Sunday, October 7, 2012

U.S. Pastors 'Get' Defying IRS: What's Canada's Excuse?

U.S. Pastors 'Get' Defying IRS: What's Holding Back Canada?

Apparently, the liberal establishment's p.c. Royal Decree of telling bishops to tell their priests to STFU about Christian concerns in reality of the present, in the evil obviously owned political forum, that is destroying North America goes back to LBJ, (Texas Traitor) of a democrat party that actually parted ways with Christianity under J.F.Ked everyone of “We don't need no stinking Holy Father” fame to cramp my style politically or personally “North America has the Kennedy's now”

Lyndon, whose favorite past- time like Hitler was usurping military leaders in playing Battleship and G.I. Joe to his personal amusement on the oval desk and over the wire enacted the rule under a useful idiot IRS law, (nefariously, intended and in result) that no Christian church could recommend anyone not within the newly created liberal establishment for political office at election time. Nien, could they wish, or pray for ill-will upon liberals.

Of course, all the marbles are on the table now with the world half in the (toilet) tank, just waiting for the logical flush it has pretty much cornered itself into, American pastors see the need to actually do something, the Canadian Church has long been adverse to... in their case, anything that might hurt Church revenues, including political threats or taking back Catholic education and Catholic medical care.

Of course, what might help Church revenues is the Truth, and dealing with reality and the present... maybe even amongst themselves first if it doesn't hurt the chain of obedience snipped at Canadian borders and shore lines.

In the States, I hope their next step is to actually be a source if not a place of fund raising for a new party that actually works for, and adheres to Christ.

Paul Gordon

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