Sunday, December 8, 2013

Want Christian Votes? Here’s the Logical Christian Recipe Listen up, GOP U.S. and the Progressive Conservatives of Canada and Ontario. In a liberal dominate established continent where every aspect of law, order, education, entertainment and politics is so totally screwed up, that end of the world predictions seem more and more ‘logically’ forthcoming as in ‘is there any possible place morally worse that we could seek out?’, is it any wonder that official conservative parties are what they are, liberal shadows of populist climbers? Generations have been dumbed down and zombizied ever-so progressively, by self-destructing Marxism. Each generation is taught to celebrate their independence of family values and wisdom, in that their parents don’t know or appreciate victimization, the high priority of changing what can’t be changed, or their university ‘earned’ renewing class privilege over stymied class ignorance or in the know university trained/ over university taught, proletariat superior wide ranging sensitivities down to the urgent micro management of behavior, and thought towards community do-good unification. Yet, what can you base community worth on, if its modern liberal decided premise is that immoral individuality is a ‘public’ expressional right, earned through community sympathy, or community self-guilt for ‘appropriately’ not acting on one’s own narcissistic immoral thoughts. Of course, logically, there is one scary alternative to the unintended society-destructing of this explanation. That being, that society is now officially okay with evil and there is no bar where morality ends and immorality begins. And even more scary.. that on the surface at least, this does seem to be intentionally the case… Which, for only one aspect, (probably the least disconcerting, as far as humanity is concerned) does rather destroy the credibility of all current elected politicians in their sincerest of speeches to work for their communities and constituents. Current politicians and parties didn’t get where they are by not tapping into the political life sustaining blood of populism.. a ‘blood’ currently evolved through, by, and for liberalism.. again over generations by all the societal pillars of establishments. Currently, there is only one viable political party that has a glimmer of hope in all of North America not only for socons and Christians, but solidly for the good of all citizenry, and they are not even an independent party from the liberal governing wing of the GOP. That would be the group currently vaguely entertained by the GOP…. (like Canadian political parties vaguely entertain pro-life elements within themselves) and that is the Tea movement which needs to become an official party in its own right. What elective alternative could even matter to a Christian seemingly with national, if not the societal nigh is at hand regardless. It is of no matter to Christians if the communists, the Nazis, the fascists, the imperialists, the dictator or even the capitalists win over the nations… if there is no distinguishable morality concern between them all and they care not a wit about the innocence of children and their souls, or the very lives of the most vulnerable! This is fundamentally what was/is important to Christ! Not how many denari is in everyone's robe... with no apologies to the Jesuits or the Vatican! And to the modern political parties of the liberal establishment… indeed what have you won…except the sickest immoral societies your ilk has created unmatched in history. You surf your success under the fictional name of freedom on the worst of what man wishes on himself that destroys every man around him. No Christian should put his mark of acceptance or mandate claim proclamation on a political party that has already welcomed the Mark of the Beast! Real political leadership is faint hope you can aspire to this Christmas Paul Gordon

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