Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yeah McFlaherty Sit Down and STFU

Yeah, McFlaherty Sit Down and STFU So McFlatuence came up against a bigger ego than himself in Stephen Harper. Not that long ago Flaherty went up against Eves when it came to saving families money and Eves the Premier at the time stood down to his subordinate finance minister. In an election promise Eves offered families education deductions for school choice but Eve’s would have nothing to do with that and Eves went chicken shit instead of standing up to him McFlarerty must be the only person in the whole world politician, or not who seriously believes government should be in control of as much money as yours as government possibly can …. Some conservative eh!! McBeaver Scrooge would rather stiff working families, and force women to work rather than have government tip dip down to the greater big picture and rise of the nation. What a Canadian number two ass! Harper has his only chance of beating dementia and youth favoured populist, Turdeau... in the gift wrapped (not to mention fair) split income tax passage. Not that I would vote for any main stream party especially pro abortion 'conservatives'..... ‘our friends’who McFlaherty would have save like Scrooge while families and mothers worked in the minimum wage work houses.

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