Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let's BF the P.C, Party System and Establishment With Glowing Pride

Let's BF the P.C. Party System and Establishment Out of N.America

This weekend perversely dressed and undressed B conga lines will be dancing down main street Canada.

Perverts will be peppered throughout the parade and lining it alongside their enlightened chattering class friends and families who like political mainstream parties set their moral clocks to the day's latest tv talk-show. Obama's other mentor, and friend, Opray is their god and jogging the Sunday roads is their church.

Who will be laughing at whom is the story of the 'parade'?

You can sleep well or be restless tonight in the reality side of temporal truth that the small minority that conquered North America with a honking heaping helping from its media and political friends is laughing at us.

They are laughing at our, our beliefs, our very thoughts, all our institutions, and our modern (flat-line) empty Christian Churches. But they are not laughing at our children who they demand mind, heart and soul and now even from birth as political sacrifice in perverse assaults on marriage.

Their immoral propaganda is thick at our schools, our media outlets, and entertainment venues, our places of work and nefariously attempted to invade our families through government preferential financing of Marxist educational always politically correct brain washing.

We're still playing Sodom's (Canada) national anthem in the House of God.

There is only one spark of a 'theoretical' hope for Canada in the whole modern day propaganda of Canadian nationalism and it won't be the one specifically celebrated by anyone, this weekend.

It's the one that gives us the right to throw 'all' the political bastards out if we so choose, especially the two unelected provincial party leaders who will be donning strap-ons today and who passed an un-mandated socialist budget the Province has to live by.

In theory...but can there be a concerted effort in practice, for this legal and peaceful revolution seemingly in the historic season of revolutions.

Canada has granted itself a 'Stay' on free speech 'for now', as the homo lobby also tried to stop our communication lines in the public square through non-elected proletariat HRCs primarily manned with university kids who graduated no matter their papers and marks as long as they were politically correct good little brown shirts, and especially in defiance to their dinosaur thinking families.

We are to feel guilty for having asked for our free speech right back.

So how do we fight back in absence of any conservative party or Catholic or Judeo- Christian leadership against this entrenched all-level establishment, real conservatives only ever dreamed about?

We do it with the vote. Forget what your modern conservative party, (in Canada Mulroney and Harper made the liberal party transition long ago, that Americans are no longer laughing about either) is promising to put in your pocket temporarily (and just added to the same credit card the liberals have worn the numbers off anyway)

Go for the gold. I don't care what you've done... what sins you've committed as all sinners do, but let your's and Christ's children grow up with a knowledge of the Truth along with the World's populist propaganda so that they can make their choices for themselves and prolong their innocence past government controlled daycare. Bring the children onto Christ, not unions who extort personal raises 'for the sake of the children' or increasing government control of all aspects of family life including finances.

The immoral and socialist populist schemes that you can no longer hold your nose for as a trade off for the destruction of your family, turning your children against you and most of all the very souls of your children won with a highly selective and limited academic education has got to end.

Vote only for independents or social conservative parties, the only parties for you and your children who would dump the Marxist pervert educational cornered market in a heartbeat and allow you to choose your school, your teachers and administrators, and your child's academic and moral education.

If it's true riding representation you want, independents are the most favored and listened to members of parliament because Bill votes often come down to one or two votes in minority governments.

The more independents the more 'brakes' applied to establishment parties with the goal of stopping the establishment from enacting anymore asinine p.c. laws or appointing party hack crappy lawyers as Supreme Court justices.

Ask your Bishops and your Priests what are they doing for God, Country and the souls of children.

Prayer and anthems are no longer enough!

Paul Gordon

Marmora Ontario

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