Wednesday, October 3, 2012

P.M. Stephen Harper Happier Than a Politician In Conservative Pig-Slop

P.M. Stephen Harper Happier than a Politician in Conservative Pig-Slop

No one in Canada should believe that Harper a master-politician isn't happy with the private member's motion to study where life begins. (Actually feminists have long freely admitted now that the pre-born are babies...but that they have the choice to kill them as their mothers).

Nor, should they believe Harper didn't expect the result that came out. He new how it would come out and he wouldn't have allowed it, if he didn't want to come out as it did.

His party has the 'exclusive' benefit of 'using' both sides to the abortion issue to retain power, considering the historically phony liberal pro-life caucus has shrunk to one or two.

Harper already says he doesn't give a rat's ass about abortion. Does anyone believe such a cold-hearted bastard with all the warts of feminist childless witches, gives an equal rat's ass about women's choice?

His pro abortion party, can now continue to claim the Christian vote which will no doubt continue to not disappoint, voting for them, as they do 'so now'... cheering the party on and writing petitions (looking for heroes) of support, for conservatives, of an 'official' pro- innocent  -death party.

While Harper is the bad cop.....of the bad cop/ good cop political 'party' game and as leader he makes the conservative party attractive to a 'big tent' of fiscal liberals, and conservatives who are solidly pro-abortion.

As Prime Minister, Harper's public views now have not even a fine distinction from anonymous, pro-death comment supporters, that only emphasises to who it is intended, how broad this net is cast... for conservative votes.

(It's exactly like the good cop bad cop, bait and switch conservatives in the States, Romney and Ryan. Or, the thing to do for the nouveau conservatives)

If you could corner them, however, they would say “the Hell with the Judeo-Christians” the establishment and majority of the electorate, has now evolved from a few generations of Marxist public education indoctrination, solidly to the far left and are the ones we must draw the most from.

Harper. is way to smart for the pro-life movement.. and I wouldn't trust one main stream party member who always land on their feet managing a win/win for themselves no matter who they're facing or back they're stabbing.

Plain truth of Christ doesn't need 'strategies', or 'strategic voting' and playing with party fractions of the pro-abortion whole.

Meanwhile, no one even has their eye on the ball anymore. Pro-life organizations need to stop depending on donations from people of broad political persuasions so they don't have to worry about alienating their benefactors.

Those benefactors need to choose what is most important and go with the clean truth.. Because right now it's still the 1960's (actually it is much worse than the  60's) as far as political or judicial progress on baby killing has moved.

A hell of a lot of self thought of, intelligent if not logical people with good intentions are dead wrong on the political front which has some control over the Judiciary. And the Truth hasn't been tried.

And if the flag is 'all' about what it represents in reality over fantasy, the leaf is a good innocuous representation of the leftist establishment, scruples and morals that only illogically apply to the lies of political correctness... A 'strategy' consideration not lost on either of the two mainstream political 'parties' of the same establishment, and a red colour representative in reality of the government and private clinic killing rooms of the innocents.

Any, conservative, or pro-lifer up for that discussion?

Of course, the 'Show The 'Truth' campaign is all I need on my side over your own Christ concealing, Caesar patriotic sentimental fantasies, narcissistic trumping issues that  the Marxist moral illiterate establishment 'counts' on in their strategy that hasn't failed in sixty years.

I also contend that many of the Christian boys who gave up their lives in the past would not have done so given the Christ ridiculed present.

When in the Hell did Canada get a pass over all its moral anarchy and Christian bashing from patriots over their Christianity?

And 'run' by a Caesar that can't mind its own business never mind 'World' recognized and praised attempts to take over God's Domain, that Christ granted to no Caesar, let alone, organized Marxist Caesars of the World leftist establishment who couldn't present a Truth no matter how loud they screamed or cried, and sulked for sympathy.

In 2012 there's nothing to be thankful for at the Canadian Thanksgiving Table to our own shame!

Paul Gordon

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