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Nothing Says Can. Church a Fraud Like Own Catechism

Nothing Says Canadian Church a Fraud Like It's Own Catechism

We may as well be in post revolution France when the 'peoples' populist government took over their Church at the time the Patron Saint of Priests was a boy and the real Church loyal to the Holy See had to go into hiding.

When I became a Catholic in adulthood they must have given me the totally wrong book of Catechism because not a week goes by where I don't see the Canadian Catholic Church at odds with the Roman Catholic faith, and to be brutally honest, I don't see the Vatican lighting any fires under them to try and reel them back in.. like St. Peter the fisherman would.

None of this is 'minor stuff', that Bishops should enjoy some kind of safe executive privilege of obedience on. An obedience chain cut at the shores and borders of Canada.

The reality 'in practice' of the Canadian Catholic Church is in direct opposition to the Catechism akin to the Hippocratic oath practice of killing actually killing people..(Okay, bad 'modern' example of an evil world)

In honest retrospect, if Canada has started its own new Church it would have been nice if they made it 'official' at some point.

In the 'short' list where in the Roman Catholic Catechism does it read that the Canadian Catholic Bishops have special 'administrator' privileges to:

1) Defy direction and orders from the Holy See?

2) Hand over Catholic children's souls, and minds to secular politically correct 'leaders' in government?

3) Within the above 'handover', in the same Catholic name, allow a bold anti-Catholic Marxist union of thousands of 'teachers' that attack the very foundations of Catholicism to teach Catholic children anything?

4) Allow governments to close down or control Catholic medical facilities without a whimper?

5) to stand in 'solidarity' on physical picket lines with well paid unions?

6) to write weekly columns in an anti-Catholic 'Sun-shine girl' national tabloid while engaging in a national public pissing contest with the nation's number one successful capitalist?

7) stand down to a rogue provincial government's orders to allow a) homosexual man boy dates at Catholic secondary schools b) allow for homosexual clubs in Catholic schools and homosexual propaganda and proselytizing c) (newest proclamation) allow the government such control as to teach being anti-death culture will not be allowed in the same Catholic schools?

8) Most neutering, Catechism scoffing, World embracing, proclamation to the laity, as in the Winnipeg Statement (that has never ever been publicly refuted in any manner) that all moral issues of the world are a matter of 'personal' conscience of 'subjective' choice, including abortion and contraception. Like duhhhhhhhhhhhh!

9) As strongly rumored and of this particular group 'no doubt'.... 'fire' where there is smoke, that laity donations for priests retirement fund was used in payouts to abuse victims?

10) Standing down to gov. Public Health Dept's. in ordering the laity to not take Holy Communion on the tongue during, principally faux contagious 'outbreaks' that absolutely deny the presence of Christ in the Host... if one can 'catch' diseases from Christ?

11) To donate money to South American socialist peace and justice groups who support abortions and groups who try to endear Christ to their violent revolutionary actions..just like other world groups like the Republicans and the Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives that pan out to be just other kinds of evil dictatorships.

12) To not give a damn or a dime to 'private' Catholic schools true to the Catechism, the Holy See, and to the Christ?

Canada, these are the life tenured cowardly or just plain stupid and naive leaders with their idea of a Canadian Church, that can hardly call itself 'Catholic' anymore than the Catholic School Boards of the Province of Ontario.

If you want to proof read or fact check any of this just look at the numbers of Catholic teachers around you at Sunday Mass or 'their' pupils for that matter. Then look at the overnight advancement of political correctness on the nation and it's control on the Church specifically. Then look at the destruction of the family and new popularity of single mothers including Catholics by all means.

Let your own eyes be witness of what I am writing here.

Look at all the Toronto news on criminal behavior specific to Catholic secondary schools in the GTA, alone.

Now tell me I'm wrong about this dying Church in Canada that's taking the souls of its only future... the children... with it.....truly nothing, anymore, than a Church whose only interest seems to be scrounging a few bucks out of the dead burying the dead. And no wonder.. who can look at the Canadian Church and enthusiastically believe this Church could have anything to offer them, if it has not one Catholic principle to stand on of it's own.

Could Satan have destroyed the Church any more successfully in blatancy than it's own Bishops did through cowardly luke- warm attrition, and not without mention of the 'full bloody knowledge'  modern Bishops had of the homosexual pedophile scandals..of which no greater harm could have been done to children and God's House, in one 'co-operative' strike!

If the Church, itself, is allowed to 'sin' like it's one year before it's inception, what Church is that to be the Shepherd 'leading' away from the slaughter, or to have been entrusted... or even have the legitimacy still to forgive sinners? If the Church refuses to help us through God who will?

The Vatican needs to quit 'playing' by Canadian and European wayward Church's own rules like they did for the second half of the last century and show them the Truth to set them free and about as subtly as Christ showed the money changers only worse....those who act like politicians and behave as politicians.... as cowards.

The Vatican also should cease and never again give individual  'Bishops Conferences' effectivly... carte blanche.... on whether and where they need to follow the Roman Catholic Catechism. Most apparently, they have proven they can't be trusted to be independent of Rome... or the Gospels for that matter and sorting out what's Caesar's and what's not!

Paul Gordon

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