Thursday, December 5, 2013

Obama Perfectly Personifies Evil of Governments

Obama Perfectly Personifies Evil of Government Far abroad, and in the neighborhood the vast majority of people which would also be the vast majority of (at least} eligible voters look to governments for the most critical of life (and death) aspects of society. People look to government for legality.. which apparently most perilously (for all concerned), equate with universal morality. And also apparently, to Cardinals and Popes alike, that’s a big Dangerfield OK, as far as the modern Catholic Church abdicates.. that, as long it passes the ‘personal’ conscience stink test… How sweet and socially non-abrasive pabulum. Yes! that’s what I remember most about the Gospels, do it if it feels right and better, to someone else…. if it’s also ‘good’ for you. Sadly, the ‘one’ anecdote en mass to government and Marxist control because it was not born of the world, the Catholic Church, has itself only modernly evolved into the stilled tail clenched in the jaws of the chasing dog, evil populist world. The people also look to governments for national and ‘future’ bankrupting economic ‘universal’ safety nets far above the ground …. not far from the tight rope… that cannot possibly go the socialist distance or breadth of the continents, let alone the world. When government gives to the poor it takes it back from the poor through enticement of easy money in numerous lottery numbers scam games and sport and casino betting and through heavy taxation in the billions, on products typically more abused by the poor such as drinking, smoking, so called medicinal pot use…etc. But governments most damage to society could arguably be in the morality or rather immorality it legalizes, it indoctrinates youth with and now ‘enforced’ through reasonably unconstitutional quasi- judicial boards if and when, the official judicial branch rarely disappoints them. Governments, directed by politicians, especially like Obama, promote and encourage abortion and advises that, “No young couple should be punished (socially or financially) with a pregnancy”. Canada’s Stephen Harper and his equally politically correct party is of the mind that sex selection abortion is abhorrent but not enough to go against the modern status quo of tax payer funded abortion on demand anywhere in Canada. British rulers are worse. Germany’s leader refuses to strike a Nazi initiated law that youth must be taught by State or heavy state control and homeschooled detractors are to have their families torn apart and parents imprisoned. Divorces are legally expedited quicker than a honeymoon and homosexuals are allowed marriages and adoption rights. Everyone has a government unmistakable immoral law that has worked for, or against, them up to and including murder by state order, and it is because of the populism required by immoral political leaders to win and because of (now) generations of taught and instilled narcissism, celebrity worship, and immorality, by Marxists that agents like Obama have the ‘fors’ they need to win elections. Between populism, and celebrity worship it is adults who will vote Obama’s and Obama like governments no matter what their instincts or intelligence tell them and no matter what government immorality is established or further extrapolated towards enshrinement. Paul Gordon

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