Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pro-Life Truth in Open Letter To WND.

To WND formerly (World Net Daily)

Re Matt Barber's Column All Life Not Equal

I love Matt's style and thought lines... like a male version of Ann Coulter only without occasional lapses in order to big- tent the following,

The feminists have in general long given up the battle that a fetus is a baby and it is simply their right to end a baby's life because a foolish God thought the womb was a perfect 'safe' haven of love nourishment, couple reward, and individual meaning (to bring new life into the world and love it to death not murder it to death)

Of course, He knew the evil of the sixties would come about and this can only mean the end is indeed nye.

All life may be created equal but it is not equally of worth as it's innocence is lost and evil embraced.

These days an abortionist absolutely embraces murder of the most vulnerable for fame and money. There is nary even an occasion for contemplation of 'me or my baby' only abortion on demand anywhere anytime.

I harbor no harsh feelings on anyone who would take the life of today's abortionists nor do I doubt God's mercy on them.

If a soldier can be forgiven for taking the life of an enemy whose situation maybe one come about by politics, propaganda, state or nationalism brainwashing, why would I not forgive a man who kills, a man who embraces evil and wins Canada's highest award for his labours of the Devil?

I love Christ but I am not Christ and my job is to defend the innocent, and vulnerable, on earth, not forgive all evil in the honorable intention of love of all life.

Even Christ was not the ultimate pacifist, some would ingratiate 'themselves' with, and use as an excuse to bow to evil today.

Do you want Truth or continual smothering of a political correctness that even the righteous side can not seem to overcome?

Increasing stringent political polarization would seem to indicate more and more are seeking the Truth.

I confess this to be my true 'religious'  belief and I dare it to trump limitations put on free world free speech in a world that increasingly deems evil to be cool!
Paul Gordon

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