Monday, October 22, 2012

When Unbridled Capitalism Meets Unfettered Unions

But, We Don't Need No Stinkin Christianity... As Both Would Have It

Just using 2012 (as in, liberal establishment, 'C'mon, get with it! We're not in the dark ages anymore, 2012) as an objective indicator, and historical 'fact check' can see why Christ told an otherwise, moral, rich man, why he would be denying himself from entering heaven, for cherishing his earthly riches.

Or, on the flip-side, as to why Christ never told anyone to form unions, especially for simply being slothful, or to demand, or financially, or violently, or to use children to extort 'more' from the rich or from governments already imposing debts on those not even born, yet.

Yes, socialism is the worse of both worlds, but can unbridled capitalism that far behind when it actually comes to the one evil against the one Truth?

Both sides, have tied themselves into one tight knot that only Truth could unravel and we are all reminded constantly by the media as to what the liberal establishment thinks of Christ.

Here are the factors that have contributed to this modern mess.

1) unions out-priced their labour through steroid leaps of extortion, that industry could no longer afford to pass those labour costs, onto consumers of the private sector or consumers of government services, particularly, teaching, law enforcement, and medical sectors.

2) the government cowered to Marxist unions since their bully encroachment onto the free world market and political system, ( in democracies where the 'worker' electorate always had the power in sheer numbers to elect sensible and fair labour laws over attacking the richest industries alone) and gave them the 'edge up' on any past present and future dealings with the private sector or government itself.

For instance strict stacked rules against employers running 'any' interference in unions coming in or going out for that matter who could do basically what ever they felt a ways to an end to get their way.

3) Godless fiscal conservatives looked for any allies they could and 'used' them to shore up their only true base and only friend, wealthy business people, and money traders to bring in 'Free Trade' in North America under President Ronald Reagan for the GOP and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney for the Canadian Conservative party.

Free Trade, was good for both domestic consumers, stock traders, investors and fiscal conservative party donors, but it was a terrible blow to unions meaning 'jobs' of any sort, to those who let/voted in unions to worm their way into representing their highly localized best interests.

Without, these domestic jobs, the government was forced to raise taxes on the remaining private sector economy pie, or in the case of Ontario, or California for instance, tag team higher taxes and user fees and borrow money on future generations, primarily to.....well... as with any political party, primarily simply to stay 'in power' ...... while making the biggest voting blocks the least angry as long as they can, or until they make their leader resign and their party is thrown out to make room for the same politics with a different name.

4) Throw in a complete communist slave labour, born- again- capitalist thousand mile- an -hour 'curve ball' no consumer, (nationalist, patriot unionist or otherwise) can ever resist from the same human condition that brings the greed of unions to power and taketh away again to the indifferent but worshiped dollar and the disaster is doubled.

5) The governments are forced to become spend- thrift for the first time since world war II and start looking for pimp labour, the same as the private sector at Ontario minimum wage, or $10.50/ hour,.. most often at part-time hours only with no benefits and no holidays, but two jobs required to reach poverty.

6) The private sector jumps on the same austerity wagon and presto no more middle- class paid jobs never mind high union paying jobs ... and the private sector waits on the government unions to soon jump in the same pool whose new waters are not so fine.

7) The politically motivated push to bring in more immigrants to do the minimum paying jobs is now more of a must than it ever was, as a liberal establishment vote election strategy.

I worked for a high-end American owned stock- listed retirement home, Sunrise Senior Living in Markham Toronto, Ontario, whose fees started at 5K and could easily go to 10 or 12 per month per single. The American international service union SEIU represented the minimum paid labour, (actually less, when they paid out their dues) of mostly third world immigrants (as the only ones who could live in Toronto on those wages by taking part-time jobs on top of their full-time jobs and other mystery means known only to themselves).

The union was so pumped with the power of the expensive petty grievance, and the corporation so consumed with avoiding the costs of those petty grievances in the shape of hits on their share-holder dividend bottom- line that the unions in effect did 'run' the mult- million dollar corporation 'branch shop' ostensibly, put forth as a modest mom and pop retirement/nursing home with a 'caring' home- like atmosphere that a enjoyed a coincidental security savings cost (as in what 'home' would have cameras, though a nanny- camera in one of their American branches led to an epic Drudgreport link) to the corporation............ but was a 'factor' that contributed to two residents being all but frozen to death just outside the home's doors with no one the wiser for night hours on end that came inches from being a MSM headline with a government inquiry!

So seniors, many with Alzheimers and dementia, and their wealthy families were paying over a 100k a year, in some cases for a building with a front facade nice enough, but whose many direct care givers were mostly recent immigrants, from foreign cultures, backed by an American based international union owned by American stock-holders, in an Ontario union favoured government and earning less money than the housekeepers, because there were only three of them, and about as much as McDonald's workers who I'm sure would be more energetic and care more.

(Last year, I did report it to both the Ontario government long term health care minister and the official opposition critic, with no response as of yet, 'who take 'every' LTHC complaint seriously” But, this is a perfect example of godless capitalism and godless socialism get along in the same building never mind the nation, where the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Unions, the capitalists and the Marxist union meet...about as well in general hospitals that have those special rooms for killing babies and seniors)

But we don't need no stinkin Christianity

8) So with the downward world, and American stock market economic trends, (like they're going to go up when only governments, and government jobs are expanding with taxes going up and wages going down?) investors have turned to the 'family home' and real estate agents for financial gain and to trade through buying and selling like stocks.

This ought to end up being the big disaster it was in the States, when the average family home costs 400k in Canada and the private sector greater worker population wages, are now 10.50 per hour, (going by the government's own 'jobbank' that so helped create this situation). And those investors who know that day of reckoning is coming bring the price of gold ever closer towards 2k and ounce.

But, we don't need no stinkin Christianity and there is no Truth except what the capitalists hold and the Marxists hold dear and have to 'shout- out' as the only way to further on lies.

And this is the North American base that the Canadian conservatives and the American GOP embrace and neither have a clear path to correct that they can't take a chance off the politically correct path because they have that same greed and lust for power as parties that human nature trumps in consumers.

And they will sacrifice babies lives, children's innocence and now family jobs and homes for.

But, we don't need no stinkin Christianity!

Paul Gordon

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