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Turning Out The Lights on Canadian Free Speech

Turning Out The Lights on Canadian Free Speech even 'Intellectuals' can Now Appreciate

Or Nothing, But 'Hatred' for Those Whose Speech is Not P.C. Establishment Speak

Or Boarder Agents Wanted: Must Speak French/ English and Be P.C. so University Required

Pastor, Terry Jones was denied entry into Canada today.

It was worth it, if for nothing else, but for the intellectually blessed to finally get the unspoken, and certainly unwritten message that the Canadian (if not North American) establishment including the Marxist educators who raised them do not, and never did, believe in free speech.

Liberals do not get to be the establishment by allowing themselves to be intellectually or logically challenged, hence the term 'political correctness', that must be adhered to in all four corners of the ruling establishment, the political, the academic, the judicial, and the media and never has there been such unquestioning cooperation amongst the four.

To listen to Canada's number one talk show, AM 640, which on most working days is typically politically-correct along the thin gray line, of open office 'AutoCorrect' or Premier McGuinty's heavy handed childproof 'right' values leanings, even some of their hosts were taken aback by shocking calls from proud, albethem blissfully ignorant conforming Canadians who like Obama and Clinton wrongly equated Jones's Koran burning with hate speech.

And even in the throes of being 'taken aback' they still had to sympathize with the outraged callers to the extent of countless caveats of 'hating' Jones, themselves, (well, business is business, especially in the paid opinion business)

One young lady put great honour of intentions to the politically correct line as having saved the lives of Canadian troops in various mid-east posts, while fighting for the freedom of Canada (huh?) for not having let Jones cross the border.

Sorry, Ms., but the exact cause of death of Canadian and American soldiers that will go down in history, however long that could possibly be, will not even be because of the entry of the soldiers into the Mid-Eastm but the politically correct nature of control and care of our soldiers...including rules of engagement and ignoring other Islam Nation's IED gifts...especially Iran...while engaged without straight sights of clear objectives. Yes, that same kind of political correctness you now so staunchly defend.

Vietnam had the right objectives and terms, but did not have the domestic Marxist liberal newly attained establishment will power to win that war... 'Marxist-liberalism' being the self evident reason for that military doomed outcome.

You can 'only' learn the Truth without the shackles, the majority of potty trained Canadian minds place on free speech with a heavy dose of mind altering MSG politically- correct flavoring of the day.....the ever- changing envelope pushing fads the liberals claim to be truth to live, obey, think and die by.

Jones is provocative, of course. What else hasn't been peacefully attempted (?) to wake up the North American sheeple whose highly favored populations do not hold anywhere near a billion Muslims that make up the world of Islam. A world, whose only 'official' nations of Islam do follow the Koran in various and sundry stringent ways in how they are to view and treat Jews, Christians, and even females and children of their own.

I don't know what Jones motives are, but even at worst, he still has logical intellectualism going for him if he is offensive to liberal tolerances that always bottom out at free speech and questions.

Islam has a deadly political correctness of its own, and a group of Muslims in total denial, in North America can't put lipstick on that gigantic hog in the same room under the exact same Koran, under the exact same prophet that Jones told the truth about, whether considered crudely or not

Nor, is it a lipstick that can un-seal the lips from the Western world's Mosques, as Muslims seemingly slaughter innocents everyday somewhere in official Islamic nations.

If the non- inquiring politically correct minds were to take the time of looking at Islamic atrocity news site aggregates like Canada's non- politically correct,

Jones did not ask anyone to hurt any Muslim. He simply emphatically states the truth about Islam.

And oddly enough, Muslims, themselves appeared to be the most outraged that he wasn't allowed into Canada, over the politically correct guilt ridden masses who assume responsibility, care, and feelings for all minorities especially when they are unconscious or unsuspectingly simply waiting to be born.

The atheist bounding Marxist-liberal West equates any dissenting opinion with 'hate' and 'tolerance' with proselytizing all manner of special interest causes unless it is Christianity, their only enemy and the only thing they are right about.

The Marxist establishment trashes the Truth in the same bin because it can't possibly 'rule', while not strictly controlling all speech, and education, in hopes of controlling all thought and setting hard rules, of their new and evolving envelope pushing values, guided by secular ever expanding special interest groups who know how to twist the political arm of the establishment.

For one talking point the atheists claim religion to be the single most cause for war and suffering and on the other embrace Islam (?) as a stellar example of love and peace.

In fact, the last century saw more people killed than the history of mankind, not in the name of religion, but quite the contrary, in the name and pride of the atheist Nazis, Communists, Fascists, and Imperialists.

And that evil goal is surpassed without taking into account, all the hundreds of thousands, more likely millions of senseless narcissistic feminist championed, 'mothers' killing their own babies (and being ultimately responsible themselves). An evil, that has to be so grossly miscomprehended and mentally blocked, as for Canada to be the only nation to give its highest award to its own butcher of babes.

Pope John Paul II was a young man in arguably the strongest Catholic nation of the world that is a good physical analogy of the way modern atheist established official Canada and Ontario treats its Christians, as 'free' citizenry with freedom of religion.

Miles of documentary footage taken by the Godless Nazis, themselves, shows exactly what they did to the Polish on the western front while Stalin of the one Marxist tree, was enjoying his blood lust on the eastern side of the nation. Included, for example in the modern French made three disk documentary, Apocalypse is occupation footage of Nazi soldiers chasing and beating half- naked Jewish women surreal amongst their fellow Jews on what would otherwise seem to be busy typical shopping/business day in the bricked in ghetto. One particular disturbing scene is a young half naked female being roughly and quickly dragged across the road by her long hair.

What the Godless also did for national pride during the second world war is shown in first what the Nazis did to the Russian women when both devils took each on, and then being reciprocated by what the communists did in return to the German women.

Like our Canadian Christian leaders, especially, our Canadian Catholic Bishops of 2012 of year of our Lord do, for Christ and for His children in this modern atheist establishment of self-thought- of superiority, is exactly what the British under Churchill did for Poland out of wanton political expediency, during the war, and after visible hostilities ended................nothing.

But, possibly, at least the intellectuals are now starting to 'get it'. They are no longer the lukewarm but those who are actually capable of seeing the light.

For what is logical honest intellectualism if not in pursuit of the Truth?

And what Truth in the entire breath and scope of the world, and its history is more defensible and freeing than the Truth of the Christ?

....The cold winds of atheism, capitalism, that now ingratiates itself with 'legitimizing' the immoral fad of the day... unionism whose own fantasies legitimized 'Santa' in a fictional Hollywood movie, while engaging the indifferent dollar to free trade, and destroying economies and jobs, putting domestic consumer afford ability at the indifferent sea level.

Can liberal or conservative governments be defended as the truth they are often idolized as?

Can the modern judiciary no longer with even moral points of reference be defended as the truth?

How about the really politically- correct 'sheltered' world of academia, entrusted with the youth of tomorrow, with its tenured professors of Marxist under achievement on all levels from philosophy to art and culture, who never step a foot (of responsibility) outside of a classroom or lecture hall, that the same world accuses home schooled Christians of.

They are the most un-defensible as the respected source of truth and the same who incrediously espouse, that there is not only no Truth, but then with the self- tied follow up, 'have' to espouse that there is no evil or good.

How about individual politicians, and news commentators, about as gifted and intellectually deep thinking, as modern entertainers and comedians? Could 'freedom'... never mind objective truth, be possibly found in mindless fawning hero worship, or fad conformity?

Christ's dying words were, 'Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do'. What person from any of the above 'tolerant' groups would ever die tortuously at the hands of his enemies with those as his final words? Especially, those who now do know..... exactly what they do.

Goodness cannot live in a vacuum, for among other things (like meaning to life and love and beauty of Divine choice where love can only be demonstrated ) or God's will would already be done on earth and logically as Truth does exist, evil is logically equally abundant, and in reality also obviously and apparently so, in all 'aspects' and in all places of the World, and logically especially infiltrated in His Own House. Being 'intellectually' open to all... Truth is most apparent in its simplicity.

Paul Gordon

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