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Truth "Don't Need No Stinkin" Strategy

Part One, The Secular World

When otherwise good people resort to political ‘strategies’ they are in effect leaving out Christ,
and the simple Truth, that is for one thing, pure logic... and they walk a lone road believing they
can ‘outsmart’, Satan, all by themselves.

Here is just a short taste of well intentioned modern strategies clearly gone down in flames.

1) Vote for the ‘person’ when clearly in Canada it is ‘definitively’ the ‘party’ that has the say.
More then this, it is the paid consultant handlers to the leader and party that will have more say
than any ‘number’ of individual riding representatives back benchers or cabinet (supposedly)

Official pro-life groups have for way too many years pushed the political ‘strategic’ notion that
by voting for a political representative who represents himself as pro-life no matter what pro-
abortion party he is with, will eventually bring some good.

In point of fact, it hasn’t and laws and political correctness have only gone from bad to worse
from day one of this ‘strategy’.

On the strictly political front the logical Truth, would dictate that if not from the actual results
(ie., all mainstream political party leaders in Canada have effectively said that there is absolutely
no way or means they will ever be doing anything ‘pro-life’ now, or in the future) the expected
outcome should have always been anticipated.

‘All’ votes collected by pro-abortion parties are taken as an approval or mandate of present and
projected policies. Pro-life votes are in no way distinguishable from pro-abort votes and pro-life
representatives are never show-cased by abortion parties, and would never be unless the party
suddenly decided that pro-life causes were the current electoral trend.

Mainstream liberal (by whatever name of the day) leaders and parties want power above all
scruples, beliefs or very much anything else noble and once in power they don’t plan to do
anything not to keep in power and that of course means lots of promise breaking.
Political leaders are not drafted against their will and never become leaders without political
leader sized egos and ambitions.

In the U.S. pro-life people rarely or never vote for Democrats because of the Democratic pro-
abortion illogical stance. They don’t vote for the Republican party either when, the leader of the
party is not pro-life or pro-family as was the case with Dole, for example.

In logical truth the Republicans went back to their pro-life, pro-family roots to get elected again.
Prolife Republicans said, you will have to earn our vote back again, and the party did.
McCain new he would do nowhere near as well as he did without Palin.
With babies lives you don’t vote strategically. You say, I am here, there are many more of us and
no you won’t get our vote, because we can not vote for an abortion party in logic or Truth of

2) Defend the unionism arm of Marxism, with the one political canard, extortive unions dare to
espouse, ” Well you needed us (unions) at one time because industry was into slave labour, un-
safe jobs etc. etc. We’re your secular guardian angle”

So we (society) thought, okay we can use unions, (that often compete with each against the same
real pot of non- political extremely indifferent dollars), and then just ‘dust off’ the Faustian
strings of Marxism’s political wanton controls when they get too big for their britches.

And too, (rhetorically and erroneously) what’s ever wrong with taking from the rich and giving to
the ‘not as rich’ (in the relative affluent West) up to abdicating personal responsibility where it is
quite capable?

The Truth of the matter is that, affluent capitalist societies (with the exception of ready to blow,
China) were democratic Nations... Democracy, where the people with the most votes, or the great
unwashed, could vote in their own ‘real’ worker reps, safety laws and economic viable minimum

Marxism, of course, couldn’t make much of a ‘world splash’ in democracies with that kind of
simple logic so instead of urging people to vote with their massive raw power, they urged
‘labour’ of the richest industries and government to go for the gusto and not to be shy with mob
rule and violence if they were to succeed.

In return, large unions would back Marxist government, Marxist education, Marxist
entertainment and media, Marxist culture, and religious gradual disintegration because religion
is/was Marxism’s only natural enemy, as indicated by Karl Marx himself.

I’m not even sure if this was a ’well-intended’ strategy to begin with, and not a selfish get rich
quick scheme for clearly far less than the majority of the time, or of the majority... today.

3) Related, then, there was the national ‘credit card’ Marxist, ponzi pension plans and universal
health plans. All, are Marxist creations and all are currently in the process of going down in

The communist arm of Marxism in China now ends up on top ‘nationally’ financially ‘only’, but
for a heavy price and only because the communists saw the writing on the wall and had to let
capitalism flow. They are a communist nation that was/is much more disciplined than the USSR
mostly, because they ‘had’ to be.

They also had the added benefit of slave labour, and real worker and citizen oppression, to keep
costs low and literary take over the world for that singular fact. Even so, communist countries
including China still have dismal health care, or healthy pensions, though it was their massive
population of slave labour, and ‘apparently’ no need for greed to die for, that leap-frogged them
into a world economic power.

The Truth of the matter is that, private health insurance doesn’t bankrupt Nations and those who
can’t afford it can have full private ‘prime’ coverage paid by the government, when the
government is not forcing it’s brand of Marxist health care on all.

Most people in affluent nations can afford their own insurance and doing so clears the table for
the government to look after ‘only’ those who can’t afford to pay. It all means better health care
for patients and economic profits not liabilities for businesses, and health professionals.

Universal health care seems like a well intentioned strategy, but of course, it is a time bomb
fatally flawed illogical political Marxist ideology to embrace

4) The ‘strategy’ of complete ‘freedom’, academic, artistic, religious and personal, can be
handled as one because they genuinely meld into ‘one’. As it so happened this strategy was
considered both a noble one and at the same time the ultimate political sexy one.

Who can argue such freedoms are not desirable, are not to fight for.... not to die for?

If goodness is of value, it will surely rise to the top, anyway, and be the people’s choice, right?

Well, of course it didn’t...’goodness’ and happiness has been all but completely put asunder.
People are not happy, families have fallen apart, divorce rates, family abdication and Nihilism
and Pantheism in the secular world is unparalleled in history. Stress and mental illness is
unparalleled and has torn a destructive path through all of society.

Tranquillity and peace is preciously rare and clear thought is totally fogged. Emotion is the new
moral compass and self is more important than loving family, life, babies. Depression’s clear
path is only clear to the culture of death. I don’t have to give anymore examples, all, are not
suffering in one way or another and to varying degrees.

The freedom groups would have us believe, this darkness is due to feeling guilty about total
narcissistic freedoms (uncivilized) people shouldn’t feel guilty about. Alternatively, ‘nothing’ is
anyone’s fault or that can be corrected, only someone else’s. Give up and give in, all is lost...may
as well make other people miserable...misery loves companionship.

In Truth, nothing is forced on anyone, but Truth cannot be the one censored entity under absolute
freedom, or logically, there is no absolute freedom (or and if real freedoms at all) that are not
destructive to someone, if not the person basking in such freedom.

Logically, academically, freedoms must be defended.. wrestled, where need be, in logic or they
are of no positive or redeeming academic value at all. To ‘democratically’ vote on an academic
proposition, implies the proposition was not clearly put forth in logic to begin with.

To simply repeat or shout the liberal (or conservative) political sound bites from the totally
mangled media is politics, emotion, and shallow or no defence, not academia. To demagogue or
censor pertinent aspects from the argument is censoring academia and defeating the very pretext
for academic freedom.

If you seek, evil, unhappiness, ‘rights’ to, and societal elevation of, perversion... anarchy,
insolvency of national constitutions, grounded precipices of and in law, then by all means go with
(actual censored) ‘freedom’ of academia.

If you want a secular non- person arbitrator for when censorship be of critical need (when
youthful innocence families, marriages and individuals are destroyed for example ) then let it be
the objective logical seeking opposite of all the pitfalls of ‘absolute’ freedom listed above.

Surely, this is not beyond the scope, the vision, the sensibilities of Chief Justices independent
logical decisions.... to sleep with.

Current ‘community standards’ are not loaded for goodness, non constitutional contained, and not
subject to measuring (by anyone) of basic right and wrong precepts conducive to the good of the
community. These are political decisions typically left to elected legislators typically subject to
sober second thought, for one.... from the Judiciary.

Given man’s innate nature, or proven propensity and (‘choice’) to often fall, easily or not, into
temptations and acting on... temptations harmful to all essential elements of a civil and healthy
society, why would ‘almost all’ options be only modernly made ‘legal’ to him, in the first place...
A sure ‘strategic’ recipe for societal disaster to be sure.

Part Two, The Church “Don’t Need No Stinkin” Strategy.

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