Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012 Election Beginning of the Beginning or End of the End

It's the beginning of the beginning, or the end of the end, the choice is ours, as is the culpability.

God's will was done and it was done not to delay the Christian resurgence any longer (which is all the GOP efforts would have amounted to, had they won.

Logically, America won... not in the Obama win, but in the GOP loss

There was no Judeo-Christian point of reference and not even a leaning of a commitment to morality.

Truth entails things like sacrifice, humility, generosity, and what main stream party could possibly even comprehend these concepts, never mind, put in practice what they enshrine in polarization from good.

For the majority of voters it was a democracy of the great unwashed cake eaters, of pure Satan and secular U.S. at its absolute worse, as in, godless French or Russian revolution, as in, how could it possibly get any worse?

The only one left with a legitimate self smirk and shred of superiority, though fleeting it may ultimately be, depending on what 'we' do next..... is Satan... of the election of the dark days of 2012.

It was our leader, our race, our version of secularism, our side of narcissism, our hero political dream- team, against his-ins. It hi-lighted exclusively, that neither the electorate or the political parties held a monopoly on complete idiocy. One sentiment you never heard after this election was, 'the people have spoken.. and they must be right'.

Of course, when was that ever a truism? Never mind the (now) majority of Western hedonist secularists, if 'numbers were the thing' that ingratiated (if definitely not enlightened) the masses addicted to the opium of self- pleasure at any cost, and narcissism, onto the trail of the one Truth of the one Christ, then the communists and Muslims would have all the keys to the World and the Kingdom, wouldn't they?

Truly, the government of the only two participants the 'peoples' themselves even allowed was elected by the 'peoples' who wouldn't trust themselves with as much power as they granted political hacks of corrupt political parties.

The rallying cry could very well have been, Separation of Sate and Religion... and true, God had no part in any of it... He was definitely not called on...and not wanted among men and 'party' who claimed and unchallenged as His equal.

How has evil brought America to this point of a disgusting election of 2012, to mock God and celebrate evil on both sides of a Godless nation who now have everything in common except how to divide the take.

There is no portal, in the political, cultural, religious, governmental, or natural institution... that evil didn't perpetrate, fester and spread as a cancer on the whole body.

And no one was enamored with all that glitters and glistens than the parents and grandparents of today's youth.

And for all of the yester-years of wasted lives, who has suffered the most, but today's youth with no one to fight for them without ulterior motives, or defend them, but numerous secular havens would use them at every, and any opportunity.... not the 'least' being those most entrusted with them in spite of their parents the teachers unions of the secular schools of North America.

If you could forget anything else that the secular schools should require as mandatory reading, the one thing they should read.... that their parents and grandparents so worshiped... it would be the Satanic Roosts of Rock and Roll by Donald Phau.

Anything that bad, with that much detail, with that in depth evil string of persistent commonality, couldn't possibly be 'made- up'... It could have been just as suitably named Generations... Possessed.

It is 'owed' to today's youth why the streets aren't safe, why no one is going to Church especially Catholic educators, why the current Catholic hierarchy is doing nothing to defend itself never mind Catholic children against governments, special interests, and activist judiciaries, why they have only one parent, or no parents, why there are currently more women employed than the traditional family wage earner, why they have effectively, no parent at home, why mom, pop or both suddenly went faddishly gay, why the family blew up, and left them on their own with nary a job insight after years of schooling and debt, and why no one has a legitimate sympathy for the mutilated babies at the hands of their own, 'liberated' mothers. What could be more 'liberating' than a right to kill one's own, the only area in the entire evil world where absolute liberty apparently does exist, of course 'most' would never have an abortion on their own, but guess what, millions do, in self and public celebration...while yet, thousands if not millions.... are forced to have abortions.

Beyond that, the Marxists have been in North America longer than any person still alive that could remember their nefarious head smashing entry...or the family source of income the labour market, and the unions, they bred, incubated, and raised of the ugly, and initial highly selective 'brotherhood', with the expensive tastes for only the most well healed worker sectors to begin with.

The rich who could better fit a camel through the eye of a needle than enter heaven acted on their own 'home- made' temptation on the justification, on how far 'they' themselves let the Marxist unions out grow their own insatiable appetites for money and power, to where unions couldn't afford the costs of other 'brotherhoods'.

The 'rich' outsourced, and 'part-timed' the full time jobs to labour pimps and communist nations and others, and instead of even going half way with the wages, (where they had to hire domestic, better said, new immigrant in the service industry, increasingly cornered by the international SEIU) by a majority..... cut wages to minimum.

Yet, 'both' sides promised 'prosperity' to everyone either in never ending debt, or in 'investing' non-existent capital by some mystery flag-draped mass, if they just voted for the party of the lower classes or the upper classes.... (parties that in truth cared about nothing or no one, other than their own power and wealth, that both could rape out of the 'same' secular liberal Frankenstein establishment, tempted onto an obviously weak nation, in the name of what is best for them.

Amazingly, (or maybe not so much) while family wages are bottoming out, North American 'family- homes' have been sky-rocketing by investors with the true 'American dream' of screw everyone else, who have replaced the domestic stock market with gold, and the family home.

Look, people may not want to face reality, including the reality of the fruits of the effects of the super natural, especially, if they are personally having a grand time, while everyone else around them, personally, or publicly, has fallen to the side, but I 'dare' any person or group to come forward and honestly and intellectually point out 'any' national institution, culture or religion, that has not been consistently attacked by Satan, if not capitulated to evil itself, exactly such as main-stream political parties, their cheer leaders and bag-men, to the point that should be awful self-embarrassment to admit it not brag of the 'winning' team.

Considering how poisoned all these societal groups are, we now have to sadly rely on our youth, (for all the garbage, the bad hands we dealt them..and bad examples we set for them), to be our only hope for a Christian revival on all these fronts. They need to be led by Christ, Himself, as no one else dares pick up the gauntlet in His name and sadly lately, that even entails the Vatican or at least the Vatican's control over its own hierarchy in the western world.

So be it, and let the youth do it themselves in rebellion to evil (this time) and from Christ's own words.. no one's Marxist or ultimate pacifist interpretation or foot note needed. Christ called the children to Himself and I don't believe He needs any help in this regard. Let the youth change the world to a better place for their children whereas they will see how short life really is without hastening death any sooner.

How can you have a Church of no absolutes from a God who only preached absolutes!

He proclaimed the solid and logical Truth.. that no one has come up with anything 'better', because they can't, not they wouldn't love to.

Though the Canadian Bishops would seem to differ, He didn't say  "forget everything I just told you, if your conscience or your better judgment disagrees with me" and smoke em if you got em and kill your babies if you're going to have them.   

Logically, from what we can see of the 'liberal values' of a godless 'free society' in its full glory into accelerating deterioration, what envelopes are left to push, except self- possessed anarchy of the newest cool fad.... zombies and sexualized vampires from hell?

And why not?.. Homosexuality put forth an obvious unnatural marital revolution that could do nothing, but sexualize the family by any definition to anyone, and sexualize children, directly or indirectly promoting inter-generational sex, itself. The world has become all out obsessed with sex and feels a need to push that on children and the younger the more perversely satisfying to adults.

Paul Gordon

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