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The Truth of the Sacrifice of Easter

The Truth of the Sacrifice of Easter

Christ’s weakest moments as mortal man, or man destined for death, were not as He was kicked,
thrown and dragged down the rough road attached to His cross through the chaining of His
destiny with; and as the centre of, all Prophecy to that date and all dates thereafter.

His weakest moments were in the Garden when he wept openly, while his loyal defenders slept
in prophetic peace of perfect complacency of the Shepherd Lamb then, and as ancestors of
mortals of all the lambs of today.

Where else, but amongst the beauty of a contemplative garden, gift of God, cultivated back as a
gift from man, worthy last earthly request of any man, could one commune and share his pain
with the Father, begging to he released from what would begin within hours?

What would begin in a short time was extended hours of a slow and white hot painful death in
man-made cold environment as only men can make for each other, but for only a love from his
less than a perfect Mother would equal, and a few brave outcasts not expected to be brave.

It would be a climatic death that had to be worse than any man suffered before or would after to
suit its logical purpose in fate of destiny. The ‘Supernatural’ of his death would merely be that he
(as mortal) would have to stand not to see another day but to endure more pain than man has ever inflicted on another and could never be copied with a living being.

There was no morphine to be offered only a vinegar of a wine for the lips and an endless amount
of blood to bleed.... until the measured amount of sacrifice was sufficiently administered.

Peter came to know this and at the time of his martyred death tried to show this point in being
hung upside down on his cross as to not take away from the death his humbler and unmatched all loving Master endured.

In communion with man that man may be in Communion with Him, he, as man shared a
bottomless despair no man has endured, to that.... he sweated blood.

His next weakest moment was having endured it ‘all’ and still enduring more He cried to God, in
isolation and despair, Why have You forsaken me? Indeed, why do we forsake the most helpless
and innocent among us in the name of ‘our’ rights, our moment in the ‘dangers’ of the Sun, our
cowardice, or worse our indifference, when we can reap the ripest of fruits of sacrifice... for love.

Finally, in fulfilment of Prophecy he uttered his last words as man “It is done” the living
Prophecy is done and He became One with God after three days of death with man.

Not the least of Christ’s mortal suffering, however, would have been when he was disowned by
his hand picked followers, for he long knew of this time already, but when after the scourging at
the pillar when He was dragged before Pilate in all his pain.

The Pilate, who represented collective secular man’s weakness’s in compassion bounded in the humanity of comfort of self, first in not challenging the angry mob. Pilate was still, as man, a person Christ could harbour no ill feelings for, and how could Christ do so for the mere crime of Pilate made from the same Creator, of not opening himself up to the love of the battered and bloodied man before him, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do..”

Certainly, he would not, nor could not say... "Off with your head, you non-believer!"

“Where is Truth?” Pilate asks of Christ as to say, show me here and now that you are the Son of
God and only then ‘will’ I set you free. As all man, I have either, yet to learn, or having learned,
come to forget of....this ’ faith’ you speak of.

Incredulously, I find there are fewer and fewer these days who truly do understand the Truth that has always stood before them battered and bruised, the only denial that keeps them imprisoned in guilt if not in sin. Christ as Truth, is never put forth as a serious concept from the pulpits because apparently it would challenge too much of the concepts of the imprisoning and limited 'freedoms' of man.

Truth as in ‘perfection’ of love, beauty and logic enveloped in meaning and purpose and reason
for everything that exists in the creation by God.

What human philosophy or philosopher can touch the very real Truth that existed the exact same way of then now and forever? What celebrity or leader of today has this to offer and can deliver us all or any of us from anything? Get off the humanist wagon to Hell.

If this not be the Truth.....then what be it, indeed, that could ever be generated from man!

When can Christian and especially Catholic religious start believing the most important facet of life, death and life again, and use this as their building block. Well it can start with the proclamation of the year of, ‘Christ The Truth’....or back to basics. Plenty of love, satisfaction and peace guaranteed!

Easter 2009

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