Thursday, October 18, 2012

Logic and Truth Go Where Free Speech Fears To Tread

Re   Western Canadian Young Girl's Suicide

So the libertarian atheist media celebrities are having a hard time wrapping their heads around free speech and the fall-out from the poor young girl who tragically committed suicide in Western Canada.

Rightfully...thankfully.... the media doesn't usually go into great details about individual teen suicides, but this poor troubled girl was considered a special case, because there was an element of 'bullying', and bullying- talk is all the politically- correct rage these days, in that it can encompass all kinds of left wing causes and cures. Bullying is even used as an excuse to stop bullying in political correct corners of deep feelings, burning desires.... and really shallow thinking.

There also happened to be an element of sex in the story, but we all know talk radio and tabloid newspapers are above that...Okay.. they actually love it and the more perverse, the more normal to make it everyone's into anal stretching, probing, and wistful exploration with vegetable experiments, oh mistake... that was the Toronto school boards.... but that's another writing.

The twists and turns that this teen suicide story evolved into, were such that a Canadian stay-at -home

(yes, they had to make sure everyone understood that she was one of 'those'.. 'stay-at-home' housewives) housewife who 'outed' a trolling social media creep who dropped a stink bomb on her memorial social media page, with some very nasty comments about how he was glad the teen died, even though it could be safely assumed, he didn't even know her, but rather, just wanted to pounce on the attention the MSM media, created.

It was probably the kind of attitude- talk spoiled 'cool' teenagers do these days (when their parents aren't around) to get attention.... hey look at the kind of 'entertainment' they absolutely worship... sewage mouth rappers, gangstras, strutting sluts, vampires and zombies...oh my.

And maybe he was one of those psychos who secretly want to get caught for their greater glory perversion in that he was easy to catch and it was even easier to find out where he worked.

Turns out, he worked in a men's fashion store clear across the country..when he wasn't getting his jollies being the anonymous Satan boy-out, on the social media, as many others who post in comments do just to see if they will be ignored or get a rise out of other commentators.

When he was publicly outed, his former employer, the fashion store had some kind of press release, of the effect that they immediately fired him as he didn't represent the store's 'values' or some gobbledygook, That any business 'these days' would have any 'values' beyond being popular with what, and whoever happens to be 'popular', and there enclosed, a value of not dissing the union zombies to incite expensive grievances, thanks to the Ministry for Unions... that cut into the bottom line....especially, in the rising 'market- listed', elderly service- sector forced to use SEIU international workers.

Trust me, it's a game.. they (business owners and unions) both play, and screw any third party bystander, particularly, those being served and the people paying for the service to begin with.

I digress....

It was the fact, the stated 'busybody' stay- at- home housewife would actually inform his employer, of the nefarious comments of one of its salesmen and the fact, that the fashion store would actually have the it takes a village, audacity, to fire the creep, who will now have to officially change his name and move to some island nation if he ever wants to earn enough money for a cup of Timmy's.. that has all of Canada's Ryerson channeled media celebrities cut loose from their liberal libertarian political correct roots and untethered them from even their reality.

They are really coming apart at the seams in this new intellectual insecurity, because well... they never were intellectuals to begin with, when they were content to be spoon fed all their new age Canadian values, as opposed to forming them along with opinions, themselves.

Their biggest quandary was how could they reconcile that

a) How could this creep be 'fired' for simply exercising his free speech?

b) Yet, how could the store be left 'holding the bag' and risk a huge financial hit, for his free speech rights?

c)Yet, how could someone else (and justly thought of self... by only 'their baseless values' and only 'their way of thinking' trumping others free speech in definite common practice if not official policy) be fired, as they have been........ for simply stating they disagree with homosexual marriages, never mind their repulsive sexual practices as a unique stand-alone, cause and case, for marriage and child entrustment?

Logic is, you can never reconcile the three with each other because 'rights' fear to go where logic treads in Truth.
The Truth is

a) the 'stay at home' mom was right in following this creep right to wear he works. What free speech made this young girl's memorial this little shit's public spittoon. Give me a freaking speech with halos...good luck with rainbows.

Is punk graffiti considered free speech... if not our greatest examples of modern art?

b) free speech shouldn't even be considered, unless it actually belongs to a real name

c) free speech may be legally excused but not legally protected against anyone else's legal repercussions and their legal free fact, how can one facilitate any free speech that infringes on someone else's free right to anything..... To follow that logic...obviously, there are no 'absolutes' in this World or artificial nationalist granted 'freedoms' are there?

Only God's absolute Truth is the 'absolute' to keep you free from all captors, even when wrongly imprisoned as in the case of praying prolife grandmother, and Ontario political prisoner, Linda Gibbons, or those enslaved in physical chains, or 'forcefully' political-correctly ruled, or otherwise.

d) there are repercussions and responsibility everyone has to face on their own for their actions, brave, cowardly, or in mindless conformity to swiftly changing stormy populism, alarmingly becoming more and more infatuated with the cultures of death.

e) homosexuality and all gender deviances are disorders that can't even be reconciled within there own 'lifestyles' especially the extreme high rate of pedophilia, among such a small minority...through the priesthood, all sports teams, schools, boyscouts, wherever young boys are to be found.

f) And oh yes, maybe sometimes we have to actually be judgmental of the 'evil', (no one would say doesn't exist), and even not be fooled by it, or 'tolerant' of 'it'....

If you (MSM including politically correct talk shows), can't extrapolate or logically weave your 'truth' (yet, strangely you say Truth doesn't exist, anyway) through all comers, maybe, you should look elsewhere than to atheists, Marxists, libertarians, feminists, nationalism, the courts, politically- correct academia, liberal and conservative politics, environmentalism, unfettered capitalism, socialism etc. etc. maybe you should look elsewhere, and maybe you shouldn't be so smug on your own blatant intellectual weak knees.

Maybe you live in a world of atheist boastful 'theocracy' that can't possibly have its cake and eat it too as it is finding out the hard way that it certainly can't even come close to being all things for all people unless it forces people on what things they should, say, think, like, want, do, and need.

And whoever let the minority atheists assume complete control through the liberal establishment... who consider themselves the earth almighty default to truth..... needs to give their head a shake!

They got enough mileage out of that bogus media created 'separation of State and religion' canard to do a Ted Kennedy ride, right off the dock.

Paul Gordon

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  1. It really is a tragedy when an innocent young girl like this commits suicide. I wish her family and friends all the best in getting through this tough period.

    On a side note, I've just written a nice piece about Ontario on my blog that takes a look at how the political dynamic in the province has changed. It mostly focuses on the provincial NDP and its transition from a populist leaning party to a more refined one like its national counterpart. Still, I definitely give due attention to the PCs and Liberals as well.