Thursday, May 28, 2009

Absurdity = Political Correctness

The legal term for common sense is due diligence. i.e. given the situation you ought to have known or expected this to happen if you neglected to do this or if you did do that. Courses have to actually be taught to remind senior management what common sense is.

Yes, even the term, 'common sense' is not politically correct because the left cannot justify anything they stand for against the back drop of common sense or logic.

Of course, the supplanted liberal establishment never can define their values because their values are only measured in feelings, and considering leftist darling groups are some of the angriest people in the world they don't need (accommodating) people as the song goes.

Some recent examples go as follows. A few days ago some people commented on an online story about some Catholic Brother Orders who abused boys in their care, in Ireland. Some were sensible comments but others of course, kicked the dead horse again with, "When are Catholics going to allow their Priests to marry to end this behaviour?"

How does allowing heterosexual Priests to marry, stop homosexual priests from doing, 'primarily teen aged' boys?

Homosexuality is a darling of the left, not the right. How they infiltrated the Catholic Church so heavily is up for debate, but there is no denying that they are there and that they opened the door for other leftist ideology to pile in, especially Marxism.

So in due diligence the Catholic Church recently started screening all new priests for homosexual tendencies. 'Who would have thought', that you won't have priests doing boys if you don't have homosexual priests? Of course the 'feelings based' left born primarily of television talk shows from the sixties and strengthened to today get their 'feelings hurt' coming and going so they resent that homosexuals would be left out of the priesthood.

This kind of thinking won the day at Notre Dame with the Obamaizing of Catholic academia.
Catholic universities have long been politically correct so Obama's invite was a given.
The trouble with political correctness is that it is widely accepted and practiced, and in the end put into the heaviest punished laws in practice because they make an ever expanding group in society 'feel good', as opposed to actually doing very little good.

The Vatican didn't come down on Notre Dame I suspect because Catholic education in North America, (particularly in Canada) and is rotten from the core and the bottom anyway, and because they didn't want to insult the newly installed President of the United States.

I don't agree with it and can not think of a better way to start re-writing Catholic education in North America than by shunning the most pro-abort Marxist President in the history of the United States of America, but this I suspect is their reasoning.

It is my understanding that the US Conference of Bishops can take away Catholic Status of institutions in their jurisdiction so why have they not already acted instead of waiting for the Vatican to be the heavy while they let political correctness grow and prosper under their very own noses for the last sixty years and more?

Out of political correctness Obama has nominated a female Latino Supreme Court Judge who believes she will rule different than white males thus proving she has no concept of racial free or 'blind' justice right out of the gate.

Anyone who believes Obama doesn't know how this woman will come down on pro-life cases through his personal vetting and conversations, is dreaming.

Perhaps Presidents need also take due diligence courses.

Paul Gordon

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