Monday, July 1, 2013

Look..Look Down On Your Screen! It's..It's Super Premier Wynne

Look, Look Down on Your Screen! It's Super Premier Wynne

Look down on your screen! It's an effeminate old guy.. no it's a square jawed, crop haired, not tooo handsome,  granny, it's the husband, it's the doesn't know what it is.

It's the perfect politician the Super Premier!
And who, disguised as an unelected bureaucratic- like p.c. enforcer fights for teacher butt kissing unions, and NDP budgets with bullshit, lies in the newest traditions of the liberal way.

And whose only kryptonite fears are general elections, people with mid-range memories, a refused tax-payer credit card, her party's last Premier, and voters outside the recent immigrant not so diverse taxi drivers, multi-cultural new government consultants and HRCs of the Greater Toronto electorate.

Yes, this 'courageous' old fast talking super whore of a politician of a bastardized, of the second worst of three mainstream parties was the first Ontario Premier to attend the pervert parade in (getting scarier every year)....Canada's pride and joy .... Fag Town.

Wait a minute, so Catholic (in a pig's eye) pope hating Premier McGoofy whose own kids attended private school and who disguised as a human being, forced socialist schemed homo kid cuss-ca-dears clubs onto Catholic schools (did I mention that, his or any political 'leaders' kids would ever be attending?) never ever attended a Fag Town pervert in every sense of the word, parade!

Sheesh, what a hypocrite first- class 'homophobe' with free passes all through his tyranny years. I guess he was only a proud pro-abortionist to his family and former extended butt kissing political family. Yes, off to Harvard with you, just like a Turdeau, you'll fit in great and fool the young and foolish of academia (and students too) with your purest of bullshit.

Obama has already warmed them up, especially in the Catholic hating department, for you.

Dump the three 'party' or 3/ 3rds liberal establishment vote... for real riding democracy next election. Vote independent, or for inexpensive and true freedom of education, socon parties.... everywhere!

Private unions reigned into reality, can no longer afford even the interest on taxing raising highly politically- favored all level.... government 'brother' unions.

Paul Gordon

God's Country... Ahhh

P.S.  Canada Day special message

So if your birth nation is everything worldly and absolutely nothing spiritual (going by your goverance by  comparatively small geographical centres chalked full of politically and nefariously inspired immigration who lay claim to your National values) what of anything is there to be 'proud' of over say, China, Russia or any atheist European nation?

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