Sunday, February 24, 2013

Homo Post Commenters Show Their Hate

Re Matt Barber's Honest and Heartfelt Column to Homosexual Enthralled Teens on

Even just going by the comments, is there anymore evidence of Truth than the unmovable forces of evil on one side and hate that lie on both sides?

The only hate in this column on Barber's side is a hate for evil for all the damage it does including within families!

I would add, extreme damage to world humanity in a slow and evil march to world domination like the Nazis could never achieve and all through the tool kit of unwarranted sympathy, where in most cases the perps. and the victims were both homosexual.

The three legged stool (both meanings) of societal institutions of opinion media, entertainment media and long ruled Marxist academia were and are complicit in this world sickness 'obsession' where homosexuality has dominated all public discourse for years until the lies are believed through repetition and talking points like in the Barber coloumn hateful homo comments.

The Catholic Church and the Christian Boy Scouts were the greatest and saddest institutional victims to this world most active and most powerful evil to crumble nations within, in our time.

The truly innocent lamb victims lived or ended their lives of depression and succeeded and attempted suicides because their consciences were strong and pure if not their emotional control, with no help from the politically tainted psychological field!

Yet, humanist won governments in the free world enamored with celebrities including celebrity murderers, 'sacrifice' baby boys to freaks like Elton John and his spouse a much younger Canadian boy toy!

Go over the comments again and see what side of Truth the real hate also 'comes out' of the closet in attack of Barber's heartfelt piece meant for all suffering families the 'world' has thrown to the curb in these times where 'families will be divided'.

You are about to see what happened to the Anglican Church, (great schism) about to happen to the original and true Church with much more serious consequences.. again where homosexuals are both the prep and the victim, (that is, when the innocent are not being brutalized in the name of humanist and political propaganda of 'natural and good'.)

Take warning, that unlike column commentators Christ promises a special Hell for those who would 'harm the little ones' including useful idiot evil supporters one could safely assume, and considering the damage caused who could doubt logic based Truth over the desires of a world dominating minority.

Paul Gordon

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