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Christmas Message 2012

Christmas Message 2012

Does The Current State of The Nations Not Validate Absolutes?

The best news around Christmas 2012 is the 'validation avalanche' of absolutes... right and wrong.. and the reinforcement of the Truth... and Existence of Christ.

The visceral hatred atheist hedonists spew onto Christians in all arenas, political, judicial, academic, and the media, as perverted and passed on from liberal Marxist establishments as 'talking points' is 'all' that is sought and held in 'truth' of what passes for modern intellectualism.

(i.e., 'religion has killed more people than anything else in the history of the world' when in fact, quite..... quite, the opposite is true.)

From today's homily at Mass, I gained some insight into this hatred phenomena of people, who not being with Christ, actually often come to hate Him and His followers. It's probably the reason God and the Lord's name became so commonly used in vain and in attempt at 'cursing' people by the common people and common workers, especially union and Marxist workers.

Our priest explained that although Christians are not always happy with their circumstances, they do understand their circumstances and in their relationship with God, and in as much, always have an underlying 'JOY'.

For real Christians the (real) understanding and celebration of Christmas is a spiritual 'booster shot' of that underlying joy, and brings it to surface even 'over' temporary circumstances that do in fact make followers like any other human, weep and fret at immediate hardship.

In other words, there is a very real greater good... a greater glory, and in that a safety net of solid sanity to be joyous about, that one is a participant in, whose only membership requirement is a real belief that no one can take away, or any evil can extinguish even under threat of death.

Happiness, no matter your lot or place in society is fleeting. And even what was believed to be happiness today can be as old and as tired tomorrow, as a Hollywood marriage, if constant happiness is what you expect.

Presidents, Prime Ministers, and judges can be more miserable than litter sweepers and no doubt are, with their souls (if not their families souls too,) which they now have to sell to retain their chosen and lusted after prideful positions that are currently laminated to political correctness

Like dispassionate office workers, in a death camp or nurses in a hospital that kills babies one floor below where they help mothers give birth to babies, they feel no moral obligation or ethic, greater than that.

Christians are satisfied as they see it to be with this underlying joy between fleeting bouts of secular and humanist (only) understanding of happiness, while those without Christ and without the joy that can be drawn on from within anytime under any duress, and tapped of the Holy Ghost of that well...are not.

Atheists can't accept anything short of seeking heaven on earth in some kind of perverse artificial perpetually but demonstratively unfulfilled... happiness.The devil leaves them continually wanting, as it were. They won't settle or accept the 'downs' that ultimately befall everyone. They give birth to militant Marxism, and true bully Islam that often uses violence and extortion as a means to their ends and that they alone can be 'happy' and to hell with everyone else, now, including their own families and future generations laiden with their debt.

In our secular Marxist won western nations women need to kill their unborn babies, leave or dissolve their families and go in 'search of themselves', when their only happiness will only be in finding God, morality and strength, and rejecting their weaknesses, and desires the world shaped of, and in, them.

Guilt is not happiness, so atheists and homosexuals won't accept that anything they do is ever wrong or disordered and they won't have society seeing them in such a light, either.

Instead of going to a higher Being for forgiveness and healing, they reject goodness and Christ, and try various ways to denigrate Christianity to wit they have evolved to the present of calling all things Christian, wrong, hateful of, and harmful to, them.

Their 'defense', they contend will only be fulfilled when Christianity is extinguished first from the public forum and then the private house-holds.

The Godless societies, collectives ....liberal establishments, in search of this fountain of youth.... this 'heaven' on earth... this perpetual happiness, that eludes everyone because it doesn't exist, at least, not in the form they have been trained to seek and demand of, rather, than even 'attempting' to rise to the light, burrow further into darkness ever searching, pushing, breaking envelope after envelope of decency and morality, looking for the pot of gold in all that is the daring, profane, ugly, disgusting, and evil, but that was never 'new', refreshing, exhilarating just simply, wisely.... avoided...never until now the twenty first century......ever celebrated, in freedom, humor, song, academia, culture, entertainment drama, or in opinion and 'informative' talk shows.

In the movie, The Greater Glory, the good general (aptly played by Andy Garcia who starts as a retired military atheist secular hero, but is martyred a confessed Catholic), is told that the people he was hired to fight for will be granted return of partial religious freedom in exchange for giving up to the Marxist Mexican dictator, who put an end to Catholic services and had priests killed who would not obey... at his own dictatorship, 'pleasure'.

The mercenary general's great response re-enforces how simple the Truth (and therein the logic) of Christ is.

“Partial Freedoms? Freedom is an 'absolute' by its own definition!”, “We will settle for nothing less”

And so, to what can 'all' today's international, and domestic crisis really be attributed?

Absolutes, or shades of grey? Ironically, this is an absolute question and so is the answer. It has to be one or the other, there is definitive right and definitive wrong or 'nothing is wrong' for just half that equation.

Yet, if nothing is wrong should the world not be full of happiness and love for all parties including first narcissistic parties, that such a state of no wrongs, should take particular favoritism to?

Evil does not exist in a vacuum and neither can goodness. The world is not only the testing ground of this natural and supernatural feature but it is also the separating border in time and eternity of the two polar opposites in all existence.

Nothing should have ever been more apparent throughout the history of the world and if amazingly not than certainly not in the present.

Where the world did to go to Hell so easily was to take the most precious gift of divine granted choice (to do whatever one wants with one's heart, mind and ultimately, soul) and self satisfy oneself first and foremost... tossing responsibility and desire to love or be loved in a truly loving way, silently to the side.

Mothers actually killing their own babies in faddish wholesale manner, when in fact, what could be more loving, (and in the rarest of called on circumstance) more beautiful than a mother giving her own life for her baby, if necessary... not because she has to, but as Christ (who filled in 'all' the pertinent blanks much more eloquently than any man for those with eyes, ears and hearts) put forth, the true beauty of selfless love of 'no greater a love than to lay down one's own life for another'

Christ never had to tell any natural woman this, for all but the most modern day 'liberated and enlightened' woman. A mother would feel this naturally and Christ only validated the loving heart. He validated that a woman need not fear such an act of love that can only be attained in and through the selfless act of love. which would be quick to be rewarded in love and solace over bravery, for no less... than all eternity or one quick step, from a quicker flash of life....for any of us.

With the graying of abortion, what exploded was fear, anger, hate, selfishness, depression and mental illness. 'Death' championed love and life in one fallow swoop. There is no grey 'winner'. Death is clearly the celebrated conquerer of 2012.

With no respect for life, it follows (as in reality) that wives and husbands have no respect for each other or self-respect. To compensate they do as the hedonists and belittle those who do respect life and family.

Marxism is not even considered in the absolutes of Christ because it is stricken from the pages of Truth discernment on the obvious basis of its immorality alone. Money is not taken from people through revolution or extortion and especially not through violence and upheaval.

For those who have two coats, one is not to be 'taken', but willingly given to one... who has none. (Also, from today's homily)

Christ tells everyone to 'give' what they have in excess to those who do not have and to share what they have left with others. What greater absolute for the community good than this, (and neither lost in absolutes) to impart that the 'rich' cannot enter heaven as long as their are poor... also in logic, again... owned by Truth?

'Simple' logic and Truth were entities with God from the beginning and before 'anyone' in academia was even born, never mind, incredulously tried to take credit for.

If you know one plus one equals two.. you also know God from a different and inanimate angle. God's science exists for man to uncover or reveal, not to event or create.

Of course, moral absolutes are often very different from legal absolutes (legal absolutes are always accepted and revered by the Godless because they effected all the bad ones) which are increasingly tied to political interest over absolutes even in plain 'justice'. The more complicated laws have to become to attain the political desire is its greatest sign of how far away from God's simplicity it has had to sail.

When does a 'good law' need a hundred pages of fine print, and legal footnotes?

And people who can't shepherd their own emotions or feelings on natural absolutes and faith, base just such politically correct laws in attempt to turn 'fleeting happiness' to a permanent 'self-righteous activist happiness' which drips of pride and power, by inviting the humanistic to take the place of God and pirate God's domain way offside of Caesar's granted stewardship of the world and it's temporal affairs.

Not in knowledge inspired and enlightened by faith... but in faith alone lies all that is needed for joy. Joy to the World will only come to those who embrace it, not by my or anyone's prayer or wish. And divine given choice as much as it can be led to. ultimately trumps any third party desire or prayer in a world of absolutes.. our best friend and only key to salvation.

Forget the world and truly spiritually celebrate the Truth with Love of Christ, and make merry this Christmas. And have faith, but make no mistake of these perilous times, even western Christians in 'parceled freedoms' are heading for.

The atheists are solidly in charge of former great Christian nations, firmly entrenched in the liberal establishment and they will not let you forget it every single day in the media, in law, in politics, in academia and in 'entertainment' as they have been doing.

Paul Gordon

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