Saturday, October 20, 2012

Christians Lost It...But Not Completely Out

Which Is Truth.. Competing Billions of World Challengers or Christ?

Pope John Paul II was right. It is up to the laity to step up and save the Church as the secular world only understands numbers and populism. They work to destroy all others.

The laity may not be 'experts' on ancient Judeo-Christian times but they know the same Christ the Truth and tired cowardice when they see it.

Back in the late 50's, when I was around five years old, my brothers and sisters walked me through an evening snowfall to a Christian Christmas service or concert. It was a hefty walk for a five year old but all walks were in those days.

I'm not sure which it was, service, or concert or maybe even both, for I had never been in a Church up to that point (and not again, until my mother passed away at the young age of thirty two).

For me, up until that tender age Christmas was just about the colorful lights, Christmas trees, presents, treats and the mysterious jolly bearded St. Nick, and I wouldn't know what the Saint part of him was all about.

There were even few, if any, Christmas cartoon or animated specials and even fewer television channels so there wasn't a lot of 'artificial' excitement through the entertainment media either.

So maybe that, along with the fact, that it was not that long after world war II, and so people were still in celebratory semi- peace time mode with such a great victory over the very real Axis of Evil...the economy was rolling along, it was totally, a slower pace...most moms were stay at home moms, 'all' kids in the neighborhood had a mom and a dad and no doubt among other things at the time..

...But all probably contributed to the mood in this Christian Church, which I would liken to what would be a proud joyous black Gospel celebration, and it made my first impression of the only important aspect of Christmas quite a special one, that it is one of those few comfort memories one never forgets and most from his tender age. My first understanding of the Holy Family was quite a robust joyous one and a wondrous one no doubt with Silent Night, or Away In A Manger.

My next fascination with the Christ was more distinct as I was a little older, and sick, at home from school one day, snuggled up on the couch with my mom, watching a black and white afternoon beautiful fiction movie, called the Miracle of Marcellino about a young boy abandoned at a Franciscan Monastery who encounters Christ in a most unusual and loving way... no doubt, ( though literally impossible for a public school boy these days) much like, in the dreams of all innocent young Christian boys, that they could be so dearly loved by a man-God pounded to a pulp, nailed on a cross and crowned humbly with a glorious ring of thorns.

As an adult the most important aspects of my life didn't go by without the humble Man on the Cross close at marriage... the baptisms of all my children, my father's funeral a lost sheep who three priests took time to bring back home.

There were other special moments I privately enjoyed such as John Paul II's moving Toronto World Youth Day which is the only event that ever kept the Toronto liberal establishment media..speechless.

And who could listen to Andrea Bocelli's tribute album to the Blessed Virgin and possibly still have a hate for her, her Son or anyone?

But, every practicing Christian and some who are not all have their special memories and own little miracles that revolved around Christ and their faith at the time whether they continued or expanded the relationship or not.

Yet, today, it's as if we fell into some black hole of atheist secularism that falls all over itself to outdo it's disdain and marginalization for Christianity that has actually recently evolved into 'celebrated hate' for Christianity.

It wasn't  that surprising to have Canada's number one talk show host, Mike Stafford, of the most spoiled generation in Canadian history on AM 640 complaing of his hate in his best grown-up  whiny voice for all religion, particualarily Christianity, by name, but it was surprising to have his producer or station marketer use that sound bite as a pitch to listen to tune in to his show.

I see Stafford has learned well of the propaganda of the secualar liberal establishment's no longer couched.... particular hate for Christianity.

So what did the humble loving Christ...the only truly logical and only defendable Truth that has ever existed who shows a clear path as He possible can in logic, Divine granted choice, and faith for all, to come to His loving arms do, that He is held in such contempt by the secular liberal establishment to marginalize Him to the bottom of all World religions?

As historically usual, and leading to His Crucifixion, He did nothing, but Be the Truth that stands in the way of their secular hedonist and narcissistic desires. The socialists can't have a Truth that says they can't take what they want and through extortion or violence if necessary for the 'right end'.

The capitalists can't have a Truth that says they 'should give' or that they should have any morals when it comes to business, politics, or law for that matter.

Neither, can they stand the glare of the mirror of Truth that shows their ugliness for what it truly is and that they know can not stand for being kind and true to only their exclusive benefit and to the detriment of all others.

They don't want to sacrifice for good, they want to control the world, whose in it, even what they are to think and believe, to make their World right to make their World...legitimate.

And they all do from the most ignorant, to the most intelligent. They all have the same story that clashes with everyone else and makes allotment for none. And as they trash and marginalize Christ and our belief and faith in Him, they elevate their mindless entertainment and heroes to God-like status.

Look at their teen absolutely 'worshiped' pagan anti-Christian gods in acid rock, rap, gangstra, Louise Ciccone, on and on and on alone, never mind, the firmly entrenched liberal establishment of blind death-cultured politics, activist law, media, and broad Marxist- cancer-ed academia, with no freedoms beyond all of the one liberal establishment company line.

Only liberals in the their constant battle with good can elevate evil to good, ugly to beautiful, garbage to art, propaganda to literature, idiocy to logic, surreal to reality, and be so intent and determined to destroy innocence that the young may never experience or know anything but the World they try so emphatically to control while, claiming any morality as the 'theocracy' they are in atheistism that has no answers to anything, let alone answers to the results, they have accomplished and leave hemorrhaging around the world.

Little Mother Theresa told the whole western 'morally free' world where their true poverty lied and they all applauded because I believe they truly did understand, but they also knew they could just not help themselves like an alcoholic knows he is going to drink again, much sooner than later, and damn 'everyone' else who suffers, because that's just the way it is.

The only trouble is that these alcoholics are getting more self-destructive and abusive, with every single envelope pushing, daring day, especially, to Christians and true Christians from any Church need to show their presence and especially their numbers because that is all that counts to establishments...luke warm....or evil. Let's not ingratiate Karl Marx any longer as a profit of Satan when he proclaimed Christianity courage is like spit-little. As hard as it is to call good Christian doctrine sterile... without mention of this blatant Christian hatred acceleration of the day, modern Catholic homilies can often become lullabies which may be part of the whole reason attendance has decreased over the years.

All aspects of western society in this liberal establishment are against us.

If you require examples just listen to our nouveau 'conservative' friends in number one national talk-shows and only then consider what our enemies think of us, or read the newspapers where all Canadian commentator roads lead back to Ryerson School of Journalism of proud and popular male prostitute professors championing man/boy relationships....

And how can we possibly ignore anti-Catholic Marxist Union teachers who lay authoritative claim to the very title, 'Catholic' as with the Catholic administrations and elected Catholic Trustees who don't attend weekend Mass and not so mysteriously neither do their students.

And I don't care if the Vatican allows for unionized garbage collectors, or if South America celebrates it's revolutionary Catholics. Christ was no revolutionary, except of Truth, nor, would he be found on any picket line anywhere... He is the Truth hardly of any world ideology who only love Him as long as they can use Him and even the capitalists in the GOP have dumped him for greener fields in the homosexual activist circus.

People will flock to the House of Truth, however it is put forth, (and certainly it cannot be put forth with any Marxist socialist undertones), and only dribble in to the House of Mush and the Catholic Church of Canada for one really has me shaking my head as well as some Vatican officials who also seem to tired or too busy to care about young children, highly impressionable teens, or anyone else.

It is time for someone whose actual vocation, or job it is to set a D day for Christians to go on the peaceful but very powerful march for their love, faith and trust for Christ.

I believe the States are having a public Christian witness before their election day, but it should hardly be just about throwing out Obama,

It should be about, we take all your abuse, and lies every year and that's just our friends, No one gets our mark, (heart mind and soul that thousands were martyred for less) but Christ anymore.

The martyred, such as in For Greater Glory did not give their lives only in faith, but for the Christ they truly 'knew' that we know of, and who can be sought through pure logic, as the Truth that owns 'logic' and aside from seeking His love.

And they won't get our vote, until they can satisfy us that they are with us, or against us.

Caesar has entered and attacked God's very domain not satisfied with just taxes.

The separation of state and religion is only true now, in that they are enemies, there is no fence in logic or Truth. And what has any government possibly have to offer for four years or a thousand years, that ever trumps Truth whose cloak opens to the lives of babies, children's innocence, and the lives of the infirmed and elderly?

If you have no fire for love, you have no fire for are the dead who continually bury the dead.

Do we not owe Christ anything for all He has done for us? Are we just too bad of a sinner to feel worthy or worse, to not want to 'feel' embarrassed?

We're of course, all equal in sin, but none of us were born activists and celebrities publicly proselytizing for evil under any freedom that at the same time diminishes Truth, and that is getting alarmingly closer to giving no one else a chance for a humble relationship with Christ the Truth, in their most loving precious gift of Divine granted choice, the state can never allot, forgive, or control.

Paul Gordon

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