Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's To Be Patriotic About When Evil Is In Charge

And voted in charge by your next door neighbour with the election sign in his front yard, or the co-worker sitting in the next desk, at work.

If you recall the movie, the Nuremberg Trials, (Spencer Tracy), you would get an idea of what I'm writing about here.

Granted, it was a fictionalized account from real trials that actually made (the actual greater number) of German judges look better than they actually were, and granted Tracy was just another Hollywood hedonist/alcoholic/socialist who couldn't put two words together that weren't typed into a script passage, but it put forth some dramatic points of what should inspire true justice (and what is justice if it isn't true.... mercy therein, included, for Christian nations) that should be reflected on by any of today's activist judges.

What two of the three judges concluded (which you would actually credit the script writers with) was that no matter what excuses they put forth, i.e., following orders, for the good of the arian nation.... that these judges  as men were still ultimately responsible for their own actions and therefore guilty. I can't even remember anyone saying that in a long time.

You, see that's (one) element of 'patriotism', Hitler and his Nazis worshipers had going for them.... 'activist righteous judges'!

Hence, there was absolutely no reason that they should be left out of something like the Nuremberg Trials. Every civilized society including the U.S. as seen in their three levels of the U.S. governing body..... the executive, the legislature and the judiciary ultimately does rely on its judiciary to keep civilized society just.... more so than the other bodies who (in historical retrospect) have proven to be simply, elected 'populists'.... One word, Obama. But, of course all winners are populist.

Certainly, in modern times, the more unpopular Judeo-Christianity becomes and the more popular, hedonism becomes so goes the nation, so much so that immorality is a full time job for the liberal populist establishment to justify and to do so has to be done in the courts through the 'Nuremberg' Judges, in addition to legislation.

Outside of halucinizations and alien five commandments from Krypton, age old Judeo-Christian 'Constitutions' enshrine that judges can be 'just' and immune to political correctness, but only if a Constitution exists, is respected and applied.

Modern lawyers hardly being immune to great gobs of money and ambition themselves, who would think Nazi judges, former lawyers, themselves... no doubt also politically appointed early on in life for their party affiliations, to the apparent tune, (this part is true) that only 'one' judge, refused to buckle under the 'new way' of 'doing things' for the glory of the Fatherland. This one judge actually tried to battle the Nazis in Court... 'the legal way'... until he was forced to resign.

'Permanent' establishment conspired multi-partnered 'temporary' injunctions come to mind, for modern times in the free world. This too, was represented in the fictional movie by Richard Widmark the prosecutor, who, along with the judge are pressured by greater international 'establishments' and for the sake of political expediency, to let the Nuremberg Judges 'off the hook' of personally sending the better off Jews as it were, to the death camps, (and eventually, the guilty judges are released from prison from their 'life' sentences.)

Gee, who would have thought that a whole judiciary would be in the bag, usually in conspiring with politically 'party' attorney generals... like that could ever happen now, eh?

The current state of Canada is such that Canadian soldiers are fighting on foreign soil for simple regime change... granted lives are undoubtedly being saved, but for what, and for how long when the Western world supports the next woman and Christian murdering SOB from the pool of Islamic SOBs, that's all there is.

Which also reminds me about another parallel in this movie. Over a million Jews and Catholics are shipped into Germany to be exterminated, but just like our Western Muslims, who to this freak-in day claim not to know what happens in all their Islamic 'homelands'..of keepers of the faith, Germans didn't know people (women and children) were being, raped/ beaten/ tortured/ shot/gassed/skinned/scalped/de-teethed/incinerated.

Does anyone else not think something else is amiss with tying blind zombie baseless, patriotism, to a nation you might think, has more of an allegiance to Satan than God.

Canada's and the U.S's historic 'capital' of some things to be proud of, has long been spent, like shortly after the second world war when the liberal Marxists began to worm their way into the soul of our nations. I just read today on Worldnetdaily, where a number of States have drawn up petitions of at least 27,000....60k in the case of Texas for secession, primarily because they believe they have been 'had' and something wasn't right about this last election.

So now, they are working at making it a hate crime to believe homosexuality is a sin, never mind believe that homosexuals should be married or raising someone else's children. Abortion is still as legal as it ever was and more so than it ever was amongst WWII German citizens I'm sure.... and for any willy nilly reason from sex selection, future financial outlook, to plain old eugenics.

If you are going to be blindly and obnoxiously patriotic, get yourself an education on what your nation actually stands for.

Would you be patriotic to the point of say professing to die for, your multicultural neighborhood, your city, your province, your favorite entertainer, sports team? Then why die for your country run by political unscrupulous parties and politically correct judiciary, which has based and girded itself on the same principles of fleeting hedonistic 'populism' while loading up the Judeo-Christian cattle cars for the increasingly figurative popular death camps.

If it's about leadership, it's about morality Stupid!

And what the Hell, unites the United States if it is not common morality,
shitty music? sports teams? DVD television series? the knock out game?

I can assure you it won't be 'values' if you ask even your neighbour to define his values or what the State's values are, or the nation's!

One doesn't elect 'values' aka morality, one elects good or evil and in modern times all choices are often immoral and evil.

Not tax cuts, fickle-ized foreign-tempted absentee capitalism, even more socialism, union job destruction, and expensive Marxist union monopoly on public paid education.

Paul Gordon


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