Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Truth Holds Up a Little Longer Than the Last Caller

Forget Everything Else, Christianity Holds it Own Nicely Through Logic and Reasoning For Just Two Realities

And it's held up a little longer than the 'last caller'!
It's bad enough John Oakley always goes to relative unknowns, and the un-credentialed dregs of atheist leftist extremism for train- wreck ratings of entertainment fireworks, such as lesbian magazine publishers, retired union goons, old politicians, Ryerson professors, and atheist organization talking heads, but with his tired class clown shtick of irreverance does he also seemingly 'always' have to take the lefty side because without 'host shoring- up' the leftist, in this case 'extreme'. leftist starts to drown in its own talking points.

Listening to militant Marxist, feminist Gretta, Vosper, United Church Minister and founder for 'Progressive Christianity' yell at, and interrupt Charles McVetty all through the John Oakley show on AM 640 Toronto 'Canada's 'number one' talk radio show, it is plain to see how easy it is to make Christian attackers look idiotic if never able to actually shut them up.

They never go to logical reasoning.. They just grow sharply louder.

Charles pointed out to minister Gretta of the liberal church of mush and nonsense that electing Muslim terrorists to govern your people while residing beside Israel, who have a brotherhood blood oath to annihilate Israel, and sending missiles into Israel was not an acceptable civilized or logical way for a nation to gain world sympathy or deserve nationhood.

Of course, the liberal talking point to this is what else can they do when they don't have a military might... like Israel?

The answer is of course, isn't blowing in the wind, as are no 'Truths', it's to do anything they want to do, short of terrorism and murdering innocent people and children, and yes, that would include planting bombs on buses.

What a novel way of fighting wars. If you can't afford an army, brain-wash your 'kids' to be suicide bombers to go out and bomb mothers and other kids... and that's okay.... just like all Marxist causes... because any method justifies the means.

But, back to intellectually disingenuous, John Oakley, who dutifully (to Corus stockholders) pokes at the fire for the sake of keeping the weaker debater alive...isn't this the way the social interactive net-work (as limited and contrived as talk radio, and day time television talk-shows were) has run for decades until the Net made real social interaction at various levels possible?

And if you really want to get 'entertainingly' provocative listen to any of his 640 station co- talk- show hosts throughout the day, with the exception of Charles Adler, (definitely one of those 'not quite like the others) who suggest such things as getting rid of all religion, getting rid of paper money to track any possible cash discretions, delightfully proclaiming that social conservatism and real Christianity is dead, prostitution and drugs legalized, people be fired from their jobs for comment posts, kids be 'forced' to socialize with dogs, yada yada

Sensationalism, and populist B.S. has a monetary value for media outlets... going all the way back to .. the 26 year national run of guru TV tabloid guy, Phil Donahue (married to femme pro-abort Marlo Thomas) onto Jerry Springer, and onto modern Oprahs who we are to believe that if they act more seriously, that they are to be taken more seriously.

'Talk shows'... of all things laid claim to truth by- applause- sign and made themselves the warm-up act for hedonist sexual behaviour of all kinds of unbelievable, vestites and transgenders yada yada in the North American culture... And with that, what's a struggling television time slot to do, but saturate 'sit-coms' with lifestyles of the few and perverted as long as they are 'celebrated', by the godless masses or what's two rock stars in a lull to do, but like Jagger and Bowey to do, but climb in bed together (once).

Of course, that was a shark- jump for Bowey. The Stones are a solid living argument that beauty could be better skin deep...and no doubt they would consider being skinned for Body Works by Dr. Gunther von Hagens pervert of the macabre inquiring minds (displayed in recent Bond movie) to still go on world tours and be venerated by fellow Satanists after being plasticized just like a vinyl record and their rock celebrity brains.

The plain Truth can be had at any of your 'better' Christian outlets though it's not quite as tabloid flashy, and humanist emotional.

The thing of it is this

When you take on serious realities of Truth and try to ply them for entertainment and cash/ stock holder value through populism.... your credibility is shot!

....About as credible as an anonymous provocative call- in or equally, an anonymous provocative blog comment. Or as credible as a pro (study of kids of lesbian couples) by professors of a California college of and for a homosexual organization, that only allowed for 'couples' together for 26 years or post Marlo and Phil Donahue but pre Oprah.

And when shows like Oakley's or Springers immediately go for the crème of the lefty pool of Marxist/atheist/hedonists as a legitimate debaters or intellectual leaders, for entertainment value it is not morally or intellectually credible or ethical, (like talk show host celebrities have scruples they couldn't be talked out of from the next sniveling caller) and that should be the disclaimer, as the station does agree with the opinions of the following as long as the ratings are good to go.

And that's the difference between an Adler and say an Oakley! Intellectual honesty..

Paul Gordon

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