Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Islam, the Perfect Anti-Christ Aided by Our Masters

We've been set-up as North Americans, as Christians, as whipping boys of the left.
Islam is no religion by any definition unless you count Satanism. The left knows it and that is exactly why they opened the doors of North America to muslims and exactly why the liberals can get along with them, because in turn muslims know liberals have proven to stand for nothing, or for the opposite of today to be the vanguard, excitedly at the front fad of lifestyle, and for nothing else except a shared hatred for anyone or deity who would cramp their lifestyle. The ambitious Romans of the worst kind, their energy is to the destruction of society to prove nothing is notable, or laudable and the ignoble is noble, to build on weakness, not strength.

We live for the newest fad and the newest hero.
Is the leftist establishment our masters? What would you call a small group of well placed guilt ridden illogical maniacal people who want to justify their life styles by taking out all opposition, especially opinion, and freedom of expression. Who attack the family and any of it's traditional roles as the civilized, building block of society and nation.

The people who hold the most depraved up as heroic wise men to decide what is wrong and what will be right from now on, on the illogical ill-assumed equation that talent equals what must be just and righteous... That no behavior shall be judged except those who dare to discern or question the brown shirt establishment.

A few short generations in the making, but here they be, and powerful they are. They love anarchy over stability, weakness over strength, poverty over prosperity, immorality over decency, perversion over humor. Pick any topic and look whose side our worldly 'masters' are on.

The overwhelming leftest establishment of the political, the judicial, the academic, the media, the artistic, the entertainment world, is set-up to limit who and how many we vote for (actually, no choice) who actually wield the power and they are carefully contrived... Not always in law but certainly always in peer persuasion with just the right liberal talking point, logical or not, it is always trusted because it is the majority opinion however formed by political correctness. The same such political correctness to points of madness, nationalism, and imperialism that emboldened nations to thoughts of world conquering, from their, 'knows what's best for all' mania, and whose the best for the job in a world that only answers to themselves...with no love or fear from God.

The issues are dictated to us and the priorities are always sited on narcissistic materialism, that only socialism can appease while it bankrupts nations financially and morally always piggy backed on legislative bills. The major moral issues are never brought forth, certainly not as stand-alones because this is how minorities push through agendas never raised on election platforms.

The masters who emblazon themselves judges and gods of judgments themselves well from Caesar's domain into the Judeo- Christian God, keeper of all that is good and beautiful, and protector from all that is ugly and evil, who are attempting to take parenthood itself from the family like the limbs of a baby from the mother by the abortionist tools of death and reality of resulting of empty despair.

We have no say and politicians have taken to the temptation of controlling well over the duty to serve. Surely, they are racing us to the wall as our masters and they are already so, or we would have a mechanism in place to control them... freedom of expression, freedom of opinion, freedom to raise our children as we determine best, not the nationalist, not the hired union forced shackled academic, not the politically correct influenced by the most ignoble causes, nor the atheist humanist.

Yes we have our masters alright and the fix is in, at the school, the university, at the work place, in the courts, in the copy machine media, the outdo train wreck 'entertainment' industry, and for some time to come.


So while the Americans were still in a state of shock over the terrorist destruction of the WTC buildings and thousands of truly innocent ( as in not knowing or caring about causes proclaimed in the name of allah, mohamed's god) were merciless killed, many to have never even known why, knowing even less, than the Pearl Harbor navy occupants knew of their attackers in Japan's first and massive attack on America.

This was not an exception of the kind of slaughtering attributed to Islam over the centuries. It was typical of the blood lust for innocents (in particular) of the muslim culture and still is. One bully tribe taking over the next through any justification to the followers hence, Mohammedanism, the championing cult, not the religion. Men, given a cruel and utter dominance over women.

It is also no surprise that muslims would kill over insults to 'Mohammedanism' or the koran as ingrained or brainwashed they must be to follow customs and rules that go contrary to human nature itself in such drastic fashion, particularly the killing of innocent people.

It is the same as going to WW II Japan and spitting on the Emperor's castle. Or giving the thumbs down in a salute to Hitler. Only the learned mentally ill could kill for someone insulting their beliefs and kill the rest of the world for not converting.

There has never been more than a polite smattering of the millions of Muslims in North America to condemn the fellowship for terrorist acts and killing of innocent women and children and never in self-defense, though some should never have gone as far to even call them insurgents.

This barbaric islam culture never grew from its origins and while being evil, ingratiates the followers of another anti-Christ and admitted Christ hater, Karl Marx on their pretense of being loving and peaceful.

Some of the anti-Christs have been around as long as the Christ and some not as long but none the less, also have relative long histories, but the important thing to learn is that none of them seem to go away and I would imagine if we have a future there will be more to come as are masters are perfectly accommodating allies.

Paul Gordon

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