Friday, December 20, 2013

My F.O.& D. List for 2014

My F.O.&D F.O. 2014 Short List Being pro-life I’ve revised my F.O.&D list to just my F.O. list for 20014 though I am ecstatic to see Canada’s Order of Canada abortionist go the extra mile for me this year. Happy returns I’m sure. In the spirit of kid’s first, Miley Cyrus tops my 2014 list for letting her Disney sized pea brain be manipulated by her trainers no doubt male money makers. Just ‘leave the kids alone’ on your new ventures into the porn industry, a trip not lost on the public school boards chained to the Ontario Government and its pedophile arrested sex education number one advisor. I doubt the unions would even take all the credit for the elected liberals on this stinker. Next is GLADD the misnomered organization in history second to Planned Parenthood. Why is GLADD the only one allowed an exclusive finger on the censorship button of modern broadly perverted nations?? Corporate businesses and A&E. Just like the times when GPS’s sometimes lead mindless followers off harbor docks or in the path of speeding trains… as A&E just found out, so where GLADD can lead them. Boy did GLADD pick the wrong time and place to flex their muscle this time! Robbie Ford.. for being such a good conservative practical politician, and non homo capitulator, yet such a F up of a publicity craving individual who doesn’t no the meaning of quit that is…. On his personhood. He needs to take in some Duck Dynasty on his downer time over crack. Huffington Post, for its obvious fictional accounts attributed to real ‘hurting’ homosexuals… chicken shit..anonymously sent, yet for such celebrated causes, du jour? Hard copy Marxist journalism for captive readers is becoming a tougher sell every passing day… eh Huff&Puff. Toronto Star… New York Times and a host of others…..dittos Prime Minister Harper… whose poker face has cracked and shelf life expired… Who else can be against sex selective abortions but for tax funded abortions on demand? Unelected hanger on Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn and her lesbian and pervert education advisor extended family. Is there no provincial impeachment laws when the judicial rolls over and farts. Speaking of farts and those richer thn the Queen’s…… Pierce Morgan, who was dropped kicked from England to the U.S. tabloid air waves. Every freaking Muslim nation leadership and their terrorists in waiting! Next in line B.M. fellow ‘liberal minded’ P.M. Turdeau who actually makes Harper look like Saint Stephen. Obama What’s to say that people didn’t already find out the hard way! Paul Gordon

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