Friday, October 5, 2012

Really, Romney...Twelve Million Jobs? Tell Us More!

Really, Romney...Twelve Million Jobs? Tell Us More!

Now I empathize with Christians who smell Obama blood, but we must really keep our eyes on the big picture and baby's lives. A democrat win is always going to put back the pro-life movement four years but a modern GOP win is always going to put back the pro-life movement eight years, in futures... of having to first get to the GOP,  the message that we are not going to support them anymore and we don't buy, that they are speaking for us, while doing absolutely nothing.

As in, why would they reform and risk big tent votes when they believe they have Judeo-Christian support anyway?

And if the GOP wasn't comfortable enough in its own shoes for a supposed easy win over the starkly contrasting Marxists that they would still not front a socialist coservative other than the token V.P. they sure aint never going to do so, baby!

Christians shouldn't sell their souls to either pro-abortion party, especially those, whose leaders 'only' say, that they 'personally' believe in God, or are 'personally' pro-life, which may as well be a big 'but' as in 'but, I'm not going to do a Damn thing about Judeo-Christian issues (as the only one who can effect legislative and judicial change) because once I'm elected, my party, and I, want to stay elected.... therefore adding crucial legitimacy and support to the leftist establishment, by not challenging it.

So Romney flatly states he is going to create twelve million new jobs, when he is elected.

Like the skeptical kid in the 'Reluctant Astronaut', people need to ask Romney exactly...precisely... how he is going to do that? Hey, if they would B.s. about moral issues... like, they wouldn't B.s. about the economy?

I highly doubt, Romney could do even one of the following...never mind multi-points, necessary to turn the failed economy around (as a result of both pro-abortion party's actions) ...though open season on oil, requiring open season on the native mafia and environmentalist mafia, would be a good start.

1) Romney would have to be a miracle worker to weld the lid back on Free Trade.. which benefited middle class consumers as long as they even have money for those cheap imports and benefited industry owners and investors, the primary source of political contributions to fiscal conservatives.... but swept away thousands of domestic jobs like an outgoing tsunami in the night.

2) Romney would be hard pressed to create any new jobs paying more than the new expectation of no more than minimum wage (equal to government hand-outs paid single mothers...etc. anyway)

3) Romney would have to be a better to encourage any new domestic manufacturing creation free from unions, where even new products would soon be torpedoed with Asian knock-offs... legal, and illegal and your on your own businesses, requiring personal funds over mere votes.

4) Creating new service- industry jobs, that require the chicken of a healthy economy, before the egg... other than minimum- wage rates, and requiring a domestic physical presence over tech service industry.

5) In the free world's current economic conditions, Romney would now have to take on all government unions, a la Spain austerity demands, over Reagan's one-off hissy fit with the air traffic controllers(?), just to survive, never mind create jobs...and certainly no new government jobs are viable from government coffers.

6) Romney would have to incite a worker revolution in China a communist govermnent 'for the worker'.

The Marxist establishment of politics, unions and economical control, partnered with the international patriotic- curbed 'World', human- condition of a need for a cheap deal, placing the above in mutual head-locks has closed all the doors necessary to create these 'new jobs' Romney would have in-the-bank.

Like rock paper scissors (which is why both capitalists and Marxists sound great to their base..because they invariably cancel or negate each other) 1) Cheap labour door closes market for available domestic consumers (unless that labour is in a communist or third world exporting nation) 2) High union costing door closes or moves existing jobs and future job doors 3) Political correctness closes all doors in all areas but mostly under the environment and union flag in relation to jobs 4) High union paying manufacturing business doors requiring government bail-outs, but added stress on general tax-payer base, in a coin flip of pay the government now or worse, pay them later on just the interest. But Romney has investors just waiting to jump in and create 12 million jobs under the suffocation of these conditions?

Maybe, Romney, and the Reaganites (of Benny and the Jets fantasy) will put up their own money and invest in their own mouths.

The solution?... Start with the Truth..where sacrifice is mandatory, the narcissistic 'human condition' isn't celebrated or counted on for Marxist power, and a Truth that can't move anywhere but backwards into immorality, without morality

You are only going to get the political parties you ask for, especially, if you don't demand better, and extort, (no less, the 'required' tool of the leftist establishment) them with your mark, now Worldly- stapled to your soul, as Caesar has transgressed into God's domain, and show them you are much more intelligent than elected lawyers, and business men, give you credit for.

Paul Gordon

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