Monday, December 31, 2012

Calling On All Good Parents To Go On Strike Against Public Ed.

Calling On All Good Parents To Go On Strike Against Public Ed.

Conservatives Need To Test The Civil Disobedience Route (so adeptly used by the entrenched liberal establishment over the last six decades) For First Time In North American History

It would be hard to believe there are not enough 'fed-up' parents who would like to wrest control on the education of their children from the liberal establishment.

Granted, it would be more a matter of parents now tied into both having to work to sustain the family finances hard hit on liberal establishment increasing taxes and inflation, having to find alternatives to look after their younger children for the short interim 'change' would require, however the rather short term pain would certainly brighten the future outlook for their children, through real quality in education primarily through dedicated quality non-union teachers in free choice of education.

In other words, the preference of competitive quality in 'private schools', no less opted by the very same political leaders who conspire to play with unions 'against' our family incomes and children's education or Dalton McGuinty's specialty...would be available to all including the poorest citizens and single mothers.

It's not a matter of sorting out what is good and what is bad about the current system. There is nothing good about the current public system, else our leaders would have their own children attending public schools.

Billion dollar public administrations need to be replaced with volunteer boards of directors (probably) but not necessarily made up primarily of parents at 'independent' schools. 'By their fruits' such schools would stand on their worth and would be subject to continuous review.

Good young vocational inspired teachers, most who are left out in the cold right now for double dipping retired teachers, principals and vice principals would have jobs with nothing to fear and only one 'master' to answer to...the working principal or Dean.

Though they would never admit it, I believe even the (always disingenuous) Provincial government now sees the monster they have created and conspired with for years has outgrown their usefulness even to them, and as parents got a good earful and smattering of the unbelievable attitude, and how out of touch with the current fiscal reality parents are facing, one has only had to hear teachers phone in to talk shows, and write into newspapers and on the Internet, during the latest student hijacking crisis and feel the union inspired anger and arrogance for both the government (now borrowing money on future generations for union conspiracy misappropriation of funds needed to be 'borrowed' on futures) and 'uncaring' parents.

I believe the next government would view the advantages of responding to a 'parental strike' of withholding their children from public schools quite favorablyas it would be an 'out' the unions could not actually blame the government for, only the greatest stakeholders in all of this, families' children... not the state's children to be used for exorbitant conspiracies at the whim of unions and government for their mutual benefit.

What parents should 'settle for', (for once) is for nothing less then educational vouchers at least to the amount of individual head counts, public boards of education now receive.

In addition, the Province should be compelled to sell all existing public schools to any new independent private school top bidder so billions of dollars in (overdone) school construction would not simply go to waste but to remain to what they were intended for...educating Ontario families children.

The private schools would take up the upkeep of the facilities with some government grants to offset maintenance costs, which with the simple head voucher would amount to just about the only necessary costs of the government wiping out much of the current bureaucracy and administrations.

The government could not afford all the needs of the Provinces aging population without the massive participation of the private sector in the way of retirement homes and nursing homes. And too, no longer should the government back the one option of unionized public education for all our children.

The current Catholic School Boards are in effect Public Boards with militant anti-catholic unions, and the  Bishops should be helping Catholic children attend private Catholic Schools and don't they know it.

When it comes to your children or anyone's children for that matter why accept socialist government inferior education or take militant union prisoners for their sake when you do have a choice, as Brian Mulroney would say?

And with parents... it really is 'about the children', ours!'

I'm open to helping anyone organize such a venture or to them aiding me.

Paul Gordon

(father of eight homeschooled and private ..through donations.. schooled children)

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