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The One About the Pope the Babies and the Abortionist

*Update...according to, U.S. Tv is 'coming- out' with an assisted suicide sit-com! Canadian Tv and the Women's network beat to the punch! Listen for all 640 talk radio hosts to discuss value 'seriously'! Worse, dummed down multi-culturized 2012 listener fans to take them seriously!!!

So there are only seven babies, one pope and one abortionist with gun left in the world

Now, for whatever non-reason, (…after all the atheist convert abortionist ..doesn’t need a reason, having only ever answered to himself ) this abortionist finds himself with an uncontrollable desire to shoot all the babies.

However, the non- reason could even be that now in his eighties, as a child he was brought to a Nazi death camp as a young innocent Jew, with his innocent family for the politically correct crime of being born a Jew and as such, born in a historical time and place, within the far reaching nationalist enabled grasp of one of thousands ( .. now millions) of mad men who come along with every generation.

Modern 2012, mad men are greatly less hindered and not considered so….. by their masterful (anything.. populist is masterful… Satanic rock beat\strum\ rift/shows are celebrated and ‘worshipped’ as ‘masterful‘) weaving in public expression of free speech often implying good and evil of equal moral relevance and worth to the liberal establishment with any number of useful dolts ready to die to defend but for nothing else apparently.. talk about talk is what it is, especially anonymously on talk radio) like a Hitler from his prison cell, a bottle’s toss from the National Beer /legislative/judicial Hall, or an agitated atheist liberal troll, with no envelopes left to push for himself not already intellectually enshrined in a modern but same ole Marist derivative of a talking point from his mothers basement.

Alas thank hell for cyber comment boards, where else would the liberal DNA chained Turrets gene itch be scratched, and to remind us all that ultimate velocity vulgarity has been attained and as juvenile popular in the ‘forbidden’ as ever…… one giant step for the absolute talent- less, whose memory and appreciation cells for the vulgar far outweigh the few…. dedicated for thought.

And so in a suspension of time, 2012, man… proven, over centuries as not even standing in appreciation of a humble greatest love, ultimately, gifted…. most preciously through divine granted choice, (before, State… was even imagined) but to not be entrusted with a lowest of expectations of living up to and within the blatant self evidence in humanity alone, of the ‘fallibility’ but hardly a slam on the worthiness of life, itself.

Man is not only most loved in his humbleness, as Christ is in reciprocation by man, but is of his greatest worth to humanity, and is most understood and glowing in shinning purity to come to Truth, as an innocent child would.

But, that world is gone at this point

It has come to a world of individual and collective pantheists and even among such common gods, they seek populist cult leaders in all societal aspects, culture law and politics…or anti-Christs all the more to free and validate their own broad band moral proclivities differentiating nothing other than a common hatred for a common enemy of Judeo-Christianity.

It has come to striking one’ s chest and genuflection at the flags of nations….. in reality … nothing less than even greater fallibility… personified and magnified in this nuclear pantheism unleashed, and unabashedly now… cherished, through all nations… in no greater scope than in N. America.

With laws for all seasons, and political special interest, reasons, that sometimes transgress into God’s domain alone…. to appease the myriad of self- gods who welcome activist intrigue, and offer State permission that is to comfort the very soul, itself… and mend the broken collateral damage of ….all freedoms for all….with more non- choices in practice but, for their own good.

But, then such innate flags of the sanguine hues of ‘blind pride’ for the sake of mutual commonality in celebration of non-values that cycle back to nothing, to be proud of … only guiltless self indulgence granted each other in the greatest fallibility of all…democracy.

A ‘democracy’ that lends itself much more to the abuse of humanity than to the benefit of it.. What could hell be more pleased with, than a system that says majority rules, (unless of course, if populism gets it right once in a long while, like when Christmas and the Lord’s prayer were still allowed to be public expressions, Marxists were not offended by in which case a political court makes sure morality doesn’t win the day, in their appointed lawyer ingratiated superior powers in secular societal guidance.

It was only a matter of time before the United States and Canada would fall to the lowest moral denominators, when in fact, and as proven, that, for all the saluting of humanist flags nothing in ‘populism’ is likely to escape a ‘populist’ voting system in totality.

Just look at all the ‘invited’ …populism, spreads its legs for.

First off , who and what, ideology controls the educating of the children on behalf, and in the name of the State? Of course for decades, encompassing/ensnaring more than one generation that has been the non-voted ‘privilege’ of very militant Marxists of the front line educators and in unchallenged unison with the politically correct administrations.

Who controls what few parties are ever going to get and how much, if any exposure, and who has the most disposable funds (with guaranteed returns) to donate and influence to peddle, to see that their party is seen to the most people, as being the most populist or faddish choice? (see teacher’s union with the perpetual death grip of ‘no choice’ on the far greater mass of children, for just one hand of the liberal establishment too long in comfort of the master reins)

Liberal and conservative corporate entities obviously also have much more say in who will ultimately win over an individual’s say and in such contests of populism (acutely cognizant of increasingly world Judeo-Christian vacating, including Judeo-Christian leadership abdicating and non- interested, youth abandonment) the difference in such parties would be increasingly less.

And if one doesn’t think populism is the hardest worker from Hell … look how easily mothers now kill their own, generations dump debt onto their own children… how justifying ‘national obsessions’ with sexual perversions have become ingratiated with all kinds of unrelated attributes but, ‘for’ those sexual proclivities. how single motherhood is a bona-fide pillar of liberal establishment, family destruction with unprecedented family male marginalization, in part due to majority of work force ‘traditional primary family wage earning positions’ now being occupied by a majority of overstressed family matriarchs, etc…. of course, equating populism with individual and in the case of Marxism, and just another branch…. Feminism…. .‘group’ narcissism.

But, back to our abortionist not unlike one ’awarded’ the Order of Canada Medal… greatly depreciating its value lower than Blackberry stock… But, that’s what else populism can do….make moles into cancers and mountains into public enemies.. It’s all about whose calling the morality, isn’t?

Yes, maybe as a little boy in this Death Camp, are hapless abortionist may have even been scandalized and traumatized, maybe had every innocent thought and soul dedicated electron mortified to such a degree that like the mental manifestations of ‘some’ homosexual molested boys, that they can and do commit suicide down the road, not from public bullying as justification for ‘enforced’ social interactions, (and unchallenged) on Catholic schools in Ontario, in the form of student homosexual clubs, or on the far end of the damage scale, ‘join in’ the same evil practice themselves, (and as the media encourages, even celebrates such, with evil secular groupies into death, and other perverse cults,) as some un-repaired mental coping mechanism.

Or, like a vampire or zombie bite, oh wait.. that is the newest fad for entertainment isn’t it?

Hence, “Woe to those who would harm these little ones” implying at minimum, that there are boundaries of evil that once stepped over, can not be forgiven, let alone be healed (as we patiently await for just even one such individual, state- unleashed and unlicensed, secretly spirited, into our communities) But, as in, ‘absolutes’ of evil and good, like there was ever a doubt?

Goodness as never existed in a vacuum except in heaven.

And there has been a massive advancement of evil in modern times, wherein evil is much more readily obvious and successful.

Back to our cast of characters.

This pope knows of the abortionist and knows what the abortionist is going to do. Call it intuition, for you legal type atheists.

The old and evil- captivated abortionist expecting no issues from the pope, slowly pulls out a gun and aims it at the first baby.

What would the pope do?

Drop to his knees in fervent prayer.

Leave the abortionist alone, but stand in front of the babies to take the first bullet.

Or lunge for the abortionist and attempt to at least disarm him, but feel no remorse in the event that the abortionist is killed in the struggle.

The answer ?

Well you could ask this pope, himself for some timely insight, but one can take leaps to Truth in simple logic which in itself belongs to God.

He Was, and Is, as all was and is….

Contrary, to popular atheist pantheist belief, man, science and mathematics do not stand alone, Nor, were they not in existence before modern man discovered them, and seemingly, at times takes credit for their very invention, over discovery, and now demand the right to teach our children all societal aspects including belief and morality in their brazen arrogance? As voiced from a liberal establishment children’s science entertainer whose innateness is supposed to make him more palatable.

And why are their (by their own discovery) maths and science ‘complexities and properties‘, and life- sustaining universal connections or minute and massive inter-relationships needed by humans…. if humans, were created through purely accidental conditions… apparently not replicated in any other of the millions of millions of planets many billions of years older than earth, whose advancement would be expected to be such as to communicate with earth in more meaningful ways than a sixties television series, Spielberg space series, geek imagination, or lonely adults club, or George’s overnight conspiracy A.M. radio.

Science itself is the most solid proof of the existence of God.

And the most ridiculing of atheists.

Such a scenario, as above is necessary to put forth today, for the very reason that the moral anarchy of the celebrating boastful nations of the world is indeed a reality… and it appears that not only has humanist secularism taken such root as to claim to be the default of all mankind, but that there is few and fewer, even interested, in challenging such a hellish notion for the sake of all God’s children.

Christ was never the ultimate pacifist, and certainly not the one Marxist atheism claims to be as the anti-christ nor did he dine with, or forgive sin. He dined with sinners who had previously known nothing of \Him… an excuse some but most could not use as a defense today… hence His next appearing will not be a teaching moment, but a logical not dispassionate ending to protect and reward the righteous.

Logically, on the obvious literal level, Christ did not go to the trouble of pronouncing, ‘there is no greater love than to lay your life down for another’ ,as a useless pacifist gesture, ten second time- delay, until evil got to the intended helpless, anyway.

Nor, just for the even greater glorification of the great polish priest, Saint Kolbe, who, in fact, was able to bizarrely negotiate his life in exchange for the life of a Jewish father in the same death camp,.

Nor, did Christ have to say it.. (at least, until and since, the sixties), for mothers of their own babies, whose own love for their babies was no less than the Father’s the Son’s or the Holy ghost’s…. for them.

He said it in logical Truth therein included compassion and mercy and love that there will be ‘just’ wars, that will have to be fought, and Christians, much more than atheists will be counted on (in my opinion) and in many military commander’s estimation, I’m sure.

What is asked of Judeo-Christians right now, isn’t to give up their lives in Western free nations strong armed by humanist atheists, nor even to be Saints.

Just giving up their own narcissism would be sufficient to start the ball rolling and give Judeo-Christian governance a chance… not by ‘theocracy’ as the GOP would have all secular voters believe, but by plain decency.

Paul Gordon

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