Sunday, March 11, 2012

Please Report This Priest To The Vatican

(For his own protection..He righteously stepped on some huge toes today)

Hopefully, today was one of the first signs of the end of government controlled Catholic education in Ontario Canada.

The stage was set when there was first partial government funding for Catholic education. Then, act one came about with 'full' government funding at the persistence of Ontario Catholic educators and the Ontario Catholic Church headed for all intent and purpose by the Toronto Archdiocese.

When they received what they begged for, the victory in silver was celebrated by both the Church and the educators.

However, it took a liberal government under self- described Catholic Premier Dalton McGuinty, of course also publicly self -described has a pope hater, to start to close the curtain on this act do to, too much corny politically correct adlibbing by tired scripts and long in the tooth acting.

Oddly enough, the Alberta Minister of Education of the formerly most conservative stand-up province in the nation sharpened the picture enough of where Ontario Catholic secular government control was surely headed in a quick step. And of what serious rumblings has to come from the Ontario Church in the very near future for the Church to have any value to any rumour of formal caring of Catholic youth not just on the matter of their Catholic education but for any chance of the salvation of their souls.

The Alberta Minister in charge of how Alberta youth will think from now on, demanded public control of what families will teach their own children in their own house and furthermore, 'his' department of education will make any rulings on what constitutes a sin, 'his department's' domain.

Of course, these are quite remarkable claims for someone simply 'serving' out his electoral term where one of the qualifications is that one need not be qualified at all, to head government ministries, never mind, empowered to the height of gods.

Though one could almost forgive the Minister's sheer arrogant imprudence into 'Minister anarchy', going by the history of the Catholic Church challenging provincial or federal governments, as being in practice non-existent in serious objection, when in existence at all. 'A' letter to the parishioners...maybe 'a' letter to the government would suffice nicely. Catholic educators to this day have had nothing but praise heaped on them by their local priests. Why? I wouldn't know...maybe some kind of mentality of, 'our' teachers are not like that' of a united guitar and tamborine led Kumbiya schtick right across diocese's and provinces.

Or, perhaps from sheer fear of combined teacher/parent attack or from political Bishops who break the descending, chain of demanded religious obedience between themselves and the Holy Father, himself, so they can be 'popular' in their own diocese which they must see (because of their persistent anti Catachesis and anti Magisterium proclamations for one, resulting in enforced 'personal' laws) as personal fiefdoms answerable only to their own whims or idea of personal conscience, long set free by the Canadian Bishops with Conferences like the Winnipeg Statement at a time under the guidance of modernist liberal Canadian Bishops and Cardinals.

Certainly, Ontario 'Catholic' schools are so contaminated with Marxist, humanist fad of populist thinking and behavior, the Church 'solidly married in name' can hold no high rung of morality, or (as they like to fancy themselves) social justice stewardship, for the betterment of all society. In Canada, read as feminist anti-life/ union friendly/ and latest Marxist anarchy fad, 'Occupy Movement' friendly.

But today, if you were in attendance at the Mass my family was, you're heart sang as the 'good news' was finally told from the pulpit from a priest himself.

The good news was a serious admission of how the Catholic Schools of Ontario failed Catholic youth miserably. Not so much, how the Church was a cowardly willing, and willingly blind participant in this failure, but it was a glorious start from past traitorous false praise to the mind bending secularist educators, and non admission of any problems at all.

Yes, this one courageous priest spoke in bare facts of the reality of the state of the union of Catholic educators and it should have been to the total shame and embarrassment of any educator there. For if there exists a plethora of hidden good Catholic teachers, then who would be electing their totally anti-Catholic union leaders since before full funding or attending their circus like anti-catholic annual general membership meetings.

The bottom line this priest directly put forth, was the obvious and he remarkably passed along that he saw this coming for years, as I suspect many priests have, but kept it to themselves.

The answer is to break the marriage of the government and union fanatically controlled Catholic Schools by rescinding the synonym to the truth of Jesus Christ in the universal word, 'Catholic',

Parishioners, (as they do throughout the United States), will have to protect the future of the Catholic Church and souls of as many people as they can, by paying for the whole education of Catholic youth in starting in small teaching settings, without the aid of Marxist or government anti-Catholic forces.

Of course, the Catholic Church will survive these Gates of Hell because it is the Church of Peter appointed by Christ, Himself, but the number of members are going to fluctuate wildly for the near future, that is a predictable certainty.

No one was insulted during this 'historic' Mass because there were in fact, no educators present and very few younger than the retirement age. There were less children (elementary or high school) than could be counted on one hand or their Catholic parents. There was one baby whose sporadic wailings were certainly appropriate to the occasion of the dying Catholic Church of Ontario.

But, most telling are the receptions the Ontario Show The Truth campaign have been receiving from high schools for many years now. One was held in the Lindsay Peterborugh area this same week.

The most respectful and courteous receptions have been welcomed by serious inquiring teenagers of the public boards! They don't pretend to know the Truth but they are hungry for this knowledge of the strange concept to their entertainment world at least, of morality.

The Catholic high schools surpassed Catholic truth and treated the Show The Truth people like lepers and worse. A young crying Catholic high school female principal surfaced from one school to complain bitterly how STT ruined the teachers, and her last day of fun, before the March break.

Too bad, no one is invited to Catholic Schools to 'teach' the facts about abortion and too bad, boards, teachers and principals ruined the souls of children for eternity by falsely claiming and assumed to be in any fashion agents of service on behalf of Jesus Christ. 'Woe to those who would harm these little ones' would logically entail claimed, assumed, or accepted complicity.

Paul Gordon

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