Saturday, February 22, 2014

Liberal Parties Straight Egg Faced 'Greatest Misnomer 'Fact-Check'

Liberal Parties Straight Egg Faced Greatest Misnomer Wouldn’t you think that a political party that calls itself ‘liberal’ by name in official title or implied in ‘values’ b.s. that fancied itself the champion of youth looking for knowledge and seeking truth would have a heart on fire to allot freedom of choice in education, and real academic freedom… for it’s citizens? Anything, and everything of immoral choice is always on the populist table including a modern drive to accept pedophilia as a ‘lifestyle’ of the sick and plenty… ‘anything’ that is, except freedom from Marxist socialist educational control and the only publicly financed grossly inferior and expensive compared to anything else on the educational scene Freedom of choice for education is a non- starter with liberal parties (and liberal by any other name including progressive conservative). There is only one tightly blinkered educational program, that is cultish in nature and twined in political correctness that has no place in any learning sphere of a knowledge and truth that looks at everything and takes no prisoners in populism or propaganda but extrapolates on logic and fact. And that is the only program that constantly oversteps its bounds pushing there same political correct Marxist curriculums on to other privately run education systems through unions, Company Store administrations, and ‘Ministers’ and State legislatures of education on both sides of the Can./American border. So hey kids, when you think your hip liberal leaders ever have your best interests in ‘anything’ especially the right and financial aid to seek real knowledge and truth think again. ‘Just for 'modern' cool humor laughs and likelihoods’… in the proud and pretentious world of political b.s. Elton John has a song remake out…. now that the State is tossing him baby boys like welfare checks to fatherless nouveau families. It’s like my sons going down on me. Yuck is sooo right. Liberal life is one ugly bitch to everyone, but the selfie.

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