Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Pet Name For Populist Liberal Idol Justin Trudeau

New Pet Name For Populist Liberal Idol Trudeau Anyone who didn’t realize that Justine Trudeau would be a Prime Minister in short order after his Caesar speech/dad eulogy go to the front of his English class. Who could be more popular in Canada (aside from CBC’s greatest Canadian like- forever dude, Commie Tommy Douglass) than a brainless but handsome inbred of the Trudeau extended (into acute mental illness) family ? Who else would generations of Canadian Leninist/Trotsky’s Toronto Star/CBC nourished (on Mark Steyn special ingredient milkshakes) from the great wars to present. vote for. Who else would union goon taught Canadian voter masochists of FU Ontario and Canada little guys… vote for? And people are surprised where we are today with a Macbeth witches cauldron of all party brew with varying ingredients rising and disappearing from the top as constantly stirred in political correct populism if populism wasn’t bad enough on it’s own ill merit that brings any selfie tempted evil to power. So I’m thinking Justin Trudeau’s pet name should be based on his impending legacy. Justin Turdeau, Turdo or Turdo man as in the piece of crap shaped and constituted torpedo that sunk Canada fpr good, nest’ce pas? Paul Gordon Irishrus

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