (or and if real freedoms at all) that are not
destructive to someone, if not the person basking in such freedom.

Logically, academically, freedoms must be defended.. wrestled, where need be, in logic or they
are of no positive or redeeming academic value at all. To ‘democratically’ vote on an academic
proposition, implies the proposition was not clearly put forth in logic to begin with.

To simply repeat or shout the liberal (or conservative) political sound bites from the totally
mangled media is politics, emotion, and shallow or no defence, not academia. To demagogue or
censor pertinent aspects from the argument is censoring academia and defeating the very pretext
for academic freedom.

If you seek, evil, unhappiness, ‘rights’ to, and societal elevation of, perversion... anarchy,
insolvency of national constitutions, grounded precipices of and in law, then by all means go with
(actual censored) ‘freedom’ of academia.

If you want a secular non- person arbitrator for when censorship be of critical need (when
youthful innocence families, marriages and individuals are destroyed for example ) then let it be
the objective logical seeking opposite of all the pitfalls of ‘absolute’ freedom listed above.

Surely, this is not beyond the scope, the vision, the sensibilities of Chief Justices independent
logical decisions.... to sleep with.

Current ‘community standards’ are not loaded for goodness, non constitutional contained, and not
subject to measuring (by anyone) of basic right and wrong precepts conducive to the good of the
community. These are political decisions typically left to elected legislators typically subject to
sober second thought, for one.... from the Judiciary.

Given man’s innate nature, or proven propensity and (‘choice’) to often fall, easily or not, into
temptations and acting on... temptations harmful to all essential elements of a civil and healthy
society, why would ‘almost all’ options be only modernly made ‘legal’ to him, in the first place...
A sure ‘strategic’ recipe for societal disaster to be sure.

Part Two, The Church “Don’t Need No Stinkin” Strategy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ohh...Conceivable, Tabloid Front Pages

True Confessions

Opie confesses to Andy,

Gee Pa I growed up into nothing but a closet Catholic baiter. I always knew I was meant to be something special.

Hollywood Crime

Barretta’s talking bird berates acquittal jury while pacing jury rail

sqwaaaak! I told ya, the s.o.b’s guilty...guilty...Guillllty I tell ya!

Exposed! And Too Infinity!

Actor, who utterly confused fans by believing Grasshoppa just didn’t play a dark ‘deep thinker’ flees to HuangCaulk due to Hollywood closet shortage

Everyone is asking when the proper amount of time is observed before LOL for yet another of Hollywood’s most revered philosopher boobs. Related new song ‘rises’ to the top...Everybody was Kung Fu tightening.

We thought we were just out of the loop with teabagging, and gerbil shortages. Anderson Cooper and his giggling insider guests must be loaded with inside jokes.

Still related new sexual deviant group seeks marriage, adoption, parade, public bathroom, and park surprise rights. Obama’s hand-picked team says, Cool! Just waiting on Obama now, whose wondering how he can leaf brush the tracks on this one.

North Korean, Kim Jong Short Inseams leader just thought of something else to pass the time by while still being impatiently ignored. What does a real life troll with little man syndrome have to do to get a bomb dropped on his head, anyway? Oh, I forgot the million man army of smiling funny talking skinny munchkins with really low blood sugar. They really ought to go to commie boys R us to get better fitting uniforms and normal sized hats.

They better save what money they can muster for asbestos underwear because it can be quite challenging to pass a de-militarized zone knee deep in napalm.

The Fonz, Henry Van Winker has been found to be nothing more than an effeminate pro abort feminist tenor. Jump higher over those sharks, Henry.

Baby killer, George Tiller, fans accuse prolifers of being partially responsible for his death. Tiller type fans and masters of short liberal shouting points, profanities, and perversions, more so de- facto responsible for 49 million babies deaths. Hmmm....Who to join?... who to join?

Forget the Swine Flu what about the hallowed academic hall, dementia pandemic in Catholic and secular 'institutions' since the sixties?

World News

Comedian in his own mind, Jon Stewart applauds Obama’s, ‘Better head dressed than head-less’ foreign and domestic policy. Gibs, give us a lie, a laugh, and another podium drum-roll, will ya.

Perfect...the free world sleeps well tonight.

Obama hires rat’s nest of left-hand perverse activists, for most key positions in top government of the United States of America and asks Notre Dame the question... Can’t we all just get along ....we all want what’s right?..Right! By the way, what religion are we today, Michelle?

Scandal Magazine

Catholic entrusted militant Marxist academic unions, politically correct trustees, and entertainment struck administrations produce.. zero domestic priests, feminist nuns, teen age Church loathers, and empty Churches of anyone without a senior’s card and who doesn’t vote for abortion parties. Church clams up world wide. The Christian world sleeps well tonight.

Healthcare Hell

Hollywood’s celebrity cripples, and chronically and socially diseased, demand no fetus left behind or alive, if their pitiful lives can be extended for one more face lift, and botox injection.

But conservative Christians and traditional Catholics are so evil aren’t they?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Tiller...Too Bad....So Sad

No Righteous Indignation Over Tiller’s Death Here Either

You can’t argue against logic and Colby Cash uses logic quite effectively to blame prominent political pro-life groups to be somewhat to blame for Tiller’s death in his National Post column.

His point goes, if you call abortion the murder of innocent babies then you are logically and automatically saying that the killing of abortionists is justified.

A person is murdering babies! What is not morally justifiable in stopping that person, in any way possible?

Alternatively, if it’s not a murderous act, then what’s the big deal? Let’s kill babies, old people, and sick people, for that matter. They’re all only a drag in one way or another, on other people.

Isn’t that the final solution when one’s life is such an imposition on another’s ‘freedom’?

Truth isn’t always pleasant or easy, but it is always righteous and it is always good in the end regardless of the rough ride on some ‘feelings’ and most favourable laid plans along the way.

You can’t pick out only what serves your purpose and just because it appears easy, if it isn’t the complete equation otherwise, you’ll have the complete societal moral breakdown we now have while we obsess about the most insignificant and inane political issues slapped up around us supposedly for our’s and the world’s good.

Life is to love, but it has to be defended from evil. No one has the right to kill another person, but of course people do kill others in reality, and abortionists kill all the time for great amounts of money.. As it is ‘legal’ to kill babies it is also ‘legal’ to kill criminals who murder, and in practice often merely in retribution. Hence we have victim statements and sentencing input.

Feelings need nought be brought into the justice system. However, the punishment should fit the crime and motive and mental state and capacity need sometimes be weighed.

The ‘State’, the official representative of current society, is not squishy about killing, even

illogically so. The State has no moral superiority soap box to brag from, or lessons to teach on this, and other moral issues. In addition, the State which includes the Judiciary, has no moral universality in timeless application, i.e., no truth or obligation to logical principles, rather trend and ‘community standards’ of the time.

National applied precedent is often rooted in one fallible judge’s opinion or of a manipulated jury’s opinion. Case in point, Canada’s most notorious baby killer pled guilty to all charges against him based on the current laws of the land.

The jury actually found the law to be unfair and found the future Order of Canada winner to be innocent.

Can you imagine any other criminal law being found to be unfair and thus changed at the jury verdict?. Where is it in any jury instruction that one option is to find that the law being broken, is unjust and so the guilty should be applauded and awarded with a political medal?

Here is where Canada gave up the ghost on believing abortion was wrong.

The Marxist liberal revolution in Canada that started years before in academia, in the entertainment and broadcast medium of television, in politics, the judiciary, and the written media would no longer tolerate that there should to be anything thought of as ‘bad’ about abortions.

The trouble is that those entrusted with the protection of the unborn in society did not react strong enough or swift enough at the time. What if the law being changed was one that affected everyone. Catholics are no longer allowed to assemble together.

At the time abortion became celebrated as legal regular practice (and morality isn’t celebrated as the exception it’s only assaulted in trendy perversion), when Catholicism and Christianity was still quite strong, can you imagine legislation or the courts pronouncing that Catholics or Christians could no longer associate or assemble, or impart Truth onto their youth.

Well, you don’t have to imagine it because the only reason it hasn’t happened, yet is precisely because the Judiciary and the liberal Marxist political and bureaucratic legions know what would have happened. The immoral laws that go against the common and universal good were passed after North American society was primed for them.

In other words, immoral causes were made palatable before a ‘feelings’ sedated and narcisstic satiated law or legislation was passed or in the case of abortion, before a law was made to just go away.

Entertainment, ‘news’ media and Catholic and secular, academia became ‘industries’.

Industries, because they all propped up each other with the exact same liberal Marxist societal distractions and destructions or demanded mass produced ‘widgets’ of thought trend, so that all were in lockstep and non-independent, in a full assault historically unequalled, on morality and Truth.

Ironically, one of the tools and clarion calls they used on the assembly line of non-individuality was ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘artistic freedom’ though hardly independent of creative works or thought and with any such intention in the first place.

No creative Renaissance, here...more like timeless evil warmed over and intensified during the last one hundred years and more of Marxist society blood sucking and destroying, that would leave society thought and action ‘controlling’ to an actual proportionately minor very few... a small proletariat tail indeed... smaller than even the supposed select club of calculating, contriving capitalist, whipping boys.

Capitalist leaders may be many things, and some things nothing to tell their own mother about but they are not united, contriving, or controlling. They are there to make money, period and no one knows better than they, that the dollar is a tangible entity indifferent to politics, feelings, life and death, celebration or depression.

It doesn’t matter whether they’re making greeting cards, medicines used to kill, or bullets and bombs for whoever will pay the freight and get this, ‘socialist’ profit shared taxes.

When it comes to the bottom line they will be whatever it takes including, embracing socialist gimmicks and corporate ‘feelings’ if whoever the consumer be, keeps money crossing their thresholds. They are what they are and anything else is pretty transparent to most.

Marxists, however are the exact opposite of what they pretend to be. The perfect longest lasting Anti-Christ Just ‘one’ glaring example being that ‘they care about workers’. Of course they don’t. They use ‘worker’ money marvellously collected by sullying the senses of workers with their own need for greed, kid’s psychology, to champion their popularity in political, legal and cultural domains.

I digress.

Instead of storming parliaments en masse with peaceful, yet forceful messages Catholics reacted timidly, when not seemingly totally disinterested, as in more recent times when a couple of individuals swayed the all too accommodating State, represented by one small court judge with big controlling ambitions to force a Catholic secondary school to entertain a homosexual man and his teenage prom boy date. The school board and the Toronto Diocese was supposedly to have appealed this case, but nothing has happened in almost ten years to date.

Yet, the original judgement was a non- contesting (read beaver constitutional) temporary injunction that also ordered the Separate (never more) School Bd to not cancel the Prom and spoil the homosexual boy or his man date’s fun and sensitive sensibilities.

Why didn’t the judge just order all Catholics to stoop over and kiss his pervert friendly, Honour’s arse and the future homosexual activist Minister of Health’s arse who represented the ‘poor couple ’?

When ‘real’ conservatives and pro-life groups start playing by liberal rules (no rules in logic and order at all) that change like so-called, yet to be defined by anyone, liberal values, and play ‘political house’ as it were, the plain truth which never changes from plain and simple, gets buried dark and deep.

Then years and years and more years go by and before you know it, 49 million innocent and helpless babies have been killed, not a one, apparently worth the life of a single abortionist even going by the pro-life groups.

At least, one can only think so, going by all the dramatics ‘paid’ pro-life groups cry from the mountain tops, apparently worried about the dear souls of baby killers not being saved before they have killed all the babies it ‘may’ take as the spiritual price.

Proposing or assuming that they will convert at all, I believe St. Peter will be more appreciatively swarmed by the best of the 49 million souls not cut short, over the ‘converted’ souls of a few abortionists. Christ did not go after the one ram, who was killing all the lambs for the mental health and reproductive rights of the militant ewes. He went after the helpless lamb who lost his way.

Now, if we all had the power of Christ and could simply drive evil out when we came across it

there would be no crime, no murders, no wars. Christ would not have to have died for our sins because we could drive bad thoughts and selfish obsessions even from ourselves.

Of course, there is only one Son of God and the rest of us can’t make like we’re equal or better than Christ, but we can do a much better job of defending life and guess what, without violence.

Without violence, but with considerable more ‘minor’ sacrifice than mere prayer, (banquet attending, back slapping, and news aggregate reporting) on the covenant we made while I was on break, that we don’t have to do absolutely ‘anything’ in life for Christ and others, but have semi good intentions and as long as we don’t have to politically vote against are own unearned and therefore, unreal championed temporal needs we are so transparently politically plied with.

As for this Tiller of live babies, his so-called Church, and his well benefited family, I can only repeat what Ann Coulter so perfectly penned in her 49 million to 5 column.

"I’m personally not in favour of killing abortionists, but who am I to impose my values on others". This will go down as Ann’s greatest line...take that one to the bank.

For pro-life politically paid arms of the movement, in future just say you don’t agree with killing abortionists if that is how you feel, but don’t go on how crazy these people are and how concerned and ashamed we should all be for a baby killer’s death, (even one who reportedly wrapped twins he just butchered in a blanket and perversely ‘baptized’ them for the benefit of their father, and does it get any sicker than that).

The truth is simple and real, don’t play the artificial ‘feelings’ game with the liberals, or the Colby Cash’s of the world will logically take you up on it.

Bring the character, Forrest Gump to life, if not the actor who played him, and imagine even the simple not understanding the Truth that transcends ‘simple’ to the brilliant that ‘gets’ who is God so tragically wrong.

Here’s Forrest running past a garbage pail full of baby dismembered parts from various stages of pregnancies. He is stopped by the stench of the rotting fruits of the culture of death and when he peers in the garbage can and is faced with the uncaring realities of the world what would you honestly believe he would think and he can’t help but think honestly because he knows not politics, feminism, entertainment, talk shows, socialists, communists, or all the feelings he is supposed to be attuned and sensitive to.

If you leave the grave seriousness of abortion alone, and the truth that abortion is murder. This should be what will inspire Christians and non-Christians alike to do the same as any minority has done in the past to get laws passed on their bequest.

Abortion is assumed to be much less serious than it is, by claiming more harm being done to an abortionist than what he or she perpetrates on a baby, and to elevate yourself by claiming to be as Holy as God in caring whose soul is saved from damnation over millions of helpless innocents slaughtered is neither logical and frankly unbelievable to the point of a defending turn-off.

I suppose we should have simply waited on the leaders, governments, and armies of evil championed nations to ‘convert’ instead of going to war with all that wars entail.

Mass and loud demonstrations (more than one work day a year), and civil non-violent disobedience, including blocking commerce, and transportation if necessary will be enough.

People have done a lot more, for a ‘lot less’ of causes many questionable in morality never mind virtue, than Catholics and Christians have done for the most helpless and innocent of us...the lambs... of us all.

If I am accused of complicity for the death of abortionists by stating my opinion on matters of the plain Truth... I’ll sleep well just the same, thank you

Paul Gordon