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Imagine There's No Evil: Prepare To Die

Lay Homily To The Catholic Church

Listening to the new populist educators the talk shows, the other evening on the way home, there was a segment on this world distraction, the nerd man's spy..Snow Job, or whatever his name is.

So some retired hippie, probably a teacher imbibing in some early evening martinis or medical hooch taken in its most favored stinky state gets on the horn and comes up with this blast from the 'peaceful' past to the effect, 'Nation's ordinary people don't want war... don't want to kill each other... It's the cause of the 'government secrets' that cause wars. There should be no secrets! Love baby..not war! Cue the Hail Satan pro death feminist witches with capital Bs. Yeah, that's the ticket.

She had the emotion as do most of the modern taught and modern teachers but she didn't have a notion. Or as OJ's every man's lawyer might say, if you aint got a notion, better to check that emotion.

There may be a few ordinary people in the world depending on where you bracket evil on the ever rising ordinary moral fluid mercury of progressive year 2013, but I can assure you, Madam Feelings (and thanks for that telling anonymous call) and thank you, dead deceived and betrayed druggy, John Lennon, whose messages were as important as the Stones, Dylan, the Monkies, Elvis, Madonna, and all Rappers of grade school rhyme fame and fortune...( Hey...stay in school at least to grade 3)

...But, there were, almost never.... and certainly no more... 'ordinary nations', with majorities of 'ordinary' thinking and acting people, anymore than there are ordinary, but all the same 'elected' (by soul and brain dead Madam Feelings), 'Caesars'... that make the original look like Jesus.

Ah shucks, just when we took for granted we eliminated all evil in 1945 and it was a time for all around western societal self- improvement primarily through World gods of Marxism, in entertainment, in journalism, in narcissism with 'free sex' and harmless recreational drugs (entertainment showed us by brilliant example), in national socialist Satan cell phone detonated time- bomb economies, and in the field that really holds youth by our short hairs... hijacked academia, we found out we weren't victorious over evil at all.

Hell, there were 'evil' big, little and medium bonfires popping up immediately, here, there.... everywhere, at home and abroad. Two real big ones... were talking forest fires.... just from year- old former ally super powers, China being one, of two ... even rescued for (many peoples) sake by the western allies (and less thanked for it, than by a fanatically murderously fickle PMS.. Islamic nation), who would be just as happy to slit every western throat, post WWII as led and instructed by evil mad men beyond description, except to say... could arguably make Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and always crazy, but at this particular time, fascist Italy... look as good as a last drink date on a Saturday night.

There are only three kinds of people that empower bullies on this supreme nation leader level.. and I don\t exclude western nations.. Those, promised something nefariously, if not murderously, directly gained that can't last or morally be upheld without national consequence, those, that hope to be noticed and chosen for a proletariat-like beneficial personal part, pretty much the whole news media, and then there are those greater masses by far of those 'good ordinary' people, Madam Feelings refers to, who fall from being 'over-whelmed by it all'... whose persecution must exceed that of Christ, to be over-whelmed enough to toss their children into the spinning ball to have its way with them in every manner of mind, body and soul. Or as otherwise said, “A lot of good men doing a lot of nothing...”

So here's the thing for Priests and the Catholic Church and I'm sure that applies to not just the many Churches I've been in because if it wasn't.. I would have heard of homilies where the politically correct offended, were fleeing for the exits in indignant protest and insult to their generational brainwashed intellect.

I would have heard of well healed 'officially' anti-Catholic... Catholic Marxist teachers whose over-sized heads were never shrunk from sprinkled Holy Water or whose soles were ever lightened with Church threshold Holy Salt... hitting the news conferences to enrage, and enlighten their union (aka) World bros and sistas that the good gig may soon be nigh.

I would have heard of the extra collections to help private Catholic education by real teachers of real vocation continue to pass on the Word of Christ as opposed to the various perversions of the World.... and so wantingly the earlier all the better.

Now don't get me totally wrong, I have heard of some remarkably truly Holy Christ-inspired homilies on occasion from what I took to be nominally ordinary fallible priests and of course, were ordinary fallible priests off the Altar.

Even so, the time for truly inspired and proper self-improvement, being the 'total' extent of all homilies is not now.... no way(!) at this time, with the whole world amazingly slipping... accelerating into the sunset of the darkness and its Prince, for good.

I've heard sermons go to the wrong track, some of world socialist persuasion, some anti America, yet even others, ​(early-on), pro- Obama sermons so I know Priests, though not very often, can bring a modern example to the eternal teachings of Christ...duh!.

If you could find a WWII documentary piece/ movie with real footage that does 'not' show a chaplain-ized... real Catholic Priest celebrating Mass and distributing the Body of Christ close to harms way and offering the Last Rites directly in harms way... I'd like to see it.

Christ was ultimate good, not ultimate pacifist and the reality of existence is that good does battle with evil... maybe you heard that somewhere?

It is the bad guys that turn that battle into a physical one, from a spiritual one and Christ accentuates this with, “There is no greater love than to lay your life down for another” telling us that there is a time for war and a time for peace, seemingly in reality,   time for war always somewhere.

During his co- human state, of course, Christ didn't kill (as the Islamic prophet was only too happy to oblige) but he did fight evil on a number of occasions with supernatural intervention.

But anyone who believes Christ did not look down favorably on the then officially Christian Allies, and all their battles with nations that adopted and embraced world evil needs to form yet another Church du jour, maybe 'Just Another Church of Feelings'... sounds about right.

We aid brutal Islamic rebellions simply for regime change of the same evil that brutally murders Priests and burns Christian brothers, sisters and children, and their churches to the sand, and won't even mention this on the Altar of all that is good and Holy for all mankind in battle with the world, or even just to pray for these brutally murdered Catholic Priests whose crime is to represent our Saviour, or fallen soldiers victimized for political purposes handcuffed in the valley of death with political rules of engagement to destine waste of life and failure, is not just sad.

It is shameful and cowardly.

Against perverting the Holy Sacrament of marriage, for world populist learned feelings, a Priest gets kicked in the head for his part in vast French protests against morally corrupt populist laws but seemingly all he accomplished for his good efforts is to sure get the world bullying message across, as Priests are not only scarred to do likewise in enlightened North America, but also disinterested in even mentioning it but rather speak of the history of ancient oxen farming... or the history of the cross... for fear to know what side their parishioners and state turned educational  spies... are really on.

So to the Catholic Church... if you think you can ignore evil or tiptoe around it in 2013 of all times, forsaking the lives of babies and the souls of children, the Holy Sacraments, for parish peace, (not unlike supreme court long ruled union forced membership for sake of labour peace) political expediency or just plain cowardice there will be only a small number left of the true Church who defy the very 'Gates of Hell' when the Holy Trinity does rise and prevail in what must be the accelerated End... but I would caution you on what side you will be welcomed on..... individually..and in conference.

The Word has been spread to the four corners of the World...

The Gospels are plain enough in themselves to get what is essential across to all, able to read and reason... no matter what interpretation by who, is claimed of it.

It is now only a matter of who (at least) accepts it's aesthetic love and beauty, principally by their own journey through granted occasion and grace, or who steadfastly stays, and dies with the ugly attractions of the various screaming midways, freak shows, and arcades of the World.

We don't need Priests for socialism and violent acts of revolution... but Priests for Christ and His Truth we are sorely lacking when we need them most...east to west, and south to north.

We need Priests for peaceful civil disobedience so at a minimum of a beginning, confused and troubled youth who can find no truth in the lies of the world, will understand that though there might be a one world order of rule that there is not a one world 'think' or belief, and certainly that does not tresspass into the True House of God.

Paul Gordon

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