Monday, November 19, 2012

Making the Only Sense of the Election Compatible With God

Making The 'Only' Sense of the First and Second Obama Wins Compatible With Existence of God

There is only one logic, and it belongs to 'Christ The Truth' ( that, I'm still waiting for the Vatican to proclaim The Year Of... just so there is no more confusion to world youth plied by world academia and world Marxism..... to deny!)

There of course, was no one in the 2012 election that stood up for Judeo- Christian values.. to wit, the one set of Commandment based values, of the 'one' logic of the one Truth.

Who would have thought that the Commandments brought down, thousands of years ago would still hold it's own against modern evils whom can't come up with any logical attacks against them at all...
yet proclaim so many 'truths' of their own, based on faddish, emotional inspired populism that won't stand for a few decades or until the very next fad.

Do atheists, libertarians, homosexuals, communists, pantheists, Christian and women murderers and mutilators in 'all' Islamic Nations, actually have values that can be extrapolated through to Christian Truth? Very few, if any, at all, that are not contradicted by another man-made 'value' of their own and only the few that are actually directly copied from Judeo-Christianity precepts!

And what 'empowers' the state and judiciary 'stacked' freedoms of atheists, libertarians, homosexuals, communists, pantheists, Muslims (but only eastern Muslims so we're 'permitted' to believe), to validate their truths? And make no mistake, they hold their humanist and hedonist illogical narcissistic inspired populist 'truths' closer to their illogical thinking, and defend them much more vigorously than Judeo-Christians... do.... the one Truth, of the one God in existence?

It's comes and falls under various axis of evil as it has for time- eternal. This time, it is Christian devoid multi-culturalism, a violent and vulgar anti-Christ Marxism, just as deceitful, and more and widely popular than ever, and politically- correct granted rights and privileges for 'systemic' ill-treatment of political special interest groups, constantly propagandized onto youth from a last century Marxist- won 'academia'.

In typical Marxist anarchy, in all of this, we have evil's 'intended' results of gender against gender, generation against generation, intense hatred rejuvenated inspiration against real religion.. Judeo-Christianity, public Nazi-like train-wreck hypno- fascination and 'celebration' of perversities in the arts and sciences (Dr. Gunther von Hagens manages both with Body Works featured in a Bond movie) promotion of intergenerational sex and pedophilia (NAMBLA with many academic professorship support) but especially in 'public' sexual perversity, the center of all moral break-down.

Who cares about life, family, children or 'anything', for that matter when you can put pleasure the more decadent the better, first in your life and in your thoughts, as the godless tend to do?

'I want it all... I want it now.... and I will vote for anyone who 'promises me exactly that' and thinks like me... national late term abortion veto enabler, Obama, “No young couple should have to be faced with that !” (pregnancy) in an 'unsolicited' question or speech on abortion.

The Obama win was a lynch mob on morality itself, and the Christian blacks who voted for him on the basis of what, the winning team? the winning race?.. put the courage and faith of their Christian ancestors to shame as their narcissistic hedonist descendants played as so many useful idiots by evil.

There is yet a new derogatory stereotype of American blacks ... millions are free to embrace... apparently, against the backdrop of Hollywood reinforced, still simmering white hatred... recycled through black Hollywood icons such as a Spike Lee, and Samuel Jackson, and extortive, activist icons such as the Jesse Jacksons, and Al Sharptons, the majority have done so... It is not the Truth or even the 'racial pride' of a false truth that sets anyone, or their! In reality, it hasn't, yet, in case no one has noticed and never will! Choice is a swinging door, until someone, empowered from something, locks it from the other side, after the people have been swayed into the cattle cars, and showers.

Homosexuality has raised itself, to having been esthetically (non- visibly, unless self- communicated) 'civil rights' violated...'raised itself' to attributes of child rearing, on the only 'distinct' basis of hedonist sexual perverse acts.

And it has only recently ingratiated itself with such virtues as monogamous relationships, and values centered around a perverse unnatural lifestyle to be spread around as a natural common 'truth' itself... that attacks Christianity with a vicious hateful energy, from within, and without.

Who would have thought that sexual perverse acts carried out in the shadows of shame or for the sake of the cool 'forbidden', had all these life-style attributes and great human secular 'character' attached to it.... ?

Who would have thought such 'flowers' could sprout from such 'tunnels' of, and in the slimy darkness then paraded down main street in the annual rose-bud pride parade to hi-light the whole, and inclusive extent of un-naturalist of lifestyles... again... of an otherwise invisible small minority?

Where is 'natural' no matter your faith or atheism, for a man's penis to go into another mans reservoir and one- way muscled portal for the excrement of feces.. of all things, that even animals don't transgress (despite homosexual propaganda that this is 'natural' in the animal world as well, and what else would the empty vessels for liberal establishment propaganda raise to 'worship' levels (i.e., climate and environmental doom) primarily through the tool of faux- sympathy, that we should have sympathy for even the inanimate, are the common electorate of 2012.

I don't deny there are homosexuals who enjoy this really perverse kind of activity. They move their 'parades' from city to city every summer. But, why should such activities...the 'orientation' of the “lifestyle” that separates and ingratiates a sector of society to have its own, look-the-other-way laws, special distinctive rights, or privileges?

... Not to mention, the 'reality' that they make-up a huge percentage of the charged and convicted numbers of pedophiles and obviously 'all' the pedophiles of boys.... for such a small element and percentage of the general population... who by the court dockets... continue to make their ways into positions of authority and respect with power over boys!

I digress, but there is such a modern capitulation into the homosexual perversion, since the advent of A.I.D.S and Hollywood sympathy for the now totally controlled disease that was always a disease that required choice and action by those infected and those infecting. And what is the reason for the ingratiating special child rearing attributes on a small group who not only 'couldn't- help- themselves' from such immoral disgusting actions of molesting young boys from babies to teens, but who couldn't also help-themselves from engaging in deadly sexual roulette, or doubly perverse addictions?

CBSs 'Sixty Minutes', alone did a number of exposes' over decades on the whole homosexual 'can't-help-themselves phenomenon though their motives were actually to drum up more and more sympathy, as if sympathy can legitimize perverse immorality aka sin.

Out of second chance mercy, Christ 'forgave' a newly reformed long-time adulterer about to be stoned to death...Even so, he didn't 'legitimize' her sin or anyone else's. Neither, did He give her the keys to a secular kingdom of sin, where she could turn around, abuse, marginalize, or chastise God, as participants in secular... judiciary and 'human rights'.. legalized sin do now.

The fact is the 'free' world has so 'imprisoned' itself into the secular humanist and blatant hedonist world of 2012, that the 'brakes' had to be put on, and they needed to be put on much sooner than later as the GOP would only put it off at least an extra four years longer, in claim of being the 'good' guys, and only choice of Judeo-Christians, but with no inclination or intention to be such at all in their big tent practices and policies to attain and hold power.

With the advent of the social media and Internet news, or the news media not being sole property of the liberal MSM to be disseminated at their sole pleasure... Judeo-Christians could monitor the overall movements of the GOP elite and their master public relations strategies, instead of waiting at whistle stops for custom polished speeches and sweet nothings.

The GOP loss is actually good news for the prisoners of the secular atheist won world to be freed.

Now is the time for this Judeo-Christian base to start their own united party and there are plenty of leaders in place who only need to 'unite' to do so.

Like the solidarity of Poland unification against the communist enemy, a much more insidious enemy from the same Marxist roots has captured the narcissistic desires with false 'dream' kingdoms, and killed the souls of the formerly free masses and forced them into banal and common Marxist, atheist, secularism.

It is a Marxist secularism that gets nations into great trouble, but allows for no alternatives to get them out of trouble... China has tried desperately to hold onto communism, while profiting from capitalism, which is more of a proletariat 'dictatorship' (than usual) over a true communism, where the proletariat may have shared a little of the peasant's pain. Look at China as the spider who welcomed the flies who would be attracted to feces were it salted with the always indifferent dollar... no different from North Korea, except that their dictator or son of dictator having squeezed the living crap out of its own people must now 'extort' western nations under nuclear threat like some bad Bond movie from the sixties.

This 'solidarity', already well placed, only waiting to happen consists of the one Judeo-Christian media outlet, almost at MSM heights, Worldnetdaily (WND).

It consists of nation recognized politicians like Alan Keyes, and awaits the defection to the 'good fight' of the likes of Rick Santorum, and defection of 'Catholic' Laura Ingraham (who I think will come around) out from the wilderness the GOP has cast itself into.

It also consists of the few 'good' North American Bishops (which exempts European loving Canada) still loyal to the Holy See, and aging but very powerful Christian leaders, Billy Graham and Doctor Dobson, who are already sorry they asked Christians to vote for the phony GOP out of pure desperation to throw out the hot Devil, but worse, put the simmering luke warm Devil back in power.

Are there any William F. Buckleys left, or did Socialism cow all modern intellectuals into never again speaking specifically on moralty ?!?

And you're not an intellectual if you don't ply morality or logic (actually owned by Christ the Truth) in your proclamations.

You're your own captain, with a crew of none sailing the S.S. (Short Sighted) Anarchy through the stormy seas of selfish hedonism, fueled on selective sympathic feelings, that turns on everyone eventually.... aka university professors.  

Oh last thing...... bite me!... all Human Rights anti-speech muslim and homo top heavy commysions! 

The 'Forrest of Trees' is getting thin and the sound is carrying a lot stronger through the blogisphere. We're here... get used to it. There is more than immorality that can't be turned back.. and our victories will be in polarization of your absolutes.

Paul Gordon

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