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The Vatican Could Take Lessons From McDonalds

The Vatican Could Take Lessons From The McDonalds Franchise

Both the Vatican and McDonalds have served 'billions', however McDonalds accomplished such a following in a much shorter time frame with questionable products of value and while Mcdonalds following is increasing the Vatican franchises have shown diminishing returns.

The not-so secret to McDonalds success is consistency of 'product'. Generally, when a customer enters a Mcdonalds restaurant in most corners of the world, that customer knows exactly what to expect and the quality of the McDonalds product to expect. What could be more attributive to their success than the consistency factor? 'Some' would argue...certainly not the quality, and not so much even the price, anymore.

The same with Walmart who 'thrives' by the same basic formula. Generally, you know what to expect inside the entrance automatic doors..including the customary..harmless greeter/alarm investigator.

There is a proven if temporal small business truth to this business model... at least to date. based solely on the consumer human condition of purchasing habit.

Although the stakes would seem to be radically different...less expense for temporal products vs. time tested Truth of Christ tied-in to eternal salvation, depending on the value the individual member resigns to the Catholic Church.... and seemingly incomparable... an argument could be made leaning to lessons learned in the cold cash business approach.

And there-in lies the crux of the matter.

The Vatican can't profess to profess the Truth of Christ, no matter its origin, its rich history of confident cool martyrs exiting the world on a merciless moment's notice of auto-like decision, or for the more thought-out chosen greatest gift of love for another as with St. Kolbe, (or the days when childbirth actually could be a matter of life and death for either mother or baby), its theological genius Doctors of the Church, academic scholars, constant historical and grace given study and meditation on the Truth of Christ and Catholic Church relationship for over 2000 years... 'if', the Vatican can't stick-handle and steward it's own raison d'etre of saving souls for Christ by safe-keeping this Truth through-out past, present and future.

As it is, there is a razor sharp, but imperative definitive line amid the 'love of Christ' and the 'Truth of Christ' that modern Saint-like Popes have shown themselves to be acutely aware of, if not the Vatican day to day acting and human condition susceptible body (the group the secular media microscopically observes with baited breath).

This 'human condition' or 'sinner' susceptible factor was most glaring a few years back when the secular news media show, 60 minutes did a most disconcerting sting and expose on an official Italian Vatican Cardinal who was amassing a personal fortune, and though I can't recall the whole (may) have been about selling plenary indulgences on behalf of the Vatican name but without Holy See knowledge and strictly for his personal gain.

I have been informed by more than one source that there is at least one old and staid Catholic Order who at its highest levels, resist and defy the Holy See's directives and doctrine in regards to homosexual members. There are of course many ostensibly 'Catholic' colleges and universities through-out the world who concur with this intrinsic point of Catholic institutional diametric contention.

Only in modern history, has a world notion of a 'taking/extracting' up to and including, by violent revolutionary means, kind of socialism as opposed to a St. Paul vision of a holy grace inspired 'bringing to the table' donating or giving, socialism, totally in line with the Truth of Christ...... have Catholic Orders and lay organizations under various noble sounding names been so enamored and willingly ensnared into the relatively modern, world-wide Marxist-liberal establishment.

The 'razor's edge line' amid love and Truth well incorporates a well meaning and intended saturation of understanding, love and forgiveness that 'all' sinners, aka, all equally created men... absolutely require, desire and deserve, but it stops with a solid sudden impact at ingratiating sin to the attempted decomposition of the Truth of Christ... the only Truth in existence...itself.

Against this backdrop, the Vatican needs to drastically (in some cases) reign in it's franchise under its true and only rightful authority to 'manage' the Word, and House of God under the Flag of the Universal Church.

Certainly, with the high moral 'stakes' involved and salvations on high risk, the Church needs to reign in the blatantly if not purposely obviously, confusing and dissenting groups throughout the world,, in a soul risk management approach.

In these immoral and perilous times accelerating and spiraling deeper into darkness, any Catholic organization that officially lies in claim of teaching Catholic youth from kindergarten to university on behalf of the Catholic Church and therefore the Truth of Christ needs to be scrutinized, by the Vatican and have their 'Catholic' title stripped when their policies, practices or teachings are in direct opposition to the Vatican.

One doesn't walk into a McDonalds in Rome and on asking for a Big Mac receives a bowl of dog food.

Catholic state funded schools, marked by their library dust collecting lone Cathechism copies, and Marxist militant Catholic teacher unions such as they currently are, in Canada that our opposed to male unmarried priests only, that are pro- homosexual, pro- abortion and anti-traditional family and harbor the strongest of these sentiments right in Canada's flagship Catholic diocese, Toronto, under weakling, recently elevated, Cardinal Thomas Collins who has effectively surrendered to the Provincial Government under self-described Catholic (as in the sand pile of Vatican franchises), but papal despising, Premier Dalton McGuinty.

An unconditional, and unchallenged 'surrendering' to the state implementation of school proms mandatory social welcoming of man/boy dates and entrenchment of Catholic school homosexual 'clubs' that leaves the Toronto Catholic Church franchise with no choice, but to strip the 'Catholic' title, from these largely state controlled and Church long abandoned schools (more significant, 'abandoned' youth and families) since Cardinal Carter.

There is one other thing McDonalds does not do in its firm policy of consistency.

It does not allow for national business conferences to change or alter its business model and neither should the Vatican allow or tolerate any longer, rogue 'Bishop Conferences' to rule in defiance of the Holy See, in fact, to rule at all on the doctrine or matters of the Holy See, alone.

It would be no less absolutely wrong, but one might forgive the Vatican, if its true motive for allowing the free world massive continuation of teachings totally contrary and deathly harmful to true Church teachings being carried out within remote but no less 'official' Catholic institutions is one of erroneous open-mindedness with a hope and prayer of eventual conversion...but it would be another if the motive is simply a validation of what the secular world has come to believe of Vatican motive.

And in the here and now.... 2013 which only promises to be worse than 2012, it doesn't look good.

Again, the Vatican must 'strip' Catholic organizations, even institutions of their name where necessary and they need to proclaim year of Christ the Truth, of the Truth that everyone including Catholic scholars have forgot and stripped of Him.

When the tribe has wondered so far off the path, even the logical...the sensible, the normal can look odd, so far...... the parting.

Paul Gordon

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