Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Think Therefore I Am Therefore There Is

                                                  I Think Therefore I Am.. Therefore There Is

Descarts forgot the follow-thru on his famous statement.

‘I think’, doesn't just make the statement that the individual exists, but extrapolates to exude existence for all, not to mention equalize the value of all innocent life all equally launched in perfection including seemingly imperfections but that alone keep truth and life mysteriously wondrous and test with self reward, and glorifier of the heart and essential soul of the God led and loved, nurturer.

Has every human being ( in figurative numbers) not believed at some time or another that they are special, that their life along with their eventual death is an experience for them alone, yet at the same time shared in common with all mankind.. a mankind only but definitely... intimately.. linked in sincere love, sympathy, or empathy not less a tear, by Whom?

Has every human being not at sometime experienced the delights of all the senses, that the earth was so orderly carved and fashioned in a manner obvious for their human appreciation and essential needs?  

Would it not stand alone then, within the warmer of the cast metals…the golds.. of the securities of Truth, owner too, of logic,  no precursor of existence or the Alpha but property there created and owner of all certainty itself including the preciosity of mathematics, stand alone, and much more a science over a tool measured out by academia unceremoniously with so many assorted un-truths……. that by God, there is of course, God?

On Ash Wednesday we are truly in communion not in our self perceived or mutual admired individual greatness but in the ultimate equalizer of our mere physical existence, the ashes.. our existent bodies return to, and the supernatural existence no less ‘far fetched’, and perfectly complimentary to an obviously supernatural created existence of our physical world that awaits our souls… tested, cured, and loved in the fires of existence prepared so lovingly meticulously… for life.

Paul Gordon 

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