Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cardinal's Slap On The Wrist Shows Homosexual Hold on Church

The Church's Most Infamous Cardinal's Slap On the Wrist Shows Homosexuals Still Have a Strong Hold on Church

Traditional Catholics are no more satisfied than those who were abused by Los Angeles homosexual priests, with the disingenuous long plotted mere reprimand of Cardinal Mahoney, the ultimate culprit in the cover up of homosexual pedophilia that ran rampant in the eighties, co-incidentally at the height of his public battle with Mother Angelica over his extreme liberalism.

Along with the Christian slanted Boy Scouts of America, the other of the two greatest institutional targets, Truth believers would have, that evil in doing the most harm to the destruction of young innocence, would be closely connected and immediately followed by the destruction of Christian institutions, themselves.

And why the Vatican refuses to accept this reality as it slaps them in the face year after year of less than serious corrective action is a mystery to most whose only explanation can be the holdover of homosexuals still holding high places within the Church.

The financial hit of over half a billion dollars from Mahoney's Californian Diocesan homosexual pedophile support group should have been incentive enough to deal with Mahoney and his supporting cast of Bishops in a normal way, let alone been set apart as an example... Not to mention the further financial hit of parishioners who would understandably withhold further donations, that would ultimately be used to keep paying past and future 'abuse settlements' in light of the Vatican's half-hearted response to date.

Cardinal Mahoney's punishment was obviously long planned out to wait until he was allowed to retire for a time and the public release of documents long known to all directly involved and then amounted to his not being allowed to administer the sacraments anymore..?

Also, not understood is why the justice department left Mahoney completely unscathed considering Mahoney was ultimately, and actively involved in years of covering up homosexual pedophilia.

There are so many modern liberal movements and actions within the Roman Catholic Church and in almost every 'free nation' working to turn the true faith to vacate its buildings, if not to turn the Church of Christ to spiritual rubble like the protestant United Church. But, the homosexual community isn't interested in the United Church anymore.

Over the past decades, the homosexual community has become emboldened in the Catholic Church, and through secular acceptance and 'education' of the liberal establishment has managed the impossible, of both being to blame for the woes of the Church and at the same time glorified as victims of the Church. Strange indeed!

Paul Gordon

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