Sunday, February 17, 2013

Modern Homo Sympathy Agenda Time Line

Re Canadian /Christian Crossroads Controversy

The homo crowd is really going far and wide to scrape the bottom of the sympathy barrel.

Canadian Time- Line Homo Sympathy Milestone Propaganda Agenda (seriously resulting in approaching inescapable free- world domination)

1) homos being beat up by heterosexuals which turns out to be mostly homos beating and murdering their boy friends. All these abuses were to be attributed to just heterosexuals through 'hate crime' on  victims not by sex of  perpetrators. Boohoo! In reality, complacent Canadians (heteros) always felt them odd and mentally ill (as they continually prove themselves to be) and simply didn't want them in their faces

2)homos were being 'picked on' for public sexual acts for engaging in public sexual acts, but by non-participating hetero vice squads boo freaking hoo.. Toronto cops took a real shit kicking for that and chiefs were thereafter demanded to lead annual Toronto homo parades.
Christie Blatchford rights a 3 part establishment popular sympathy piece in the Toronto Sun Tabloid  for homosexuals and bisexual married men not getting enough at home that they turn to public  bathroom and park anonymous homosexual encounters. Boo hoo oh the humanity

3) homosexual propaganda attempting to 'normalize' homosexuality is swallowed by North American public that if heterosexual priests are not allowed to marry they turn to molesting male boys, or that heterosexual men in prison automatically turn into homosexuals from not getting female sex.

4) homos were catching AIDS from buggery perversion, but supposedly it was those dispassionate heterosexuals who were at fault.... and filling all those hospital wards....yeah right..... boo freaking hoo again. S.T.D./V.D.  AIDS brings out such public sympathy electing homosexual politicians becomes the new advant garde

5) Church has always called any illicit sex a sin but homos had their feelings particular hurt, in their new drive for normalcy consideration... boo freaking hoo

6) 'prestigious' number one journalism school in Canada and producer of 'fine' media editors and reporters, U of Ts Ryerson School of Journalism, has a public scandal when one of it's professors brags of also being a homo prostitute and supporter of NAMBLA.

School dumps 'professor' seemingly only because of public exposure of his bragging.

His brainwashed students are terribly upset that any of this 'normal' behaviour would be a reason for his dismissal

6) Mark Hall, a politically correct Durham Region Catholic School Bd.,  student is granted a temporary injunction for having his feelings hurt, to allow him a man-date at the Catholic prom. As usual the Toronto Catholic Diocese folds like a deck of cards, while their stupidity has far reaching implications across North America and in the Church

7) Mentally ill homosexuals blubbering all over the place featured by media pieces (primarily the same two long together live-in partners, the kissing lawyers and the old coots on the west coast) that their feelings are hurt.. that, they can't play house and play marriage boo hoo.
The U.S. believes its just a Euro-Canadian thing only... much to their present marriage demise.

8) Liberal establishment sunk their pit bull teeth into full homo rights bullshit via devaluing legitimate Human Rights, leading to today where every grocery and drug store is carrying a magazine front cover picture of geezer, and sicko, Elton John and his young Canadian literal bum boy partner, with one boy in their custody, and another baby boy in Elton's hands who looks embarrassingly like he never held a baby in his whole decrepit obscene life, sacrificed to them by your governments at work. Have you ever heard John in any of his interview anger rants? Kind of like Morgue en pallor only without the foam in the corner of his mouth.

Would any hetero with a history of his mental illness be awarded a baby boy?

Canadian homo-wide establishment including  liberal appointed supreme court oxymoron 'activist judges' literally and figuratively... sucks. Homosexuality is 'assimilated' or 'forcebably instilled' as a 'Canadian Value' quicker than a Constitution can be ignored, as if individual values (read morality) can be enforced by elected majority by a minority of Canadians who actually take part in the elections and comparatively minute in-party elected !

But the real obscenity is that any sexual activity would be given special privileges onto itself including cultural status let alone a perverse sexual activity not to mention that they have never been a visible minority that fancy themselves on par with black civil rights. And that they can't attract new victims unless they make themselves visible.

Paul Gordon

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