Sunday, February 24, 2013

Homo Post Commenters Show Their Hate

Re Matt Barber's Honest and Heartfelt Column to Homosexual Enthralled Teens on

Even just going by the comments, is there anymore evidence of Truth than the unmovable forces of evil on one side and hate that lie on both sides?

The only hate in this column on Barber's side is a hate for evil for all the damage it does including within families!

I would add, extreme damage to world humanity in a slow and evil march to world domination like the Nazis could never achieve and all through the tool kit of unwarranted sympathy, where in most cases the perps. and the victims were both homosexual.

The three legged stool (both meanings) of societal institutions of opinion media, entertainment media and long ruled Marxist academia were and are complicit in this world sickness 'obsession' where homosexuality has dominated all public discourse for years until the lies are believed through repetition and talking points like in the Barber coloumn hateful homo comments.

The Catholic Church and the Christian Boy Scouts were the greatest and saddest institutional victims to this world most active and most powerful evil to crumble nations within, in our time.

The truly innocent lamb victims lived or ended their lives of depression and succeeded and attempted suicides because their consciences were strong and pure if not their emotional control, with no help from the politically tainted psychological field!

Yet, humanist won governments in the free world enamored with celebrities including celebrity murderers, 'sacrifice' baby boys to freaks like Elton John and his spouse a much younger Canadian boy toy!

Go over the comments again and see what side of Truth the real hate also 'comes out' of the closet in attack of Barber's heartfelt piece meant for all suffering families the 'world' has thrown to the curb in these times where 'families will be divided'.

You are about to see what happened to the Anglican Church, (great schism) about to happen to the original and true Church with much more serious consequences.. again where homosexuals are both the prep and the victim, (that is, when the innocent are not being brutalized in the name of humanist and political propaganda of 'natural and good'.)

Take warning, that unlike column commentators Christ promises a special Hell for those who would 'harm the little ones' including useful idiot evil supporters one could safely assume, and considering the damage caused who could doubt logic based Truth over the desires of a world dominating minority.

Paul Gordon

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Modern Homo Sympathy Agenda Time Line

Re Canadian /Christian Crossroads Controversy

The homo crowd is really going far and wide to scrape the bottom of the sympathy barrel.

Canadian Time- Line Homo Sympathy Milestone Propaganda Agenda (seriously resulting in approaching inescapable free- world domination)

1) homos being beat up by heterosexuals which turns out to be mostly homos beating and murdering their boy friends. All these abuses were to be attributed to just heterosexuals through 'hate crime' on  victims not by sex of  perpetrators. Boohoo! In reality, complacent Canadians (heteros) always felt them odd and mentally ill (as they continually prove themselves to be) and simply didn't want them in their faces

2)homos were being 'picked on' for public sexual acts for engaging in public sexual acts, but by non-participating hetero vice squads boo freaking hoo.. Toronto cops took a real shit kicking for that and chiefs were thereafter demanded to lead annual Toronto homo parades.
Christie Blatchford rights a 3 part establishment popular sympathy piece in the Toronto Sun Tabloid  for homosexuals and bisexual married men not getting enough at home that they turn to public  bathroom and park anonymous homosexual encounters. Boo hoo oh the humanity

3) homosexual propaganda attempting to 'normalize' homosexuality is swallowed by North American public that if heterosexual priests are not allowed to marry they turn to molesting male boys, or that heterosexual men in prison automatically turn into homosexuals from not getting female sex.

4) homos were catching AIDS from buggery perversion, but supposedly it was those dispassionate heterosexuals who were at fault.... and filling all those hospital wards....yeah right..... boo freaking hoo again. S.T.D./V.D.  AIDS brings out such public sympathy electing homosexual politicians becomes the new advant garde

5) Church has always called any illicit sex a sin but homos had their feelings particular hurt, in their new drive for normalcy consideration... boo freaking hoo

6) 'prestigious' number one journalism school in Canada and producer of 'fine' media editors and reporters, U of Ts Ryerson School of Journalism, has a public scandal when one of it's professors brags of also being a homo prostitute and supporter of NAMBLA.

School dumps 'professor' seemingly only because of public exposure of his bragging.

His brainwashed students are terribly upset that any of this 'normal' behaviour would be a reason for his dismissal

6) Mark Hall, a politically correct Durham Region Catholic School Bd.,  student is granted a temporary injunction for having his feelings hurt, to allow him a man-date at the Catholic prom. As usual the Toronto Catholic Diocese folds like a deck of cards, while their stupidity has far reaching implications across North America and in the Church

7) Mentally ill homosexuals blubbering all over the place featured by media pieces (primarily the same two long together live-in partners, the kissing lawyers and the old coots on the west coast) that their feelings are hurt.. that, they can't play house and play marriage boo hoo.
The U.S. believes its just a Euro-Canadian thing only... much to their present marriage demise.

8) Liberal establishment sunk their pit bull teeth into full homo rights bullshit via devaluing legitimate Human Rights, leading to today where every grocery and drug store is carrying a magazine front cover picture of geezer, and sicko, Elton John and his young Canadian literal bum boy partner, with one boy in their custody, and another baby boy in Elton's hands who looks embarrassingly like he never held a baby in his whole decrepit obscene life, sacrificed to them by your governments at work. Have you ever heard John in any of his interview anger rants? Kind of like Morgue en pallor only without the foam in the corner of his mouth.

Would any hetero with a history of his mental illness be awarded a baby boy?

Canadian homo-wide establishment including  liberal appointed supreme court oxymoron 'activist judges' literally and figuratively... sucks. Homosexuality is 'assimilated' or 'forcebably instilled' as a 'Canadian Value' quicker than a Constitution can be ignored, as if individual values (read morality) can be enforced by elected majority by a minority of Canadians who actually take part in the elections and comparatively minute in-party elected !

But the real obscenity is that any sexual activity would be given special privileges onto itself including cultural status let alone a perverse sexual activity not to mention that they have never been a visible minority that fancy themselves on par with black civil rights. And that they can't attract new victims unless they make themselves visible.

Paul Gordon

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The MSM Poll I'd Kill To See

I can imagine great differences from different nations.

I would risk sacrificing my life for
(check off all that apply)

a) My Faith (only Christians would say yes, killing others doesn't apply ruling out


b) My Family ( All but Mamma's boys who secretly would off mom themselves)

c) My neighborhood ( House for quick cheap sale)

d) My Nation (Or Neighborhood Simply Extrapolated... Think The Projects, in The Case of The U.S. With The White House Garage Flipped Top BBQ and Rap Party)..

( And at what time in history are re referring? Present, is a given)

e) Some Freaking Christian Murdering Hot Sandy Islamic Nation ( ha ha ha)

f) My Immigrant Foster Nation ( No Anglais)

g) Free speech ( celebrities and scribes can have that one, I'll defer till eternity)

And what was celebrated or exercised as free speech ever, but two (count them) two facets, the right to be politically incorrect.. critical of the prevailing establishment,  or the right to be obscene in some victim(s) face, just to be voyeristic titillating to oneself, the legal acceptance to profit from misery, or to be self-satisfied in snuffing out the innocence of children and youth..

One noble- one not so much...sugar and vice...right and wrong, black and white, evil attack on something good.... yet again...but remember there is no evil only the misunderstood immoral.

Echo chambers for the prevailing establishment is not free speech it's 'political' socialist-humanist- righteous propaganda ad nauseum. It's the stuff most politicians are made of, whose snot density is oft measured by their volume of indignation, usually, just before they get caught doing something, or someone immoral. Someday I'll write what I really think...about today's politician that really does make Kennedy look good.

h) Sexual Orientation (Huh?....Exactly!)

i) Right to Own Guns (At least... the 'sacrifice risk' odds are some what reduced)

j) Our national leader ( for what... being the top or best loved MSM- vetted politician of the day!..yeah right)

Paul Gordon

Ont. Canada

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Think Therefore I Am Therefore There Is

                                                  I Think Therefore I Am.. Therefore There Is

Descarts forgot the follow-thru on his famous statement.

‘I think’, doesn't just make the statement that the individual exists, but extrapolates to exude existence for all, not to mention equalize the value of all innocent life all equally launched in perfection including seemingly imperfections but that alone keep truth and life mysteriously wondrous and test with self reward, and glorifier of the heart and essential soul of the God led and loved, nurturer.

Has every human being ( in figurative numbers) not believed at some time or another that they are special, that their life along with their eventual death is an experience for them alone, yet at the same time shared in common with all mankind.. a mankind only but definitely... intimately.. linked in sincere love, sympathy, or empathy not less a tear, by Whom?

Has every human being not at sometime experienced the delights of all the senses, that the earth was so orderly carved and fashioned in a manner obvious for their human appreciation and essential needs?  

Would it not stand alone then, within the warmer of the cast metals…the golds.. of the securities of Truth, owner too, of logic,  no precursor of existence or the Alpha but property there created and owner of all certainty itself including the preciosity of mathematics, stand alone, and much more a science over a tool measured out by academia unceremoniously with so many assorted un-truths……. that by God, there is of course, God?

On Ash Wednesday we are truly in communion not in our self perceived or mutual admired individual greatness but in the ultimate equalizer of our mere physical existence, the ashes.. our existent bodies return to, and the supernatural existence no less ‘far fetched’, and perfectly complimentary to an obviously supernatural created existence of our physical world that awaits our souls… tested, cured, and loved in the fires of existence prepared so lovingly meticulously… for life.

Paul Gordon 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cardinal's Slap On The Wrist Shows Homosexual Hold on Church

The Church's Most Infamous Cardinal's Slap On the Wrist Shows Homosexuals Still Have a Strong Hold on Church

Traditional Catholics are no more satisfied than those who were abused by Los Angeles homosexual priests, with the disingenuous long plotted mere reprimand of Cardinal Mahoney, the ultimate culprit in the cover up of homosexual pedophilia that ran rampant in the eighties, co-incidentally at the height of his public battle with Mother Angelica over his extreme liberalism.

Along with the Christian slanted Boy Scouts of America, the other of the two greatest institutional targets, Truth believers would have, that evil in doing the most harm to the destruction of young innocence, would be closely connected and immediately followed by the destruction of Christian institutions, themselves.

And why the Vatican refuses to accept this reality as it slaps them in the face year after year of less than serious corrective action is a mystery to most whose only explanation can be the holdover of homosexuals still holding high places within the Church.

The financial hit of over half a billion dollars from Mahoney's Californian Diocesan homosexual pedophile support group should have been incentive enough to deal with Mahoney and his supporting cast of Bishops in a normal way, let alone been set apart as an example... Not to mention the further financial hit of parishioners who would understandably withhold further donations, that would ultimately be used to keep paying past and future 'abuse settlements' in light of the Vatican's half-hearted response to date.

Cardinal Mahoney's punishment was obviously long planned out to wait until he was allowed to retire for a time and the public release of documents long known to all directly involved and then amounted to his not being allowed to administer the sacraments anymore..?

Also, not understood is why the justice department left Mahoney completely unscathed considering Mahoney was ultimately, and actively involved in years of covering up homosexual pedophilia.

There are so many modern liberal movements and actions within the Roman Catholic Church and in almost every 'free nation' working to turn the true faith to vacate its buildings, if not to turn the Church of Christ to spiritual rubble like the protestant United Church. But, the homosexual community isn't interested in the United Church anymore.

Over the past decades, the homosexual community has become emboldened in the Catholic Church, and through secular acceptance and 'education' of the liberal establishment has managed the impossible, of both being to blame for the woes of the Church and at the same time glorified as victims of the Church. Strange indeed!

Paul Gordon