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The Truth in Christ About Harmful/Killer Animals and Insects

The Truth in Christ (As All Owned Creation) About Harmful/Killer Animals and Insects

First, a few basics.

Logic is definitive 1+1 =2 so 2-1=1 and can't be disproved, as opposed to subjective 'common sense' which, political correctness can (and does) even surreptitiously claim to own

Of course, God created animals and insects...He created 'everything'...the angels, the solar system, our sun, planet, man, weather, logic, properties of science, all chemical and atmospheric, make-up, physics, and physical properties, gravity, mathematics... and all working in concert for the benefit of man and the existence of life.

If it exists, He created it, and His Truth, the only Truth, that logically exists there can only be one. All the lies in the world can't be mustered to make another 'Truth'.

All things in reality, from physical existence, including existence of life, to human characteristics 'specific' to humans.. of heart, mind, and soul, the natural and supernatural.... not only stem from this Truth, (that scientists would consider relegated strictly to the abstract beyond the scope of their physical senses) for one aspect, actually exists 'over their heads' to spite human senses to allow for perfect (partially) blind faith also in the only realm of Truth.

'Everything' is not only from Truth.... its total composition, constitutes Truth. Nothing in existence is innate, even science which claims independence and moral neutrality, logically meets faith in Truth.

Goodness does not, because it cannot, exist in a vacuum, otherwise 'thy will' would already be done on earth meaning anyone existing on earth would be in heaven.

Evil is an 'evil necessity', as it were, not only for goodness to be seen, appreciated, and distinguished through the prism of what is bad and wrong, but for the true love and beauty, ( no less cherished as 'liberty' on earth) of Divine granted... no greater gift... of 'choice' and free will to possibly be exercised.

And required... in order to prepare oneself a place in Heaven, not necessarily accountable in actions where ultimately 'genuine humbleness' for forgiveness is sought in having seen the 'light' and actions tempted by sin..... but at minimum a real belief and faith in Christ the Truth.

Logically, what could be greater, than a love and faith tested in fire, actually 'earning' God's love, no less, than the one led astray who finds his own way back home in this choice or liberty.

How can goodness be forced on people anymore than politically-correct, or socialist 'right-think?

Only Divine given choice within peoples true hearts, (not the heart the world pushes on them) and souls leads them where they go, that they have true control, and that man can never take them prisoner or as a

'slave', the Truth patiently protects them from, but also holds them ultimately accountable within the bad that all the more glorifies God and the good through its defeats.

God never lost to evil, and there was never any battle. God, in fact, uses evil in every one of its defeats to gird and glorify goodness...and until man through his choice, and sincere call for God's assistance, has defeated evil or totally succumbed to it (the danger we really face) bringing on the logical return of Christ.

So every sane individual would doubtless agree that there is an abundance of good, equally challenged by an abundance possibly even equal amount of evil, in all segments and units of society, including the linked masses of Marxist liberals, feminists, atheists, etc. who can even be joined with terrorists in the confines of transposing Judeo-Christianity as 'evil'........ and their various evil and innate 'philosophies'....... as good.

In logical Truth, Judeo-Christianity is the one 'evil' seen and espoused by them, even above terrorist Islam, violent socialism, and murderous communism, exactly because it is shielded in logic and a Truth they can't simply ignore, brush off, scream or now 'cry' away in protection of their own positions and personal desires. They cannot as (Marx plainly told them) exist in co-existence in every passing year, day or hour with Judeo-Christianity.

Karl Marx exemplified and promoted an evil in men that they incredibly did not need God, or have God to answer to, and therefore... they owned Truth... (no less than socialists, atheists and scientists of the day claim) of course, impossibly so, with all their faults and evil deeds done in reality.

In pretending he was a purist truth, and that He was common man's unequaled savior, he was 'logically' the greatest Anti-Christ, unmatched to this day, in the power his various off shoots attained and ruled and extorted over others with.

As the world logically exists with all things good and bad, as in Truth, only with evil controllable and held in eternal check, with free choice, why would the animal kingdom not be so equally disposed in creation, (and no less, as a tool to help prompt a 'faith' only required when the supernatural is obviously- not exposed, i.e. heaven and hell before all).

Especially, for those who believe there should be, (and that they, themselves, can make way for) no need for, suffering, or sacrifice for that matter in life.... the presence of say, annoying at best, deadly disease carrier at worst.... mosquitoes... for one of many examples, a queer thing for God to create.

Yet, why not?

Then why did he create annoying men who created annoying professions, especially lawyers, tax collectors and real estate family-home pimps etc.? Conversely, why did he create good men, the innocent He starts everyone off as, the hopelessly cute etc.

Like bears, in the animal kingdom men may start out cute and cuddly as baby boys, but may attack even in non-defense of close at hand young and for no reason but uncontrolled mood or mental state.

Plants have no nervous system or even instincts yet are alive, and where there are plants that can save man's life, there are some for no reason, that can harm man simply by brushing up against them, yet both are created by the same and logical one God.

The only thing surprising is not in the parallels of man, beast and plants, but in man's interactions with them. If man would allow for no continuance, if not excuse, for deadly actions of men (maybe a poor example given modern man's poor analytical thought processes) why would he allow for continuance of animals deadly recreations or repetitions?

How many bears, tigers, crocodiles, wolves, even worse, giant 'fish', but still 'fish' such as sharks, etc. in the wild have crippled or killed innocent adults, or children?

Yet, there is an illogical 'cult' of idol nature worshipers, that says the animals lives are paramount to any humans, that humans are expected to now, neither defend themselves, or failing that illogic law, just not enter the wild domains or greatest land and sea percentages of the earth, granted for man's survival, disposal and use, because it is the deadly animal's 'kingdom' or 'ocean'.

This illogic that harmful animals own their habitants and exceed the rights of man can be extrapolated into, why not release a thousand tigers into the Ontario wild, and piranha into lake Ontario...Bears into India...Crocodiles into Lake Erie? Or against another McGuinty law,  pitbulls into Toronto.. Deadly animals are 'precious' and essential to the environment, afterall. Animals 'deserve' the Earth over man.

If we end up wild animal food..just suck it up..it was no doubt our fault for trespassing on them.

The animals are literally running the zoo of the world.

(A same kind of an ecliptic National Geographic sense of superior aesthetics that says natives should be kept in the dark, as natives, as should they be sterilized, because they are what, no better than animals, enforced in their 'innocent' scientific societal minds, no doubt, because they are not lily- white ignorant, 'savages' who are barking at the moon and smoking real weeds, because they are a fish bowl upper society attraction.)

There are over 1,500 zoos with over 6,000 hardly extinct, tigers alone, that can safely preserve the more dangerous animals, for those who want to meet and greet them on less dangerous or 'sudden' and unplanned circumstances.

Logically, in dealing with animals, marine and plant life, God would have man to prudently use, and be good stewards of the earth and respectful of the harmless and innocent of wild life, while prioritizing and not denying food for human life, over idol worshiping in awe of the most deadly of species.

Bears and such, are not necessary for the whole 'sensitive environment of the natural forest to not crumble into desert dust' or however, they continually massage the old 'Save that Tiger' cult mentality, no different from modern outer space fiction, cults.

And otherwise, ( less harmless to humans) birds of prey cleanup the dead and dying animals were told only wolves can carry out.

By the way, if you've ever wondered why man was not created with wings...(or as evolved 'theory' would have it, that we should have evolved to the 'ultimate'... to be able to freely, fly or swim for that matter) well, plain logic would have it, that the world would not survive very long with evil individuals or groups, having the ability to fly without any hindrance, to any home or nation, or swim across oceans like sharks to invade any coastline in mass.

Everything, and that encompasses a lot.... is in logical order and balanced with checks and abilities to discern (as they say, healthy) spiritual choices, and the good thing about logic, is that it is there for anyone.

The mainstream world does not invoke logic or recognize the existence of Truth They just 'insist' in political correctness obediance and that you as the unenlightened take their word that they are the truth they claim not to exist, and true enough, if you want to be liked by the 'World', ascribe to think, write and talk just like them.

Well... life is short (and seemingly accerelates with age) and you owe them nothing. Seek Truth found, easy enough with logic alone.... blazened with the light of faith, and free yourself with your own thoughts and beliefs.

Paul Gordon


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