Thursday, December 19, 2013

A&E: A Boot Up Your Ass It's the American Way!

A&E: A Boot Up Your Ass It’s The American Way So the Patriarch of Duck Dynasty stated his honest opinion and one shared by millions who don’t even have time for A&E programing or any TV like the homo activists do. Boo freaking hoo! TV needs Duck Dynasty more then the other way around I’m sure. Liberals like to dress up the disgusting unhealthy practice of male buggery with the lipstick of male on male ‘love’. Except, that the male homosexual ‘lifestyle’ has little to do with love outside of mental illness. The history and present of homosexual lifestyle of buggery is such that it is mostly anonymous, and devoid of emotion or attachment, not to mention too commonly brutal as in boy rape. ‘As in’, pedophilia as in by and large owned by homosexuality in percentages compared to normal individuals (not different) individuals. Everything else is populist and celebrity liberal fantasy. If Duck Dynasty is to be punished for the Truth, however they want to phrase it, so need millions of us. Paul Gordon

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