Saturday, February 16, 2013

The MSM Poll I'd Kill To See

I can imagine great differences from different nations.

I would risk sacrificing my life for
(check off all that apply)

a) My Faith (only Christians would say yes, killing others doesn't apply ruling out


b) My Family ( All but Mamma's boys who secretly would off mom themselves)

c) My neighborhood ( House for quick cheap sale)

d) My Nation (Or Neighborhood Simply Extrapolated... Think The Projects, in The Case of The U.S. With The White House Garage Flipped Top BBQ and Rap Party)..

( And at what time in history are re referring? Present, is a given)

e) Some Freaking Christian Murdering Hot Sandy Islamic Nation ( ha ha ha)

f) My Immigrant Foster Nation ( No Anglais)

g) Free speech ( celebrities and scribes can have that one, I'll defer till eternity)

And what was celebrated or exercised as free speech ever, but two (count them) two facets, the right to be politically incorrect.. critical of the prevailing establishment,  or the right to be obscene in some victim(s) face, just to be voyeristic titillating to oneself, the legal acceptance to profit from misery, or to be self-satisfied in snuffing out the innocence of children and youth..

One noble- one not so much...sugar and vice...right and wrong, black and white, evil attack on something good.... yet again...but remember there is no evil only the misunderstood immoral.

Echo chambers for the prevailing establishment is not free speech it's 'political' socialist-humanist- righteous propaganda ad nauseum. It's the stuff most politicians are made of, whose snot density is oft measured by their volume of indignation, usually, just before they get caught doing something, or someone immoral. Someday I'll write what I really think...about today's politician that really does make Kennedy look good.

h) Sexual Orientation (Huh?....Exactly!)

i) Right to Own Guns (At least... the 'sacrifice risk' odds are some what reduced)

j) Our national leader ( for what... being the top or best loved MSM- vetted politician of the day!..yeah right)

Paul Gordon

Ont. Canada

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