Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Enraptures The Soul

Christmas Enraptures The Soul

When they ask you about Christmas, here is the Truth of the Babe put into a few words that 'sets you free'.

Truth is to be found at the exact intersection where the philosophy of man and the faith and fate of theology meet.. Incarnate and exquisite beauty born for this Cross that champions all the evil that man can do and to lead him out from the darkness and its Leader, to heal and bask in the light.

His Way does not kill to have one embrace it and only imprisons with the up- for- granted bonds of His Father's love whose only prerequisite is to have such a void. A tearful void whose only threat to a world of evil is seen as to wrest its growing deafening, prideful control over.... A deadly exercise in shameful enticement to end in utter futility and failure, under the pretense to heal, to repeat.. not to anew or create, and to allow for historically accelerated pursuit of fully testing Divinely, given choice through Truth, (as the only worthy measure of the worth and goodness of the battered and bruised Holy created human soul.... the singular intricate existing entity in the universe originally set alight in the joint fanfare wonder of life to find its yearned- for way.. back home.)

The soul that enormously separates man from all else in the universe and is blessed with a capacity to send forth and share knowledge of its very being, purpose, and beauty implanted in every human life and refreshingly quenched and validated in the rapture of the birth of the most real and Holy Son of God, no doubt to a heavenly concerto of the Holy Ghost and in covenant to expectant reciprocation of love from man.

Assuredly, Christ the Babe, is the Truth transcended into the freedom of choice restrained, fired and polished, not abused, defiled, or disingenuously and insidiously 'explored'.

The Truth that makes no profit at the expense of the truly impoverished, and their families.

The Truth that ultimately puts no pride, State, Caesar, or laws of man, before the Most Holy Trinity, its stake and interest in the family, and in the hearts and souls that Christ paid for in most humble and pleading fashion to exalt the lovingly worth of man not to control and diminish him.

The Truth that cherishes and celebrates the value of the beginning and the shortness of the individual journey of life not the abuse and hastening absence of such.

The Truth that not lays down one life for an act of war in the pride of a man or men, but that lays down one's life for the same love for fellow man, woman and child that Christ has for another.

The reassuring Truth that no one ever could, or can be, truly imprisoned, enslaved or murdered by man in separation from the Loving Christ, except in open and knowing rejection... A Truth that gave birth to Gospel music, and to enduring hope and faith to the many Christians, Priests, and Saints, who did not survive the deadly politics of Nazi or collective Communist Caesar death camps.

Two thousand years ago Christ was born in contrast and into the hate of the world and only the world has changed and for the worse.

In Truth, we all have Divine choice and there is no excuse, anyone or anything between the love of God and man's choice.

Christ's birth is truly the Truth incarnate that endears copious rapture and renewal for the soul on each and every anniversary of His Birth. Behold, and cherish the Truth of Christ and 'Go tell it on the mountain'.

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