Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lib. Bill Carroll Bitch Slapped by Reality

Lib Bill Carroll Bitch Slapped By Reality The other day, radio show talking head, Bill Carroll was filling the airwaves castigating any, and all who would dare to speak publicly or privately believe that unnecessary vaccinations are not good for the community kids at large. He went on obnoxiously (the only way libs can) lecturing his audience on how scientific community (drug companies for extreme profit) can be trusted with your children’s health. Except, that no less than a day later the same vaunted medical/scientific community goes public that they’re suddenly not sure whether vitamins can help you at all or even whether they contribute to an early death! I wonder how Bill ‘feels’ about the consensus of the world scientific liberal branch of community in how they ‘feel’ about global warming (invented by award winning Al Gore). Carroll, without the use and benefit of a liberal safety net of (liberal) ‘studies show’… walks his own plank as self-righteous village crier and protector claiming that the sudden mass influx of autistic children just coincidently raises its head at the same time inoculations are administered by order of the state! Well Bill, by our own anecdotal experience is such that we had two autistic children one who also had grand mal siezures right after her shot, and a third, whose own immune system attacked her own blood platelets after her immune system went berserk from her inoculation for relative rare diseases. And it was the Drs. at Toronto Hospital for Sick Children that suggested that her inoculation was the very culprit that caused it and that came very very, close to claiming her life! It takes village idiots to destroy children and babies. Paul Gordon

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