Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fairy Tales Can Come True They Vill Happen To You

Fairy Tales Can Come True
They Vill Happen to You

When you’re not very smart, and here is the worst part. The state will train your kids but be gone when things fall apart.

Yes, humanism can make miracles come true, and for everyone at once, unless you’re not with
the program, that is. Just keep embracing and passing on everything you’re told from ‘news
media’, looking for heroes in all the left places, from cheesy shallow celebrities, and the perpetual
Marxist academia cycle.

Then keep electing humanist liberals, (there are no other kinds) especially the ones who call
themselves Catholic.

Do politicians, quick to call themselves and tell all eligible voters, that they’re ‘Catholic’,
because they’re hoping some of that ol’ JFK(ed everyone) way over-rated godliness will rub off
on them?

Of course, once elected, then McGuinty, Kennedy, very much all mainstream party, Catholic
politicians do the classic Faust thing, and tell the Holy Father to join the same one-way hike as
their souls.

And keep in mind, that in Canukistan, every politician who calls himself a Tory or a
‘progressive’, or ‘fiscal’ conservative are often more liberal than a liberal, just not trusted by the
CBC, Star, or Globe.

And who can blame them, once a turncoat- always a turncoat, like McKay or Harper, the top dog baby killing enabler, and Captain Canada Hank Mourge-en-parlor’s best buddy, apparently. What other government sat by, why such an obvious evil and mentally ill person, got his top Canadian humanist award.

Do politicians call themselves ‘Catholic’, hoping some of that ol’ JFK(ed everyone), way
overrated ‘magic’ will rub off on them?

Sexual deviancy is not only treated with wonderment, awe, and respect, it is something to aspire to, it is all good, and the distinct basis for becoming families and entrusted to raise other people’s

Now that’s a couple of whoppers for miracles pretty hard to top... right there.

Yes humanism is full of miracles.

People won’t die in accidents. They won’t die at all, unless, and until the State says they vill.
Like when a child is ‘unwanted’ or a drag on your lifestyle, like when ex- spouses want you
warm- dried to death. (kind of like freeze- drying, only more painful and over a longer time).

Yeah, the United States of America, apparently not ‘United on matters or Morality’(like there is
something more important to be united on..certainly not freedom of speech, either), really backed Terry and her birth family on her life, over an estranged husband and his girlfriend didn’t they?

How about that half-assed ‘cranky’ effort from Jeb Bush (excuse us , Jeb, we didn’t mean to
disturb you on your excellent political adventure in its infancy? And you think you would be
picked over Palin, for a Presidential choice, Jeb?

The feminists really helped her as well, seeing as the estranged husband was able to own her like a piece of property, and it was his thumbs up or thumbs down on this young woman’s life, who
obviously could not depend on her estranged husband to protect her from her estranged husband hellooo, you idiot feminists and high court/ tiny minds, justices.

Of course, in Canada, we have homosexual celebrity socialist/diamond thief politicians attending
assisted suicides so we’re way better than the U.S.

Really, this guy, Svend Robinson, was a legend in the NDPs party and in his own mind at the
time. He stole a diamond ring from a jeweller on a Good Friday, was apparently caught on
camera, was tipped off by the RCMP to turn himself in, which he did on Monday, and didn’t
serve a dime’s worth of time. Now he’s making ( or attempting to make) a political come-back

Dreams can always come true when you mean just so darn sweet and well, and can cry on cue.

Speaking of Nazis, Germany appears to be the only nation in the world where home-schooling is
actually verboten and families are getting the old German Jewish, ‘well, that’s a fine how do you
do treatment’, with official governmental disdain. And we thought Maggie was the iron-lady.

Dreams only come true if you get with the plan and stop believing in right and wrong, or stupid
and logical.

You will have all the money you will ever need provided free by the government, free
babysitting, welfare, unemployment, health care-ever decreasing in services and increasing in
waiting time, educational choice as long as the choice includes the nation’s largest and richest
union, the most expensive direct government program with the poorest investment return, and a governmental bureaucracy or its arm-length’s stooge, also, pensions, nursing homes and funerals.... just no dental care outside of extractions and no expensive new drugs.

No children will fail at anything.... just moved along. University students won’t fail as long as they say and write the politically/academically correct papers and have all the politically
correct/academic opinions the Marxist professors want to hear.

Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario Canada actually tried hall language police who were to
report and challenge any wrong political opinions or wrong ‘political values’ ‘overheard’ in the

Unions can extort, employers, citizens, taxpayers, and consumers as much as they want, for as
long as they want and as much as they want.

Yes, decency and certainly Christianity is well on the way to being outlawed and all manner of
raunch, filth and child polluting public displays are legal, and murdering of babies anytime,
anywhere and for any reason legal, therefore, good and paid for.

You’ll never own land. You’ll never be able to do what you want with the land you occupy and
must keep safe for (not from) intruders, but you will be still able to rent land from the State and
have a piece of paper that pretends you own land.

Hot off the presses this weekend. The humanists will keep you free from illnesses, you were never going to get, or that counted for the unusual.

The Board of Health, or media hype, talked or balked the Bishop for the diocese I attended Mass at into announcing that there would be no handshaking (actually a poorer timed directive in the Mass there could not be, but that's beside the point) there would be no Holy Communion on the tongue (against Vatican direction), there would be no Holy Communion in the form of wine.

The Church has extraordinary (read ordinary occasion for) ministers for Communion. Why couldn't they give Communion on the hand for those who take Communion on the hand from anyone, and the Priest could give Communion on the tongue, for those who believe only his hands have been consecrated to handle the Body of Christ?

If communicable disease was the concern, why not wipe all the pews down after Mass, sterilize the missals, and door handles? Why not cancel Catholic Schools?

But why not believe that the Body of Christ is the Body of Christ and not just a symbol or why have Catholic Mass at all, and why let the world ever, ever, control any part of the Mass, but especially the passing of the Body of Christ to His children? Unbelievable!

Just be careful, fairy tales can happen to you and vill, if humanists get their way.

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