Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hey, Drudge! Romney Is No Social Conservative!

(look, I know Christians are as fed up with Obama as I am, BUT, to be  intellectually honest at the least, it is arguably an excellent point as to which evil is truly the 'lesser' when one of them claims to be your friend, to speak for you, ........ to represent you!  (as does the GOP for Judeo-Christians)

....all but 'Enshrining' the status quo!! ...

Not to mention, eliminating discussion in claim of the official and only legitimate opposition to the Democrats..with the talking point of 'What choice do you have?'

If Romney and the stuck- on dead guy Reagan GOP all with closet pro abortion first ladies was ever to do anything for Christians who are for children babies and families not themselves as the GOP libertarians, I would be the first to crawl on my knees through Washington to beg their forgiveness, and there is nothing that would make me so happy to do so. But based on the GOP actual history, or nothing of all the good talk their Reaganite celebrities espouse between elections... I won't be applying for a passport any time soon!!

The Truth is very simple and doesn't need modern footnote theologians from the MSM, or any 'academia', theories or strategies, and it is rewarded in faith... 'In God We Trust'... not humans, even our own judgment at unguarded times, so hardly, have 'faith' in politicians their parties or their political dead heroes)

Dear Matt Drudge,

You're wearing your fashionable, but empty hat too tight!

Matt Drudge ran a purposeful, deceiving link to a Green Bay Catholic Bishop article for a number of days, (much longer than his usual link runs) during the past number of days starting.. only two weeks before this 2012 election.

The article is about the Catholic Bishop communicating to his diocese that voting for a pro-abortion party or candidate could put one's soul in jeopardy. No shit, Bishop.. I mean we'd hate for you (about the only Bishop, give him that) to what(?) 'step out on a limb!', in totally corrupt and evil North America, 2012....to state anything, that even means anything, to anyone.... never mind, the logical humble Truth.

But, the real problem with this Drudge manipulated link, 'warning' is that the anonymous writer of the actual article (no doubt a GOP last minute strategist) then writes that Romney is known for being a pro-life social conservative.... Yeah, and my real name is Rush Limbaugh..

Well, to the mystery reporter, all social conservatives are prolife...duh, the first flag about this b.s. article, and the 'obvious' of course, is that, not only is Romney not pro-life or a social conservative, neither, has the GOP ever made a modern historic 'step' in that direction, even under Reagan.

And that's that, for all the good 'talk', for the good 'fight', of all the radio Reaganites put together! I mean look out U.S. military... after how quick they turn their backs exclusively for the GOP leadership!

In fact, the homosexual agenda activists have garnered more GOP and Reaganite, attention than Judeo-Christians.

Certainly by example, in choosing an all Reaganite celebrity, loved V.P. Cheney with a publicity hound, family... loaded with homosexual activists under Bush as a second 'trial' after the Dole trial balloon was shot down in flames.

There is no move, or surprise, including those nefarious clandestine ones, like when the GOP and their Reaganite media water boys, 'fix' who is going to be 'elected' their candidate before the campaigns even begin.

Though not as liked as the Democrats, and proven, to be no more inspired to do the good of the people, the GOP are by far, smarter, and nothing they do, is not painfully thought out and scripted, short term and... fourth and long, or for two minute warnings.

Reagan's only Supreme Court pick and the Cheney family should have been a harbinger for the great switch they have been working on for years, to go from Judeo-Christians... to the more leftist established politically- correct arena, in reality.

Ask yourself, why did the GOP, the Reaganites and Drudge go to great lengths to destroy a social conservative in the campaign and his family to boot, if Romney was a social conservative, himself, something he would deny if if asked this very minute on a public stage.. quicker than B.M. Stephen Harper.

But, will not deny, one week before the election as post- linked by Matt Drudge, that this was a mistake on Drudge's part, and that he is not a social conservative!

On a side note, at least, on the Canadian Talk Show beat, I can't get over the pure hatred callers have for Christians these days, that they have never harbored during my youthful years, but when you look at the likes of the 'entertainment' the post war spoiled generation was raised on like acid trance-beat, Satanic Rock, to Gangstra, and look at the teachers and egocentric, professors, who taught them including the anti-only Catholicism there is, 'Catholic' Teacher's unions, who certainly do not attend weekend Mass in any kind of numbers, and even less, do go their students....why would I be surprised.

I was listening to a Simon and Garfunkel C.D. today and these guys were number one, with everyone at the time, in folk and pop, and I was thinking could you see today's dark youth and certainly these dark Christian hater fanatics whistling, Slow Down You Move Too Fast down main street or 'any' of their songs for that matter?

So who turned off all the lights on smiling faces, darkened all the souls of today, and put the rush-on, to turn 8 year olds into 18 teen year olds? It certainly was not Christ, or a Judeo Christian Father... whose Gospel has had to defend itself a lot longer than any new ideology or fad of these more common spiteful Canadians developed only over the last few decades.

Don't encourage old evil. Start up a new party with a new life and a new cultural change from 'mostly' the enchanted evil jaws of, 'entertainment'

..music and modern television shows, that have no envelopes left to push over innocence... but in 'obvious' reality, has the market cornered on our children's attention.

Turn off their electronics and pull them out of union shop schools... and perverted notions of socialization, including government mandated(?) idea... of ordered socialization.

The Christian hater (now) majority atheists, deserve no say in how your children should be raised, though they believe themselves to be, as one, with some kind of perverse State truth, and legitimate authority...that politically correct politicians like Romney, Obama, Harper and McGuinty empower themselves with, only to 'serve' a relative few years in office! And only on the latest wave of populism, no matter how they only modernly trespass into God's domain pass Caesar's.

It would be nice to see some 'Christian courage' just for once, and some of that Holy anger, even Christ, Himself, had to use, on more than one occasion for that matter, and for 'less', if you are being honest with yourself.

Like rebuilding 'better' after hurricane Sandy maybe the constantly disappointing GOP needs to rebuild after losing again.

It has no credibility left the way it stands!

Paul Gordon


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