Friday, October 26, 2012

Sixteen Tons of Government & Teacher Unionism B.S.

Sixteen Tons of Government And Teacher Unionism B.S.

Most teachers believe a parent's head is a dud

Parent's kid's souls are to be nipped in the bud

Tussle and strike, work to rule all day long

A mind that's weak and a soul that's gone

Seventeen years of school, what have you left to show

A kid that hates you, and no job, for him to go

Stick it to their union where the sun don't shine

St. atheist don't you call me cuz, Christ, I can't fool

I owe my family's souls to the government school

I was born one morning... in debt at the time

I've worked ever since... can't say any thing's mine

Politicians.. unions, tons of steaming bull

Atheists straw gods...don't know spirit or soul

After schoolin's done, all your taxes have bought

A kid that hates you, but wants all that you've got

Political 'leaders', where'd you go, you big A-holes,

A pox on our families.... for the votes, that you stole

They were born one morning it was drizzling rain

Extortion with your kids is their middle name

They embraced Marxism and did more than fine

Learned all the tricks, “For the Kids”, was their line

If you see them coming, better step aside

All that keeps them shouting, is un-earned self- pride

One hand in your pocket, the other a- knifin your back

Political correctness is all kids, have in their pack


Unfortunately, like the laity has to be the courage for the Ontario Catholic Bishops of no vocation who don't do anything, but say, “Yes, Caesar, how high do you want us to jump this time?” in exchange for you to have the headache to 'educate' Catholic children ... it is also up to parents to pick up the fumbled ball between the liberal Marxist government and the Marxist teachers union, that supposedly 'good' teachers.... refuse to kick out or replace.

Whereas the government won't 'lock- out' teachers who are now even refusing to do their complete 'union-job' in regards to report cards, because McGuinty didn't give them 'enough' money (all on the backs of future generations.. anyway) parents should lock the greedy bastards out, by pulling their kids out of a sick education system that's in obvious need of huge reform, and that now has little to offer students in the way of ohh... 'anything', except a place to waste the day away while parents work to pay for all the taxes to keep the kids wasting the day away...but away from home.

Adding, the fact, there isn't a work force that awaits grads. anyway, due to government and union job destroying efforts, there couldn't be a better time for educational 'real' reform.

Whereas, the liberal atheists continually lessen parental choices, as seen lately in the form of again attempting to remove public funding for Catholic schools through the courts (which I actually agree with, but for the totally different reason, that Catholic Bishops let the same atheists and Marxists and government now 'run' the Catholic schools the same as public schools, while retaining the Catholic letter-head, but that aside...)

Whereas, the liberal atheists were eventually successful in Newfoundland and Quebec of lessening school choice... by less than a choice of 'two', of taxpayer funded education systems and whereas the 'minority' of taxpayer liberal atheists' demand that religious families taxes are not allowed to go to religious based schools... I say, who died and let atheists force their atheist 'religion', on all.

What all Christian and other religious parents ought to do, but of course, won't.... is pull their kids out, of the politically correct, atheist propaganda schools, and miss a year of school....(like it would be a big deal to lose 'one' year, in the 'rat- race of youthful education' (?), just to get to no where first, in one's 'only' life-time, except maybe their parent's basement,) of this, self-entrapment new Frankenstein, establishment, SNAFU of an education system, locked up tighter than the oil industry, but only on the betting assurance, parents will never, ever take it upon themselves, do a damn thing about it.

But if parents, and high school students, did surprise everyone and, 'logically' in a 'free' country, helloooo.....did take it upon themselves, they could 'easily' demand and be 'returned' nothing less, than, 'more choice', through equally alloted government education VOUCHERS, that each child or teen would carry with them, to go to the public, or private school of their's, or their parents choosing!

How do you think these, all- talk, Marxist liberals ever became the establishment, but through civil disobedience in the work place and hallowed halls of academia, and often, not by any peaceful Christian means, but, like good Marxists, by 'any' means to meet their end of owning the establishment and controlling 'all' aspects of society...where the only true freedom for the masses is the right to kill their own.

This would have nothing but positive and progressive benefits such as breaking up quite a few 'teacher union joint ventures' freaking- hoo... less expensive bomb- shelter grade marble and glass brick lined block, new school construction, whose mechanical systems alone, dip into the millions, one could buy a thousand used portables with... and competition of good schools for those vouchers based on what that school and it's teachers stand for.

But, of course best of all, politicians and unions could not bully their social agendas put forth as truth in 'education' onto all children, none of which, are theirs, for a few votes from special interest groups all vying for the minds, hearts and souls of 'our' children.... Forget that!

Paul Gordon

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