Sunday, December 29, 2013

Does Your Wife Know You Don't Share Phil's View of Preference?

How absurd can political correctness be when a man who says he prefers woman to male anus's is made fun of and punished?? Duck's sponsors, A&E and legions of liberals don't share this 'view' of Phil Robinson's of not equating a woman with a same sex practice and therefore,with little wiggle room on 'it was what it was'...(Phil only stating his personal preference} must prefer male anus's tipped and dipped,in feces themselves. Yeah! That's the enlightened way!. No mental illness there. I must be odd because I don't prefer anyone's anus for anything thank you very much! Proud Natural Normal and Definitely Not Politically Correct Paul Gordon. P.S. With wife George Smitherman's (Diaper Man's) 'husband's complete mental breakdown that the Toronto Star didn't want to hear any part of... will Children's Services be offering any 'help' with the children they granted the 'couple' to adopt .. After all George did say his husband was going to require a lot of rehabilitation in the hospital.

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