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What Would Christ Tell 'Western' Muslims

What Would Christ Tell 'Western' Muslims

(As a writer..well self thought of anyway..out of millions.... and for others, of politicians, lawyers, judges, political artists etc, for that matter, we would hate to be reminded of some of the stuff we've written of,  even if we are yet prepared to apologize for, for various reasons, sometimes in various moods, but there are times, I'm sure we would all agree, when we are much more serious and true to ourselves about what we write, that we would not only bet the house on, but our very fact, do we not do so on these special occasions?)  

We're now told of a separation in Islam, between 'Western' Muslims in N.America and Eastern Muslims in the Mid-East. The small minority of terrorist Muslims however, just happen to be in control of the majority of Muslims and certainly, in all official Muslim nations as they continue to demonstrate and 'show' the world on a daily basis.

The 'peaceful' Muslims in the comfort of their new Western homes and the Eastern Muslims have the same Muhammad, and his same Koran... Qur'an, (but never confuse with Queeran) of the birth of Islam, and the proper prescribed behavior and beliefs, of its members... and yet. at the same time.... don't...... or so we are to believe. A kind of self-serving good/bad prophet who can bylocute in morality and geographical continents as it were.

Only when the Eastern Muslims adhere to Muhammad's teachings, torturing, terrorizing, murdering (and that's just the females in their own families) the Western good Muslims by and large, have no comment, official, or private, for or against such actions, except those Muslims all with the same first names who can call in anonymously to free world talk shows, in which case they are overwhelmingly anti-American and for their brother Muslims behaving quite badly.

It's kind of like the multi-homosexuals we can have that aren't considered in political correctness to be related to each other. There's the pride parade homosexuals. There's the homosexual bars and bath house homosexuals. There's the NAMBLA homosexuals. There's the can't keep it in their pants or care who their partner is AIDS homosexuals park and bathroom homosexuals. There's the proud parents and friends of homosexuals whose aim is to make homosexuals feel 'good' about themselves. There's the homosexual pedophiles who are not to be considered homosexuals. There's the innocent victims of homosexual pedophiles who often become the same like a vampire pass along. Of this sub-sub- homosexual group there's the critically depressed and suicidal. There's the homosexual priests despised by your 'normal' homosexuals. And lastly, we have a completely new, but are to believe majority group of 'serious' homosexuals who now deserve adoption rights and other civil 'special' rights based totally on their invisible minority sexual preferences, and that they have lasting monogamous relationships.... Yes, there' a lot of truth in the purest goodness of homosexuality isn't there? A great 'normal' group worthy of adopting babies and entrusted to raising children..

Hedonist perverse sexual acts and non-control of related acts from this anomaly in mental illness are not molded into Truth by World sympathies or politically- correct wish.... or by who can be 'loudest' in their social righteousness.

Nor, is Truth logically defined by any manner of science, from Bill Nyes the 'science guy' to the leaders of the modern 'atheist'- science 'movement' that says a whole universe 'designed' for the conditions of life in the 'one' earth in the entire solar system, teeming with thousands of unrelated species and life forms was created from nothing in empty space from nowhere... an event that would actually entail the non- existence of Truth, and a situation just perfect for intellectual opinions throughout the history of earth culminating in a strangest of 'bedfellows' of control freaks nestled in moral anarchy that exists today.

Logically, such a life, as that of human, and various life forms 'for' humans, yet logically coyly (if you will) demanding a faith in the non visible, but in obvious reality, could not have been created with no purpose what-so-ever, to have the absurd 'existence' of no right and wrong and allow for every narcissistic bully in the world to lay claim to Truth... again in moral anarchy...that leads to (for just one) critical mass in moral anarchy, the 'popularity' and State blessing (in China forced order) of wanton killing of one's own flesh and blood, for obvious personal if and in some situations State or communal narcissistic purposes.

Logically, the two greatest anti-Christs of old and new... Muhammad and Karl Marx that have both ensconced such a 'moral anarchy' of gradual decay, along a great expanse of history 'with' the World, are now culminating into the present unhealthy, 'purposely', cloud obscured conditions on all fronts, but perpetrated by the same moral created religion, culture (entertainment and p.c. beliefs) p.c. tightly controlled politics, and academia, leading logically to nothing, but disaster and beginning no doubt with the quickly advancing, assured conventional third world war of world opposing interests of 'super' powers, starting between Israel and Iran, and escalating to who knows where (I'm not a prophet just strict adherer to logic) depending on how the brakes of sanity will or can be applied, but, a heading nowhere possibly 'good' and maybe the only logical end to a suicidal embracing hedonist World.

In all this existence of an 'anarchy' in reality, verified (or in faddish language meant to be indicative o f absoluteness or righteousness of cause... 'validated') by the very prevalence of drastic varying opinions, and multi stark contrasting but, greatly 'membered' sides, wherein lies the Truth but in Jesus Christ?

The 'only' Jesus Christ we are privy to and quite completely...through Holy Scripture unless otherwise more exacting if not fully through Divine Revelation such as being tapped, more commonly (slammed) for His choice, reason, and use.

A Christ who alone can love 'everyone', not us obvious highly fallible, poor sinful followers... hardly co-partnered 'imitators' and beyond, those who fancy themselves more Holier than Christ and their opinions they hold as (nothing more) than their own truths. Show me a person who loves everyone and no doubt, my writings alone would stand, as testament and betrayal against them.

Rather, we are to watch and learn, free to explore, discover and create within (and through wonderful Divine only granted choice of 'true' freedom,) and equally so, outside of the perimeters of Truth or Evil's exclusive domain) ...not advance, surpass, or anticipate what has not yet been revealed to us.

...A Christ, as the only Christ in scripture, whom is not a 'total' pacifist when it comes to engaging evil, and capable of displaying a 'Holy anger' in 'emphasis of point' over out- of - logical character, to never accommodate or especially worship evil ( as the reality in modern moral anarchy) as an entity,

He alone, (as only, He can) ultimately used evil against itself in a wonderfully constructed and ordained series of (forgive the World term) jujitsu moves culminating in embracing through the Father, the (meant as an abuse), cross topped marker... 'King of the Jews'...feebly contested in afterthought through Satan's representative 'He is not King of the Jews..He only said He was King of the Jews'

Or, in Divine irony of standing battered before a Pilate, who asks, rather disingenuously defies the existence of Truth...only the existence of World ordained highly fallible ruling 'Caesars' to pledge allegiance and an unworthy, unhealthy, 'obsessed' unquestioning patriotism to... and of modern Caesars deeply in transgression into God's domain.. and way out of their World element.

In short, a battle with Satan, that 'only' Christ is capable of winning, by Himself (or as our beloved allie in our own.... and public righteousness worthy battles).... And as 'ordained', something we have not even an access to... within our knowledge, and only uncovered in Grace, within our Faith and battles that cannot be won without sacrifice, disdain from our enemies, or within our prideful 'strategies'.

And if, (as in reality) all nations, cultures, sciences, academics, and religions 'of man's or tribal' creation, either hold themselves up as the truth of the world, or that in fact, a world ingratiated by their very own glorious presence lies proof there is no such thing as truth, (beyond what they self-evidently claim) or dare to present themselves superior and deserved, inheritors of the earth and present evil as equal to good..what greater logic would not insist that a truth is separate from them and has 'long' been revealed to offer salvation to all, not just those of and since the 'moment'.

So what would Christ the Truth tell/advise/beg of modern Muslims?

...We can only, but reasonably... logically, surmise on only what we know Christ the Truth. .. has so far revealed to us.

He would tell them the same things He would tell anyone.

Firstly, as He instructed St. Paul, He would ask them to stop persecuting His followers, and His Father

Secondly, He would instruct them in the errors and easy evil entrapments of worshiping and idolization of any man, especially, one who stands with the World alone, or 'invents' or sets out his rules for a new religion to 'empower' himself in, and to the world.

Thirdly, He would reiterate that all men are created equal, that none are ever to be treated as sub servant to each other.. That women and men are not the same, created to act as the same, to be seen as the same, or as one, superior to the other, but are created in harmonious compliment, desire, and in need of each other and to imitate the Holy Family as a committed family, not three distinctly separate citizens of the World of anarchy to despite the family.

He would reveal to them the only Truth and 'love' only the humblest love would give... His own life! Not in choices and freedoms denied... and certainly not in killing others put on earth and for what then?...just such 'sport' killing for the chosen nation, World parceled culture, or privileged place and generation, who embrace the World... over the other absolute in a Truth no one on earth has or could ever challenge, though millions have tried in millions of ways exposing nothing but their own nakedness.

Paul Gordon

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