Sunday, October 28, 2012

Newest Liberal Fad Sung To Wooly Bully...

Newest Liberal Fad, Every Thing's Coming Up 'Bully'

Bully Bully Sung to Wooly Bully

Uno, dos,
one, two, tres, quatro,

Batty told Tatty no Lord's Prayer allowed,
We hate Christians, shout it out loud
Bully bully, bully bully
Bully bully, bully bully

Tatty told Batty well let's take no chance
We'll call them the bullies, that's the new rant
They didn't agree with us, so we called them hateful
Now, we have something else they can mull

We'll call them bullies, I can see it now,
No phobes allowed! Christ a bully, Christ a bully...
Bully bully, bully bully.

Batty told Tatty, that's the thing to do
Report their activities, watch their homilies too
Bully bully, bully bully,
Bully bully, bully bully, bully bully.

It's only free speech when the all party Marxist liberal Marxist establishment says it is.

Liberals should try Truth for a change, they wouldn't have to re- justify themselves every year or lately every month... with the newest fad and talking point.

Their latest ploy is no bullying aloud. And gosh darn, wasn't Jesus just the biggest bully around.

Yes, He trashed 'evil' every chance he got not 'celebrate' it with the likes of the puke young children look up to in the entertainment and sports fields of 2012.

Or, the evil in all the main stream party political leaders of the one liberal establishment who continue on as if nothing happened when they are totally exposed for the immoral liars and cheaters they are.

And their sordid personal lives of course have no bearing on their moral and ethical leadership in fact it makes them kind of cool, like Clinton, leader of the whole pack.

Christ said there was no greater love than to lay one's life down for another presumably against it (evil)... the bully!

He said there was no greater punishment than that which awaits those who harm the little ones.. What a bully against the immoral, to dare have such strong morals not to fold like a deck of cards before and in awe of the sheer power of the liberal establishment.

And if there is one thing Christ would have especially chased out of His Father's House, it's the modern money changers of the day, those politically correct atheists and pretend Christians who permeate every where and destroy the Church and Catholic education from within.

Which reminds me I was shocked to see Drudge Report link an item to a Green Bay Bishop communicating to his laity that to vote for an abortion party could be putting their soul in order.

Then I read on why Drudge linked this particular item which would automatically exclude the GOP along with the Democrats.

Who ever wrote the article, labeled Romney a pro-life social conservative, ha ha ha ha good one Drudge..

How much has Romney and the Reaganites paid you since your link crusade to destroy Christian politicians and pump up Romney.

As rich as all these Reganite celebrities are, who all talk like they're just as common a folk as the Marxists do, there has to be some great pot of gold that awaits them all.. at the end of the GOP rainbow...such that it is worth selling their souls on all the moral issues the GOP has never addressed and totally ignored..... but that's okay now.... Romney is a social conservative according to Drudge Report the GOP propaganda website.

Paul Gordon

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