Friday, March 23, 2012

GOP Long Time Christian Courtship Needs Final Rebuff

I would think Matt Drudge's 'news' item of a snide Dole insult to Christians would be the topper to turn Christians away from voting for Romney no matter what idiot the democrats run or re-run.

Dole, the erection commercial guy, one can imagine, is still seething from when the Christians tossed him out the door he pointed them to, of his new big tent he announced on his 'convention' night.

Here's another cup of cold water in the face for the Reaganite, GOP celebrity water carriers. Christians helped Reagan get elected, and all they got were some Hollywood epic speeches, a pro abortion supreme court judge, and a pro abortion bitch of a first lady. How does that work that GOP slick presidents are always married to pro-abortion bitch women?

I mean 'ostensibly' here we have one partner in marriage believing that abortion is the murdering of innocent babies and the other actually quite okay with it and happy to have millions of dollars in tax payer money paid out to private 'principled' practitioners to perform them? GOPs right about something, if you are slick enough to keep a marriage like that going for years, you are slick enough to run for President,

The Bush's? Pleeze, not only are their women pro-abortion, Bush II would only talk to the March for Life surrounding the White House by telephone and Jeb did sweet nothing, in fact, he worked against Terry Schavio and told people to shut up about her.

a) Ronald Reagan, he's dead guys ..and he, like the Kennedy's ain't coming back, let the dead bury the dead b) He was no Jesus Christ, he wasn't even a Pope John Paul II, you know.. the Polish pope who may have had a little something to do with the massive Polish strikes that set the USSR communist prisoners free. Your leaders aren't even royalty, though they act as bad.

If you follow the money, I would say you would find dump loads of it deposited at the bank of Matt Drudge, or he just plain hates anyone Christians might like to have a shot at a presidential candidacy with his really, childish cheap shots du jour foisted on Santorum, coincided with his 'vote for Romney' election signs du jour. Neither, possibility looks 'good', to a lot of your former clicks, Matt. There are things greater than even you, believe it or not, like morality at even a former worldly level, never mind Christianity.

You would also find dump loads of libertarian money, of masonic proportion directed made out to the mysterious working heads of the GOP party.

How else can you now account for all the self wounding and collaboration inside and outside the party that could make an objective person now easily surmise, that there will never be a black GOP presidential candidate, there will never be a woman presidential candidate, and there will especially never be a real Christian candidate.

It appears that libertarians fear real religion as much as they do government and there is a fear that the American new dream of free perversion for all, like it or not, is that real fear.

Romney is a retread over Dole's big tent in appeal to win stout pro abortion, pro-homosexual agenda Democrats over, yet on the other side of their mouth they talk like anyone can beat Obama. Even Coulter is at least happy with the latter, in her second childhood. Ann, you jumped shark in a big way...maybe if you were ever married and had kids, you would have had something to think about all day, besides yourself and Ronald.

Real Catholics, and Christians need to sit out this election as the GOP would seem to like to have it, if they don't want to be seen in public with the girl they've been deviously courting so long ( see Canada where the new 'conservatives' drove a stake through the heart of the girl they long threw under the bus, because that is exactly where this is going).

Or are Catholics and Christians going to yet, let another four years go by, with not even a promise of one stinking bone, like the ones, Reagan at least tossed out the back door, anymore, while the great American institutions go down like sewage down the toilet, and babies are steri-cycled to the nearest incinerator or land-fill, with only real Catholics and Christians their last sparkle of hope.

We've been had big time and are publicly being laughed at, and the GOP has been busted!

Its time for our own party, and to stick with the Truth we know of, no matter what happens instead of the truth the world perpetually promises through the vehicle of modern conservatism, in the same slobbering heat over populism as liberals.

When there are more Anti-Christs pretending to be something they certainly are not and have no intention of ever being, it's time to circle the wagons around the only thing you know for sure and before it's too late or, Canada, first and long out of the blocks with homosexual marriage for one foot in Hell, is your future.

And if the Reaganites and GOP so easily screwed the Christians over without them catching on until now, what did they do to the military they tried much harder to court?

They were sure wrong about the many faces of the Bush's and how things were interpreted all along and especially, how things turned out, so whatever party is in power looks good back home with the current populism (read votes)...Same as Vietnam, only that war had winning on the horizon when a political party, the GOP pulled the rug out from the human sacrifices of American men. Both wars wasted military heroism through party politics, not even individual decision of the Commander in Chief.

Paul Gordon

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